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Gemini May Horoscope

Moon Sign based
Month Overview
Planets of Influence: Mercury
Predominant emotions: Conversational, cheerful, and curious

The month of May 2022 for Gemini will bring good results. Career will see a rising trend with promotion in your job coming your way. Business will also be profitable. Married and love relationships will be on a high note as there will be better understanding among the love birds and the married couples alike. Financial status will also see an increase, but you need to control your expenditures. Health will be sound, but you need to check your tendency to over think which causes unnecessary stress. Students will be required to continue with their efforts and take full advantage of this favorable time. Family life will see smooth and peaceful relations among the family members.  

Planets of influence: Jupiter, Mars & Saturn
Major Trend: Prosperity and growth

Gemini career for the month of May 2022 will be on good notes. Jupiter the lord of 10th house of career will be posited therein. It expands your opportunities and prospective approach towards your goals. There will be improvement in your work profile in this month, especially in the initial part of the month. Mars will conjoin Mars from 17th and bestow you with ample energy and good endurance to do consistent hard work. Promotion may also be on the cards. However, you need to be careful from peers who envy your progress. Business will prosper as per your expectations, gains from government projects will be there. But be careful regarding your coordination with your business partner as there may a conflict.  

Love, Marriage & Relationship
Planets of influence: Venus, Ketu, Sun, and Jupiter
Major trend: Mixed period

Gemini love life will be challenging and pass through many hurdles. Ketu is sitting on the house of love and romance and cause a lack of feelings. Sun will aspect this house of love till 15th May and add on to your indifference towards love and relationships. You will have an inclination towards spiritualism and responsibilities of life. Married couples will also have good coordination, love and affection among them as Jupiter is the lord of marriage. Jupiter expands your feelings and love. After 17th May, it is better to keep your harsh words away to enjoy better personal relationships.

Money & Finance
Planets of influence: Moon and Venus
Major Trend: Growth and gains

Gemini Finance in the month of May 2022 will see good growth in wealth. You may inherit ancestral property during this period or may plan for it. Journey of Venus through house of career and house of gains or income indicates good returns and money. There will be wealth gains from government projects. Be careful while investing in speculative investment options and rather wait for the right time to come. There may be big expenditures that will bring an imbalance in your financial state. Therefore, you may need to be prepared beforehand for smooth sailing.  

Planets of influence: Saturn and Mars
Major Trend:  Mental and physical stress

Gemini health for the month of May 2022 will be good and there will not be any major issues troubling you. Second half of the month will be better as compared to initial part, chances of curing old disease will be there. Avoid any mental stress as this may take a toll on your health and bring up past issues. Meditation is the best way out form such problems. Be careful while driving or during adventurous activities; keep yourself safe.

Students & Education
Planets of influence: Venus, Ketu, and Saturn
Major Trend: Good results of hard work

Gemini students will have a good period in this month. Your hard work will get paid off as you will get good result in competitive exams. Your focus will also remain intact and there will be good environment for studies. Ketu in the house of education may make you more channelized towards your goal. However, you need to continue with your efforts and only then you will have better outcomes. For research, the time is favorable. However, those who are pursuing higher studies  may face some delays or hurdles in their way.

Planets of influence: Moon
Major Trend: Peace and harmony

Family life for Gemini will be peaceful and there will be a happiness and joy at home. You will emotionally connect with your family members. There will be good coordination among the family members. There will be respect and cordial relationship with your siblings and elders. You need to listen and adhere to your parent’s advice for good results regarding family matters. Religious functions will be organized at home and all the family members will actively participate.