Gemini (Mithun)

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You have a strong will power and cautious approach, which together make for perfect ingredients for success this month. Income and profits seem to be on top of your agenda now. In fact, you have a very flexible approach in these matters, which could help you realize your ambitions. You are likely to focus on the big picture, make grand plans and work towards achieving them this month. You would become very bold and in the groove at work but at the same time, you might get overwhelmed and may struggle to focus on one task for long. This is the time to streamline processes and let your patience take control.

You would seek intellectually stimulating experiences this month and may also plan some spiritual travel. Your intellect would certainly improve and could land you some good opportunities from abroad. You might start a new project or business of your own choice in the second half of the month. A word of caution: do not refrain from taking advice and be thoughtful in your decisions. This is not the best time to make impulsive moves due to Jupiter being retrograde. Moreover, Mercury is also combust so keep ego in control and avoid making false commitments this month.

Career: There would be ample opportunities of growth on the career front. This is a positive period to start a new business in partnership too. In fact, your would-be partner would likely contribute a lot to the progress of the business. Your business partner would most likely be older than you are. Your humanitarian tendencies and compassion would also help you along the way this month. You would become a lot ambitious and dream big. You would spare no effort to make it large this month.

Chances of travel concerning business are also there on the cards. A female foreigner would help you in business matters. If you are an employee, you would likely taste success in all your projects. This is a good time to change your job for the better. You may also land a promotion this month. Co-workers and seniors would be highly supportive too. Your boss might appreciate your efforts in the second half of the month.

Expect a good amount of progress if you are into an occupation related to arts, music, beauty, entertainment, hospitality, clothing or luxury materials. This is the time to get your creative juices flowing because as planets support your endeavours. During the month, opportunities would come from multiple sources, especially from the government/authority. Your father may also bring in some new opportunities of growth towards you. And the good part is that you would likely take the initiative as and when required and make the best use of the prospects that come along.

Love and Marriage: Your love life seems to be bubbling with romance in March. If you are single, you might indulge in work romance and would be quite upfront in expressing your feelings. Your love interest would also likely reciprocate positively. Chances of marriage also exist and you are likely to marry someone older than you. Nonetheless, planetary movement indicates that you should employ seriousness in these matters. While it’s good to move ahead, you should know when to retrace your steps.

If you are married, expect some issues with spouse this month. Ego needs to be thrown out of the window or else, you might experience distance or separation from your spouse. Planets command you to spend a lot of time with your partner to strengthen your bond. You should in fact plan a trip!
Money and Finance: Finances seem to be on track. You would easily get what you want and maintain a comfortable lifestyle. Income could come from maternal sources. You might also purchase a new car or spend on renovation or real estate. Your financial status would show signs of improvement this month.

Cash would be readily available when you want so expect a lot of peace on the monetary front. You could also consider investing in stock market or speculation but do not consider lotteries. Foreign associations would also prove rewarding in monetary terms. Business expenses would shoot up a tad. This is also a good time to apply for a loan or pay back existing one.

Children and Students: Your children would enjoy good health and a luxury lifestyle. They would become quite picky and would prefer luxurious things to show off in their friend circle. Your mature children would offer help running errands.

If you are a student, expect positive results in your exams. You would likely put your best foot forward. Chances of foreign education are there as well and you are likely to make efforts into that direction. You might spend a lot on your education this month. You may however become a bit over-confident in studies after 11th March, which should be avoided.

Health and Family: Personal health would remain good and your level of energy would be high. You may also experience relief from old diseases during this time. Caution is required during travels. Activities like swimming and water sports should also be performed with care. You might experience some issues with your parents too. Nonetheless, elder siblings would support you financially during this period. You might get property from your mother’s side this month. Atmosphere at home would be positive, In fact, a birthday celebration is also on the cards.


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