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We welcome you to the world of Indian Astrology and would like to become a bridge to your pursuit of true/unbiased as well as competent astrological advise. There is however, a method to be followed to get best results:

  • It is assumed that the given date and place of birth would be correct. However, in case of night births after midnight it is always a good idea to clarify the consecutive dates. For ex. in case of birth on 7th May 1980 at 12:10am it is better to clarify the detail as : 12:10am on the night of 6th / morning of 7th May 1980.
  • Time of birth is one of the most important data inputs for indian astrology. The authenticity of the prediction depends upto 90% or more on the correctness of the time of birth. Please ensure that the time specified in the consultation questionaire is accurate. The fall out of an incorrect time submitted can range from timing of the prediction being incorrect to the extent of the total analysis carried out for you being wrong.
  • To control the element of incorrect time of birth we have provided the column for two important events in your life spaced out atleast 4 years apart so that we can determine whether those events are in accordance with the horoscopes based on the birth date. We STRONGLY recommend that you fill in the details to eleminate the element of mistake in the predictions made for your future.

Despite all attempts to rectify the time of birth there can still be cases where the horoscopes is created based on an incorrect time of birth, which is the reason we do not take any responsibility for any action taken by you based on opinion/prediction sent by our experts on the web site.

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India Net Consultants do not take any responsibility for the horoscopes created based on the time and date of birth so provided which we have no means to verify. Further the terms of service are at any time at discretion of India Net Consultants. Any changes to the terms of services shall be effective immediately for new users of the site or associated services to the extent permitted by applicable law.

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