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Astrological Remedies

Astrological Remedies & Vedic Mantra

When we feel deprived of personal peace and a lack of decision in life, meditation & chanting helps us find the inner peace and recon... more

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Gemstone Analysis

Get your birth chart scanned for the beneficial gemstones as per the natal position of your birth stars. This unique report covers not on... more

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Ask Your Urgent Question

What would be the right line of career to be pursued? | Should I work with a partner? | when will I find love of my life/soul mate? | whi... more

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Spiritual Profile Reading

In these difficult times, when our lives are getting complicated with each passing day. There's a need to reconnect to our lost self and ... more

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Astrological Remedies & Tantra

There are times when Vedic Mantra does not work because of the difficult malefic position of planets in a horoscope. In such cases, Tan... more

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Live Web Chat

Chat live with Pt. Punarvasu ji to discuss matters related with your career. He will work on your Vedic Chart to provide you with the ins... more

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