Gemini (Mithun)

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This month will be of mixed nature for you, Gemini. Planets are endowing a new courage and fearlessness in you. Opponents and enemies will feel weaker against you. This is the best time to take part in competitive activities as planets are posited to put you ahead of others. You will invest a lot of effort into streamlining your routine activities and service. Overall, Gemini monthly horoscope shows positive trends.

Venus is also cushioning your speech with politeness but despite that, Rahu is there to add deception and illusion. This is not the time to make false promises and hurt others’ feelings. You could be a bit too flirtatious too at this time but don’t end up saying things that you may have to regret. You will need to be very careful in terms of maintaining your character and image. On the health front, you will do positive overall, but appetizing food could be your weakness. Keep in mind that too much indulgence could backfire. Overall, this month will bring mixed results. Family would be your key source of happiness as evident in September horoscope, Gemini.

Gemini career forecast in September: The month will begin on a positive note in career and things will remain smooth until 12th September. Professional success is imminent as seen in career horoscope for the month, Gemini. However, after this date, some career issues might crop up if you are employed in the private sector. You might have to wait a bit longer for that salary hike. Progress rate will be much coveted if you are into business. However, avoid business partnerships at this point. Doing so could result in unnecessary losses.

Love and marriage predictions for September: Gemini, your relationship could take a bad turn at this point if you don’t handle matters wisely. There is a possibility of you being a part of a love triangle that could ruin your prospects with existing partner. If single and looking for someone to share your life with, the period after 12th September 2017 could change your relationship status.

Some marital disharmony is indicated in Gemini monthly love horoscope. Nonetheless, this month is good in terms of progeny possibilities, especially after 12th September 2017.

Money & Finance: Person of opposite sex might contribute to boost your sources of income this month. Your financial growth chart seems satisfactory overall. Financial support could come from immediate family too. September money horoscope is positive for you overall. If you are considering investments, wait until the second half of the month. While cash flow will be sufficiently smooth, there could be additional expenses this month, particularly on an auspicious ceremony.

September for students & children: Children may feel distracted and will find it hard to concentrate on studies. There could be several hurdles on their way affecting their academic performance ultimately. It seems they are more inclined towards entertainment and leisure. This month, planets are infusing more competitive spirit in children, which could be used for success in competitions if focus is maintained. So make sure to channelize their energy accordingly. If you are a student, you may also experience hindrances in higher education. This is a good time to explore your creative interests.

Family & Health: General health will be satisfactory with possibility of further respite in health after 12th September when Jupiter transits Libra. However, family relationships may come under the radar of malefic planets thus some strife is indicated. Nonetheless, you will have a sound mind to deal with it and a lot of courage too. And despite these negative vibes, disputes are unlikely. The overall monthly predictions and trends seem above average in terms of familial happiness. In fact, this month has a celebratory aura with possibility of a sacred ceremony at home.


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