GEMINI January Horoscope

(Mithun )

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Overview: Gemini, the January horoscope shows Mercury, your sign lord, conjunct with Saturn till 20th January. Laziness and indecisiveness could cause delays in work. Be careful and avoid hasty actions. Confusion and uncertainty might make you irate. Be patient and speak softly to boost harmony in relations. Think carefully before making any promise. Doubts or misunderstanding with family members might be stressful. Avoid trusting anyone blindly in January. Finances seem to improve with the help of unexpected gains, though expenses may possibly rise as well. Your dream to travel abroad seems to be coming true this month. Maintain pleasant professional relations with your superiors or colleagues & speak thoughtfully. If planning to buy a vehicle, delays are possible. From 20 January onwards, be careful while buying or selling of a vehicle or land. Relief seems likely in an ongoing court case. If involved in an argument or clash, try to sort the matter as soon as possible, even if takes to shed some money. Otherwise, things might get worse.    

Career: Gemini, your career looks exciting in January 2019. With Mars transiting your career house, enthusiasm levels seem good. If holding a business, you may plan on work expansion. Hard work would help improve your financial condition. Take advice from someone trustworthy and experienced before taking a major decision. Keep your ego aside at work. If working in partnership, January looks mostly good for your work. New projects from abroad are likely, which might take you abroad. A female might help you expand work or work profits.

If in a job, January horoscope brings splendid results for you. New job offers or a promotion is likely. If searching for a new job, chances are you would get it this month. You may get the opportunity to work with an MNC or a company from abroad. If seeking a job transfer, your odds seem favorable; try to convince the concerned officials to get things started. Work related travels are likely this month.

Love & Marriage: Gemini, your love life appears rosy in January. If in a relationship, romantic outings would fill your life with love and harmony. Trips together would bring you peace of mind. Exchange of gifts would further make your bond stronger. If needed, support your partner financially. Chances of a love marriage seem likely; prepare well to leave a lasting impression on your partner’s family.

Marriage life looks better this month. Take of your spouse’s health. Plan a long trip together that would help both of you relax and feel better. Make time for your family. Try to take things easy and don’t be too rigid about domestic rules. Your partner might earn a good work opportunity. Possibility of working with your soulmate is also present in your January horoscope.          

Money & Finance: January horoscope suggests you take care while managing your finances. Gemini, strictly avoid making any financial promises this month. Repay your loans on time. Control your expenses and don’t spend to show off in front of others. Gains from abroad are likely. Sudden gains could improve your financial condition. With a little care, matters may proceed smoothly. Land related work seems profitable. However, avoid doing a land or vehicle related work or investment after 20th January. A land related issue might trouble you and you should try to sort it as soon as possible by shedding out some money. January seems splendid for share market investments. If you need a loan, you would get it. Matters related to parental property may take time to finalize. Help your siblings without expecting anything in return. Sudden gains from a project are possible.          

Students & Children: Gemini students seem to enjoy a rosy term. Focus levels seem good. However, results for exams given earlier might not match your expectations. Control your expenses and only concentrate on your studies and career. Your dream to study abroad may come true this month. Prepare your notes yourself and don’t rely on others for any help during exams. If the idea to change your subjects crosses your mind, give it some time patiently. Everything will eventually fall into place. If in college, you may not feel like attending classes after 20th January, though control yourself and understand your responsibility.

Gemini, your kids seem more interested in social media. Make sure they spend their time wisely by helping them follow a disciplined timetable. Support them in every possible way. Chances of traveling abroad with your children are likely.    

Family & Health: Family life seems rough in January. Misunderstandings with family might be stressful. Speak politely and thoughtfully to maintain peace. Try to sort matters out as soon as possible and if needed, spend some time away from each other. You might help your siblings financially this month. Gemini, your bonding with your mother might suffer to an extent. Your father may possibly throw a party at home to celebrate his accomplishments. Plan a pilgrimage with your parents to find peace of mind.
For your health, be careful against issues related to thyroid or blood sugar. Manage your weight and make sure you stay away from obesity. Leg or back aches might trouble you in January.

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