GEMINI May Horoscope

(Mithun )

You will find that this month is going to be very focused on work. There will be a high amount of activity. These events would actually will give way to some very interesting gains from work. Financial as well as social which would again give you an opportunity to meet new people and make some substantial growth with the new events and hard work that this month will bring to you. The month of May will also see a resurfacing of issues connected with your relationships or marriage. You might have thought that these issues was resolved after October last year but they would make a comeback now and even in terms of professional partnerships some issues could resurface and you need to handle them carefully.

Avoid ignoring the matter and it would be a good idea to speak about it but confrontation is not the right way, you should look for an approach for resolution and solution to the problem. Aggression will be high on temperament and there could be possibilities that you might want to pick up fights for situations or facts that you truly believe in. broadly speaking you are in an agitated state of mind and it might not be very beneficial for you to take opposition head on. It will be a good idea to seek good council during this time. Health and injury should also be handled carefully and you should be cautious after the 7th May 2019. Energy levels and immunity could dip after the 15th May 2019 so you should be careful about minor ailments as well as cough and cold related issues.

Career: Your work would going to be very interesting. There would be many new events and phases that will happen. There will not be that kind of stability that you seek but still there will be good amount of success as long as you rise to the challenges and take on situations which are not easy for others. There will be a substantial amount of growth and success. Partnerships and team members might not be very supportive so it would be a good idea to go solo this month.

Love and Marriage: Love life is about to enter into an interesting phase after the 7th May 2019. There would be social opportunities. Sex appeal would be good, you will be attractive and possibility of a new relationship is present if you are looking around. Existing relationship will also jump up tremendously after 7th May 2019 and there will be great opportunities for socialising and going out on holiday together.

Marriage matters are not easy however. There would be a rise in distance. There would be challenges and differences of opinion so it would be good to keep your opinion to yourself. Avoid controversy and cross this period without a damage.

Money and Finances: Money matters are going to be better than before. There would be gains and good amount of inflow of funds could come in before the 19th May 2019. Some dip could come in after the 19th May 2019 and expenses could block issues to some extent. Income will be decent throughout.

Health and Family: Family life is going to be good. There would be happiness. Matters related to children would also be happy. This is going to be a good month. Overall health needs care, take caution and avoid excessive travel or tiring yourself out too much.

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