Gemini (Mithun)

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The month of August will give you plenty of opportunities to shine out. It’s time to shush the negative thoughts and feel more confident and determined than ever. You will become a strategic risk taker. But remember, the ride to success could be bumpy as luck may not favor much. However, this does not mean that you should look for the air route. Short cuts will only push success away. More often than not, you will see that politeness and maturity would pay off well this month.

Domestic sector of your horoscope seems the strongest in August. You will enjoy a lot of peace, support and a homely feel. Mother’s health would also improve along with the level of support she offers. On a personal level too, you might observe more inner contentment and interest in occult and peace-inducing activities. Indulging in hobbies and entertainment will also increase.

The second half of the month could be a bit demanding but minor behavioral changes could put you on the right path. Sun and Mars will be together this month, which could shoot up your aggressive instincts and typical ego problems. You need to draw the line between confidence and overconfidence. A minor argument could also flare up into an intense dispute so it might be good to not push people to their limits, more so in the latter half of the month. Overall, the month will be above average.

Career: Your usual cheerful attitude would get overshadowed by mental pressure you have in work life. August is not much positive for career matters but don’t think of switching your job yet or call it quits in the heat of the moment. Colleagues may turn their back but don’t lose hope. Have patience and keep expectations realistic and low. And if you feel clueless anytime, turn to your father for advice, especially if you are looking to start a new business. If you have a partner, make sure to value their opinion as much as yours. If you follow this route, opportunities will come. This month, you may also form connection with new foreign delegates.

Love and Marriage: You will love each other to pieces Gemini! If single, you will get a partner of your choice. However, make sure that you don’t act rude, not even unintentionally. Keep your relationship warm and friendly, just as you like. How about planning a surprise for your loved one? Your love partner would likely receive a financial benefit this month. Married folks would also feel harmony and happiness. It’s possible that you will embark on a spiritual trip together. Overall, the month has bounty romance in store but take care of spouse’s health.

Money and Finance:
You will recover any stuck payments now but don’t take monetary risks any further. This is not the time to lend or borrow money, so hold off any loan applications for now. In terms of investments, any long-term stock market plans should be avoided but property sector might yield great returns now. Expect joy if you were struggling to sell a land since long. This deal would be profitable. However, things could take a bad turn in an ongoing inheritance or succession issue. It might be a good idea to act with some maturity.

Children and Students:
No more old routine for your kids! They are totally in the mood to try something new and make you feel proud. This is a great period for study matters as well. They would feel more driven towards subjects like accounts, law, music, and arts. Your parent-child relationship will flourish too. As a student, you will feel full of energy and confidence. You could harness your power of concentration effectively, but only if you don’t waste too much time in enjoyment and friend circle. It could burden your pocket and keep you distracted. 

Health and Family:
You will be faced with some stress due to anger issues. Calm down, practice relaxation, and try spiritual activities to lift your soul and find comfort. A religious trip with parents is quite possible and suggested this month. Siblings might run into some issues at the workplace but you are likely to be their pillar of support. To further strengthen your family relationships, you might want to hold your wild tongue. Disputes are possible within family but you could curb them down with a simple chat so make sure to put that effort.


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