GEMINI September Horoscope

(Mithun )

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Overview: Your monthly horoscope has spoken, Gemini. Mercury, the ruler of your sign, is transiting with Sun in its sign. Your intellect & wisdom will allow you to take smart decisions before the start of any new work. Saturn will be direct after 9th September. Any hurdles or delays at work will now be sorted & success will eventually be yours. Rahu transits your house of speech now. Measure your words before speaking & avoid making hasty promises that may spoil your reputation. New ventures & projects are favored this month. Calculated risks & speculation are likely to bring you good results. Sports may interest you now, and prizes & accomplishments are likely for you. You will make time for yourself & your enjoyments. Foreign travels may be undertaken for work or pleasure.

Career: Your career will demand hard work & diligent efforts now. Avoid taking hasty decisions at work & impulsiveness. Success will come at the hands of unwavering efforts. Workers will support you & unexpected new projects can suddenly improve your financial condition. Any confusions with your partner are expected to be eliminated now. Completing projects on time will fetch you a good reputation in your work field. If working in the fields of designing or decoration, then acomplishments & prospects of success looks especially good for you. If govt. issues are hindering your work, then it will most likely be cleared now. If seeking a govt. job, you will get it & those eyeing a transfer will get suitable options this month.

Chances of promotion look good around mid-September. Clashes or misunderstandings at work can harm your job prospects & you need to remain careful. Avoid attempts for a job change, as it may only be possible after 1st November.
Love & Marriage: Prospects of love & marriage look good for you, Gemini. Your heart may bend towards someone from abroad or a coworker, if you work for an MNC. You may find a suitable partner online. Spending on your lover is indicated, which may be in the form of trips together. An angry lover may return to you upon calming down.

Singles, you may receive a proposal at work & you may choose to accept it. If you have proposed to someone, then the reply will most probably be positive.

If married, stay away from extramarital affairs, as eventually things will come out in the open & your reputation will suffer. An old romantic spark may attract you but you should focus on your present rather than acting upon nostalgia. Spend more tmie with your spouse to improve the situation. Help each other in daily chores. A salary hike is likely for your partner now.

If looking forward to get married, then matters may be finalized this month.           

Money & Finance: The month ahead looks somewhat strenuous for your finances. Keep your expenses in check, as unexpected or wasteful spending is possible now. Losses are indicated, loans may face delays in being sanctioned, and matters related to receiving help from bank will remain under confusion. A pending cheque will be cleared. You may help your siblings financially. Financial issues can be stressful. Gains may start flowing in around mid month. Financial stability will start improving then & things will be smoother. Real estate related work & investments would reap good returns. Investing in share market is also favored. Confusions might create delays in profits coming from parental property. Avoid lending of money. You may purchase a house now.

Students & Children: Students will observe a splendid term now. Achievements & success are likely for you. Concentration & outlook towards studies will mostly be good. Amission in a college or university of your choice is possible. Avoid overconfidence or laziness. If seeking a govt. loan for studies, you will get it.

You will spend on outings with your kids this month. Some unexpected expenses are possible now. Their academic performances will mostly be fine. Indulgin in sports may give them a new outlook & reputation. They may finally decide to stuy a course that has been long pending.    

Family & Health: Family front looks disturbed. Confusions & clashes can spoil the atmosphere & you will have to take initiatives to settle things down. Around mid September, a party or celebration is indicated. Family trips with children are possible. You will focus on your entertainment now.

Around mid month, your parents may remain stressed & you should pay attention to your father’s health. Purchase of a new vehicle will bring joy in the family. Nonetheless, drive carefully & stay careful around water bodies or fire. If throat related ailments trouble you, consult a doctor immediately.     

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