GEMINI March Horoscope

(Mithun )

March seems like a mixed month for you as there would be positive as well as negative trends. You will find you are in the midst of action professionally and there would be a great amount of progress in creative work as well as due to support from superiors, your immediate boss as well as sources in the government. Despite the positive trends you will find fluctuations and lack of clarity in your own thinking between 5th & 26th March. The month will see a hardening of your temperament as things go by. It would be helpful to remain flexible throughout.

As you go forward there would be many developments this month. There would be a shift in your thinking and many new events and changes could take a toll after the 15th March 2019 when insecurity and fear could strike you unreasonably. Don’t get perturbed and go on without fear in life as no real issue would take place.

Further 22nd March onwards there would be a dual change. On one hand, love life would improve and there would be happiness & bliss in relationships from the end of your partner. At the same time your expenses and financial pressures would seem to mount. There could be unnecessary & useless expenses on many things. The level of latent anger could rise, leading to unreasonable and snappy behavior at the times. You need to remain cautious on these counts.

Lastly a phase of discontentment towards spouse / lover could build up after the 23rd March 2019 . You might, inexplicably, feel irritated and disenchanted with your partner. You should avoid such thoughts and try to lower your expectation in such matters for peace and harmony.

Career – It would be a powerful month for you as creative work and out of the box ideas would pay off. You will find creative and artistic thinking would work better than meticulous & antish work methods at work.  Superiors / your boss and people in authority would be very supportive after the 15th March 2019. You will remain in a dynamic phase and there would be gains in partnership towards the end of the month.

Love / Marriage – Love life will be average as the month begins but pick up tremendously after the 22nd March 2019. Social life will be exciting towards the end of the month. Marriage matters on the other hand would be challenging as explained above. Avoid controversy as well as unnecessary speculation in matters of your life partner.

Money – Financial gains could be good this month till the 15th March 2019. Thereafter some setbacks and higher expenses could take a negative turn in finances. Avoid unreasonable financial expectations after the 16th March 2019.  Losses could occur after the 22nd March 2019 and so avoid any form of risks or speculation.

Family / Children –
Mostly a positive month in these matters. Improvement and luck in such matters would go up post 22nd March.

Health – will be good mostly.  Anxiety and stress could spoil digestion and general health parameters. Be cautious.

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