GEMINI July Horoscope

(Mithun )

July would be a challenging month for you.  You will be in deep thought & have fluctuating thinking most of this month. Your outlook could be unsteady till the 20th July 2019 & so any major decision should be avoided.
Negativity & pessimism should be kept at bay. You will tend to think negatively like the past few months, however some amount of improvement would be felt after the 8th when the negative emotions would settle down somewhat.

A certain amount of sagacity would be felt in your personality now. You would be drawn towards spirituality as the month progresses.
You will manage to look good & have good powers of expression this month.  There two aspects would make the month positive for you.

Career – will be better than in the past but there would be struggles and some controversy for you. Progress at work would come but with efforts and support of partners and team members.
Work area would be tense and aggressive. You need to control your temper & aggression at all times for best results at work.
Colleagues would be helpful. You will be influenced by team members at times this time. There would gains due to the good work done by team members after the 15th July 2019.

Love & Marriage – Love life would be positive now. You will feel attractive and find love easily now, if you are looking. Chances of finding someone within your family circles is quite possible too. Beyond the 17th July 2019, there could be a rise in your sex appeal and your ability to attract others. A great time for romance after the 17th July 2019 too.
Existing relationships would be better but there would still be a lot of psychological pressure. Better prospects with partner after the 8th July 2019.
Marriages would be positive. Spouse would have the tendency as well as ability to dominate you this month.

Money & Finances – Money matters would be better this month. There would be gains from investments but at the same time expenses would rise now. Liquidity would improve after the 20th July 2019.
Income will be better after the 5th July 2019, but the level of satisfaction would be below average.
Investments would bring in good gains till the 16th July 2019. Avoid new investments now.

Students & Children –
Students might feel some challenges in studies still. However the period 8th July 2019 should decrease your troubles somewhat. You will have a better ability to learn & understand this month. Exams would be good between the 8th July 2019 & 16th July 2019.
Children related issues would be positive, however a certain amount of worry & negativity would prevail.

Family & Health –
Family life would be quite positive. Family matters would cause some amount of anxiety at the same time till the 19th July 2019.
Health will be positive this month. You should be cautious about injuries and any heat / fire related injuries after the 5th July 2019.

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