Health Horoscope 2020 for Virgo moon sign

Health Horoscope

Virgo moon sign natives are quite health conscious. But, at the same time, they are super active, too. And, will utilize their energies to the last drop, until and unless they are totally exhausted. Therefore, common ailments such as, lower spine pain, digestion problems and abdominal pain are usual for them.

During the year 2020, you will largely be in a good state of health, with some minor health ailments cropping up, occasionally. For the larger part of the year you will be in a good physical and mental state, as per your health horoscope analysis for the year 2020. This will be attributed to your contentment with your personal life and excitement for your professional achievements. Spells of stress and anxiety may occur with respect to family life, personal relationships and professional turmoil. Following up with meditation, yoga and regular exercise regime will help you stay fit and keep away a lot of health issues.

Important health periods to be considered this year include:

  • The months of March-April, may give out issues related to mental health. You will feel stress out due to emotional disturbances cropping up from some unavoidable family matters. Advice would be to keep patience and sanity intact to avoid major impact on your health status.
  • Months of July-September may cause undue stress because of excessive work load. Keeping a track of your work schedules and taking appropriate rest will help you in navigating through this phase, successfully.

Beginning of the year: Domestic life may give some stress

Mercury is the lord of your 1st and 10th house, in the beginning of the year 2020, it will be placed in your 4th house. This placement will allow you to start your New Year on a healthy note. This period will keep you away from any health-related issues. While there will be no major effects on your health, in the months of January-February, health of your family members may require attention, especially, that of your mother. An unknown pain in the body and acidity are highlighted in your mother’s health concerns, in this period.

In the months of March and April, when Mercury will move into your 6th house of diseases, Virgo moon sign natives may encounter some health troubles. These health issues may root from some family problems or disputes which might aggravate to adversely affect your mental and emotional well-being. In case the disorder spirals up into a more serious matter, you will be required to take proper medical assistance.

Mid-year: Unnecessary tensions may cause health troubles

You will be in good physical and mental shape, during this period, reveals your health horoscope for the year 2020. Some minor health problems may surface due to anxiety over your children’s health. As Mercury will move into your 10th house to join Rahu, in the months of May-June, your children’s health will call for greater attention. There is an indication of body pain for Virgo moon sign natives, the root cause of which is not quite visible. This may require you to visit a specialist, as proper medication will help resolve the problem.

Around July-September, you will attain professional gains. But your expenses will also be at par with your income. To maintain a good level of income and ensure a regular inflow of wealth, you will take on extra work and stretch beyond your capacity. This unnecessary work load may lead to physical stress, which could further result in pain in body and legs. Thus, it would be advisable to avoid anxiety and stress and work towards achieving a healthy work-life balance.

End of the year: You will be all hale and hearty

You will conclude the year in high spirits, where you will be in a superior state of health. By October-December, Virgo moon sign natives would have recovered from any ailment that might have bothered them in the previous few months. Your general health will be good and you will feel rejuvenated and strong. Health of your father may require attention. But no major health issues are foreseen.

Throughout the year, a check on any digestion issues, abdominal or intestinal disorders are advised. Being fitness and health conscious you have a tendency to be hassled about your health. This undue stress clubbed with momentary fits of situational anxiety may lead to some health disorders, which is mostly connected to your digestive system. If you can bring about a positive change in your thought process, you will be able to live a healthier life.

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