GEMINI November Horoscope

(Mithun )

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Overview: The Gemini November horoscope brings mixed results. As November starts, take care of your health, Gemini, as stomach related ailments might trouble you. You would be more interested in luxury items now. Home decoration and sports would catch your attention and you may spend on them. Speak softly and thoughtfully. Don’t make any hasty promises that you might repent later. Wasteful expenses seem to rise. Laziness might cause delays in work. Chances are you might lack the courage to fulfill a hobby till 15th November. After mid-November, your valor, courage and aggression might rise along with your ego. Think of all the possible outcomes before taking an action. Frequent traveling is likely, though be careful while at heights to avoid a possible accident. Around mid-November, problems related to house or vehicle would sort out. Family issues might cause stress. A foreign related work might lead to expenses, but would eventually benefit you.                   
Career: Gemini, November seems good for your career prospects. Your hard work and sincere efforts would bring you success. Any problems with a new work would be resolved now. Avoid restarting an old work in November. Partnerships would flourish and enjoy a favorable period. Designing or work related to sale-purchase would see good profits this month. Gemini, work related travels would keep you busy. New work projects would motivate you to work harder.

If in a job, this month looks good. Any quarrels or issues at work would be resolved peacefully. A job change looks favorable. Professional relations would improve. Your reputation in front of your boss might improve and your chances of promotion may significantly improve.
Love & Marriage: Your love life looks good, Gemini. Your November horoscope indicates you might develop feelings for a neighbor. Open your heart at an opportune time immediately. A positive reponse is quite likely.
If dating someone, planning gifts and surprises for lover would improve your relation. Your partner might need financial support and you should help them out. Avoid stepping into a love triangle.
Chances of a love marriage look strong in November.
Marriage life might face clashes, causing irritation and frustration. Health of your partner might suffer this month. A secret of your partner might come out in the open and become a cause of fights.
Money & Finance: Financially, November seems sluggish for you. Your horoscope speaks of possible delays in receiving of desired profits. All financial work would bring the expected results, though you need to wait patiently. Work pressure would prevail and you may spend on your hobbies to rejuvenate. Income is likely to improve. Avoid lending or borrowing of money now. You may invest in a business after mid-November. Till then, be very careful while making any monetary transactions. Long-term investments seem profitable. An old property might turn into a source of income for you. Spending on religious work or charity is indicated. Don’t spend under the influence of your friends. Share market investments are favored around the end of November.
Students & Children: November horoscope suggests a period of hard work for students. You need to focus completely on your studies to get the desired results. Wasting too much time with friends or enjoyment can severely affect your results. You might become lazy now, which might trouble you later. After 15th November, your hard work is likely to bring you accomplishments in a competition. Prepare well for interviews.

Till mid-November, your kids would mostly enjoy a favorable fun-filled time. Admission in a school of their choice is quite possible. After mid-November, a foreign trip is on the cards. Your children might find a new friend this month.
Family & Health:                      
As November starts, some confusion is possible on the domestic front. A birthday celebration at home would help resolve any ongoing issues. Take care of your father’s health. You may plan a pilgrimage with your parents. Ask for your parents’ support in matters related to parental property. Communication with younger siblings seems to improve after mid-November.

You would mostly feel fresh and active this month. Be alert while traveling at heights. In case of weakness, take immediate medical help. Your power and confidence level look good after 15th November and the decisions taken in this time would bear positive fruits.

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