Astrological analysis of a successful engineer

  • Sep 13, 2019
  • pt. Punervasu

Engineering is a pretty dynamic profile. Engineers are not the ones who sit back and see the world changing, they in fact, make the world change. Using a healthy mix of innovation and knowledge they bring ideas into reality. Finding solutions to critical technical problems of the world is another major task that engineers strive to fulfill.

With so much at stake, effective engineers are needed by small and large organizations, across the globe. While it is a fascinating career with a humungous universal demand, it isn’t a cakewalk to become a good engineer. Besides, more common factors, there are some specific astrological factors which contribute in making of a successful engineer.

As we celebrate Engineer’s Day on the 15th September to recognize the contribution of engineers in the development of the nation, and to commemorate the birth anniversary of Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya, a prominent civil engineer, we bring you some astrological facts that help reveal the engineering instincts in a person.

The key planets which drive one’s intention towards the field of engineering include, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Rahu.

The primary role of Mars, Mercury and Saturn

You need both mental and physical strength to make a successful career in engineering. Here, the role of Mercury and Mars become important. Mercury rules your mental ingenuity and intellect. The mathematical and logical abilities are also ruled by this planet. Thus, it has a significant role to play in driving the initial inclinations towards the field of engineering.

Mars bestows you with courage, self-confidence and enterprising abilities to take up the challenging domain of engineering. Saturn represents hard work and perseverance, which forms the basis of studying the highly complex and technical filed of engineering. The strength of Saturn is considered an important factor in determining the success and sustenance in professional matters.

The influence of Venus and Rahu

The fundamental function of an engineer is to create. These creative, innovative, designing skills are enhanced by the positive influence of Venus in your natal chart. Also, Venus is the karaka of computers, so, computer engineering demands a good placement of Venus in the natal chart.

Rahu is believed to give an adroit direction to the native and manipulative abilities, coupled with an innovative mindset, to spearhead into the filed of engineering. Moreover, Rahu is also the karaka of new age technology, and it enhances the skills in discovering the undiscovered, tapping the untapped and going for something which is unusual and bizarre. This is quite typical of what engineers are expected to do, especially in the technology domain.

Some beneficial planetary combinations for engineers include:

  • Conjunction of Mercury and Mars with the 10th house lord gives profession in Mechanical engineering.
  • Placement of Moon and Mars in the 10th house or getting an aspect of the 10th house lord, gives an inclination for electrical engineer.
  • A well-placed Mars in the 4th house or 10th house and a conjunction of Saturn and Venus having an aspect on the 10th house is beneficial for civil engineering.
  • A well-placed Mars in the 4th house or 10th house, and aspect of Venus on the 10th house or its lord gives a successful career as a software engineer.
  • When Mercury is well-placed in the 3rd house or 10th house and getting an aspect of Mars, a career in electronic or IT communication is expected.
  • Rahu and Mercury conjunction gives a research-oriented mindset in the field of engineering.

The house rule

Beside the planetary positions, the strength of some of your key houses for profession and career success is important to be assessed. The strength of your 10th house and 6th house is extremely important here, as 10th house represents your career and 6th house is for job or service. If the lord of these houses are well placed, success in profession is guaranteed. Also, assessing the placement of your 5th house and 9th house is essential to gauge your basic and higher education prospects. The position and strength of your 2nd house and its lord helps reveal your income generation capacity from the said profession.

How do you see the emergence of new specializations in engineering falling into these astrological combinations? Comment below to share your opinion. Or, simply share a feedback!

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