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Gemini December Horoscope

Moon Sign based
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Month Overview:
Planets of Influence: Mercury
Predominant emotions: Blend of creativity and vibrant

As per Gemini horoscope month of December will bring mixed results. Career will be on a rising trend through your hard work. Business will also bring gains from foreign links.
Love and romance will be blooming so will the married life. There will be intimate moments shared by the couple.

Finances will be strong and stable, monetary gains from investments will flow. Health will be stable, physical, and mental health must be maintained through exercise and meditation. Students will have good time during the month especially in higher studies and research work, however, you need to maintain your hard work and spirit. Family life will be seen with good and happy moments during the month, family functions were on the cards and lots of happy moments came along with these.

Planets of Influence: Jupiter & Saturn
Major Trend: Growth in career

Gemini career for this month of December see some good times during the month. There will be prosperity in your career. Your image in your office will improve due to your hard-working ability which will further lead you to professional growth.
Jupiter, planet of expansion is the lord of the house of career and posited in the house of fortune, which leads to good luck in professional journey. Foreign visits may also bring gains.
Business will also be on a growing trend. New business venture with foreign links may bring gains and profits and have long term impacts. 

Be careful in your attitude because after 16th Dec, the sun will be in house of business and partnership. It may bring arrogance and egoistic tone in your communication.

Love, Marriage & Relationship
Planets of Influence: Venus, Jupiter & Sun
Major Trend: Love in air

Gemini love birds in the month of December 2021 will have a bloom in romance. You travel to romantic destinations which will bring you closer to your love partner.
Married life will see loving and harmonious relations. Sensual moments will be there along with instances of bed pleasure. However, there will some challenges after the 16th of the month.
It will bring some stress and friction between the couple. Keeping your calm and cool is advisable to control the adverse time soon.

Money & Finance
Planets of Influence: Moon, Saturn & Rahu
Major Trend: Earning from many sources

Gemini Finances for the month of December will see a good and growing time. There will be a good influx of money from numerous resources. Monetary gains from foreign land are also visible that will further stabilize your financial status.
You will earn from your hard work and improve your financial stability. Gains will not come automatically hence stick to your efforts for better gains.  

Planets of Influence: Saturn & Sun
Major Trend: Physical and mental stress

Gemini health during this month of December 2021 will generally be stable. There is a need for you to get sound sleep and keep cool. Do not exert yourself unnecessarily, else you may land in trouble.
You need to maintain your fitness level by doing regular exercise to keep up your good health. Mediation will help you a lot to maintain your mental health and keep you away from stress.
This will also be helpful to you in your career.   

Students & Education
Planets of Influence: Venus, Saturn & Jupiter
Major Trend: Fulfillment of desired goals

Gemini Students in the month of December 2021 will see good success and growth. If you are pursuing research, then you will prosper in your actions.
Your report will be progressing in the right direction. In higher education, there is ample stability and gains in terms of results in academics.
Do not lose your focus and keep your hard work in good spirits.

Planets of Influence: Moon
Major Trend: Synchronization in relations

Gemini family life for the month of December will bring harmonious relations during the months. You will be emotionally attached to your family.
There will be family functions that will keep you busy. This will bring added harmony among the members. Family members will enjoy the month with these events throughout.
Therefore, keep your behavior on better notes so that any infringement with any family member is avoided.