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What is Career Transit Report?
At times, a seemingly difficult task gets done with much ease. On the other hand there is a phase of life when everything seems to get stuck and there are no positive developments. Such varying patterns can be easily understand by Transit astrology, the branch of Vedic astrology that deals with understanding the events in your life as the moving planets influence the natal planets of your horoscope. Life seems positive when the transiting planets are supporting important areas of your life. So if you have to take some important decisions in your career, learning how & when planets support your efforts can increase probability of success many times. A career transit report helps you do exactly this.
How Career Transit Report is prepared?
We map the transit of planets through the zodiac with the planets at the time of your birth. This gives out the upcoming trends in career for the next 3, 6 and 12 months when you should look out for the new job, make moves within the existing career or ask for a raise. The favorable placements of the transiting planets with respect to your natal planets, particularly Jupiter & Saturn and the 10th house are studied to arrive at the periods when the chances of good results are greatly enhanced.

Why order Career Transit Report?
There’s much comfort in ensuring the ‘right’ time for something as important as a Career Move. This gives you not just the confidence that your wishes will be granted like asking for a raise or promotion and finding a new job when planets are showering their blessings on you but also you will be able to sail through any difficult phase by keeping a low profile at work when the time is not particularly by your side. Your Career Transit report can thus, act as a reference guide throughout that period.

Features of Career Transit Report 
  • Time period when there would be maximum growth potential in your job or business
  • Time period when controversy should be avoided
  • Good periods to make changes in career
  • Any likely problems from superiors, subordinates, people in power, clients or competition.
  • Time of promotion if covered in the transit period
  • Good time when you should make a career move
  • Timings of finding a new job or starting a major project in business.
You can go ahead and choose the period of report to order.

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