GEMINI April Horoscope


Gemini, your monthly horoscope brings forth a bag of mixed flavors for you in April. Health of your siblings is likely to suffer to some extent during 1st half of the month. Govt. employees or people engaged in family business will largely perform well though, ego clashes may occur at work. Financial gains are likely to rise significantly after 14th April 2018, but will soon be followed by increased expenses, particularly after 20th April 2018. Expenses will mostly focus on entertainment, amusement, material comforts, & luxuries. Mother’s health may need your attention. Your own wellbeing can suffer due to issues in legs or thighs.

You are likely to benefit from Govt. related matters. Businesspersons are likely to experience an average term for profits. Spouse can bring in financial gains for you. Your courage will be at its peak. Nonetheless, an elevated ego can make you dominating. Energy levels may remain low all through the month. Your spiritual inclination is likely to rise. Fruitful trips can be undertaken for Govt. related work after 14th April. The term after 20th April holds signs of foreign travels with family.

Career: The monthly forecast for career shows a positive picture. Career stability is broadly highlighted. You will be full of energy, enthusiasm, wise, positive thinking. Your passion for your work will keep you in good books of your boss. Relation with superiors appears to remain comfortable. Aggressive arguments can occur on the work front and can be easily dodged, provided you keep your temper and speech in control. Avoid the use of a harsh speech and practice the use of diplomacy. Coworkers are expected to be cordial and your social circle will improve this month.

You can trust your colleagues for financial advices as it can benefit you significantly. Salary hike is possible in the second half of the month. No major reason for change in job or relocating yourself is seen. New projects can be undertaken if good returns are promised. For business holders, the term will bring decent gains but the net returns are expected to be lower than your expectations. Satisfactory growth is likely. Business partners appear to be short tempered. Their actions may fail to impress and not bring any potential rewards for your business.

Career Advice - The term is favorable for the professional front. And keeping your aggression in check will further boost your prospects. Keep calm and maintain a patient approach at work. Businesspersons should follow the same advice, and additionally, scrutinize the actions of business partners and associates before making work related decisions.

Love & Marriage: The monthly readings for love and marriage depicts a rough period in April. Conjugal life may suffer at the hands of ego clashes. Temperamental behavior of both partners will often lead to quarrels, and bitterness is likely to prevail between married couples.
Singles may observe a favorable term. New beginnings are on the cards and a satisfying bond may develop between lovers. Progeny prospects are denoted favorably till 20th April. However, beyond that, hiccups may occur. Delivery may see complications. Thus, caution is advised and ample rest should be taken.

Money & Finance: Financially, the monthly indications mark a bright term in April. Trends in money matters appear highly favorable after 14th April 2018. Rosy financial gains are also likely. However, expenses may see a rise after 20th April 2018, and will mostly be inclined towards entertainment & amusement. Economical spending is necessary and greatly advised. Cash flow looks good, but raised expenses can hamper financial security.

Students & Children: The monthly predictions for children and students imply a sluggish period. Children may have to face problems related to private parts, though they will show quick recovery. In totality, the period after 20th April 2018, is showing a degraded health for children. Hence, care & caution is advised along these lines. As such, they can turn irate & fussy due to frequent illness.

For students seeking higher education, this term can bring diversions on their path to success. Though they possess good knowledge, they are likely to face distractions due to attraction towards the opposite gender. Period after 20th April 2018 holds signs of deteriorating academic performances and results. Discipline and hard work will be needed for improved results.

Family & Health: The monthly horoscope for family and health points at a passive span ahead. Your health appears unstable all through the month. Issues with legs or thighs are likely to keep you in dampened spirits. Health of your mother can also cause concern.

Domestic environment is apparently under stressed conditions. Clashes among family members can create an uncomfortable atmosphere on the home front. Remain patient and maintain a polite speech while dealing with family members.

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