GEMINI July Horoscope


Overview: Gemini, your monthly horoscope has spoken & your duties appear to be on a rise. Your responsibilities at work as well as in personal life are likely to increase significantly this month & you should proceed with courage instead of worrying about matters. An enhanced reputation & image at work front will boost your confidence. Plan for a new work or venture will take time to develop but will eventually yield successful results. However, finance related difficulties are likely to crop up this month. Your speech will decide your fate now & can make or break things for you. Keep your anger in check, particularly till 15th July & avoid taking hasty actions.

A female could land you in trouble this month; beware! There are also indications of an accident or a fire related injury & you should remain cautious along those lines. Frequent short trips are on the cards, which will be fruitful for you. If you wish to travel abroad, you will have to try harder & put in repetitive efforts to ultimately find success. Your self-confidence will stand strong this month & you will find success in most, if not all, of your endeavors.

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Career: Professionally, the monthly forecast indicates a mostly positive period in July. New works & ventures are highly favored now. Prospects for work extension are also looking bright. A new project can cause some tension, yet your courageous approach will allow you to proceed steadily & find success. Though destiny will largely be by your side, delays might still be expected since Saturn is aspecting your house of luck. Till mid-July, chances of developing an issue with govt. authorities are likely & might create hurdles for your work. You should keep all your documentation ready & handy to remain on the safer side.

If into a job, you may face a troublesome period now. Avoid taking steps that might harm your work interest or hamper job stability. You also need to drop the idea of a job change for some time. If you are to start afresh at a new job, then be very careful about your new surroundings & don’t trust people blindly. Chances are you will be duped. Colleagues may not be supportive & it would be better not to trust them with matters of heart or even your work secrets. A pay hike or appraisal might be postponed or delayed.            

Love & Marriage:
Love relations are likely to observe a rosy period as per the monthly indications. Lovebirds, your relation will mostly remain cordial, & any prevailing differences are expected to be sorted now. Your partner might seek financial help this month & you should readily help them in this hour of need. An old lover might return in your life, but it would be better if you let your past be gone & focus just on your present.

A love marriage is on the horizon for you & matters might be finalized this month. Married couples, this period will bring betterment for your conjugal bond. Coordination will greatly improve yet flashes of old issues will result in frequent clashes & stressful atmosphere. Your work might also be affected as such. For enjoying a peaceful life, ignore such petty issues & minor differences. Health of your spouse’s father might need your attention.

Money & Finance: Financially, the monthly predictions denote a rough period, Gemini. Wasteful expenses will rise & you may not be able to keep track of your funds accurately. A sudden loss is also possible & you should remain careful. Lending & borrowing of money should be done after utmost care, as you face the chances of being cheated. All land related work should be pushed for later months. Share market related investments will be beneficial for you. Your friends can further hurt your pocket & lead to wasteful spending. A profitable order at work might come your way as well. Your recent future promises to bring in additional opportunities for making more money.          

Students & Children: Student will enjoy a better period than previous months. Outlook towards studies will mostly be positive, yet results might not be as per your expectations. Stay well prepared for competitions & exams if you wish to taste success. A lazy & lethargic approach can lead to wastage of time. Act against it & proceed with confidence. An unnecessary expenditure is highlighted, which will not only hamper financial stability, but may also lead to a potential loss for you.

Keep a cordial & caring bond with your children this month. Otherwise, you may lose their respect. If you are looking forward to sending them abroad for further studies, then your dream is likely to be fulfilled now. You may have to spend on their studies & other things related to them. Prizes & accomplishments for them at school will bring joyous celebrations.
Family & Health:                      
The monthly horoscope signifies a strenuous term for your family front. Differences will prevail among family members & result in a stressful atmosphere. Frequent short trips for leisure are on the cards. Relations with your father might take a hit now & his health could also be affected. Be careful & take care of him.

You will feel mostly tired now & lack of energy could delay your work commitments. Stomach related issues can keep you bothered & you should keep a strict check on your eating habits. If you are facing any blood pressure related ailments, then keeping a regular check on it will also help you.
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