D2 Chart Financial Reading

D2 Chart Financial Reading

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1. Understanding significance of Hora/D2 Chart for wealth:
Hora chart is a divisional chart of the birth chart specifically studied for wealth. Here wealth does not mean only money or property...Read More

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Why Sub-divisional Charts? Significance of reading from D2 Chart
A Sub-divisional Chart represents a magnified view of a small & specific area of your birth chart. This concept is exclusive to Vedic astrology. Such a deep analysis is needed to predict an event with certainty. It is not used in western form. Ignoring a sub divisional chart reading can lead to grave error in prediction. The results D1 chart - that is your birth chart are synthesized with that of D2 chart for accuracy and reliability of the forecast.

Reading a sub-divisional chart is not easy. It is a complex exercise and thus ignored by many astrologers. Its like putting a horoscope under a microscope to magnify it many times to focus on a single aspect like finance in greater depth.

Your wealth potential is assessed from D2 Chart
D2 Chart is a very reliable source of data on the actual position of wealth accumulation in your lifespan. Its a powerful sub-divisional chart that helps understand the wealth potential and prosperity of an individual. It has only two zodiacs - Leo and Cancer. Each zodiac is divided into two parts called the horas of 15 degree each. The Sun and Moon are the lords of each of these horas.
Detailed D2 Financial Reading covers -
  • The assessment of your horoscope from D1 for financial status
  • Evaluation of your D2 chart
  • Areas of strength for finances
  • Suggested methods of investing and handling money
  • The best source of earning - whether self owned business or a job suits more
  • Suggestions on how to best leverage the position & strength of your D2 chart
  • Remedies & the period of highest financial growth

Detailed D2 Financial Reading is an exclusive offering by Indastro.
It helps us assess your real financial potential & level of affluence you would achieve in your lifespan.

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