Vedic Astrology has the power to decipher the precise life sequences. With your date, time and place of birth data, birth chart is drawn to study the planets and the effect of their positions through the different phases of your life. The planetary combinations with positive or negative influence in your life are also analyzed to forecast your future. It is possible to come up with the most auspicious timings called Muhurtha for important life events so that their success is assured. While our Gemstone and Sade Sati reports help you tide against the worst periods in your life, you may also get your problems sorted with our Express Question service!

Detailed Horoscope Reading

An astrological reading covering your life in terms of two important aspects – a) the description of events in your life b) the timing of these very events when the

Composite Astrology Report

A full Vedic Astrological analysis of your birth chart, running into more than 50 pages of prediction of your life. It provides a complete framework of your life for the

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Pundit Punarvasu Ji has helped over 2 million people in last two decades in solving the issues plaguing their lives by his Vedic Astrology advice.

Detailed Life Reading

A very specific report covering Career, Finance, Love, Marriage, Family & Health. This is available for 5, 10 and 20 years. It comes with detailed analysis of planets
The Vedic system is used to make a comprehensive report by analyzing:
1.  The basic strength of planets.    2. Operating Dasas.

Gemstone Report

A unique report to give you not only the beneficial gemstones but also the areas they will enhance. Further a never explained feature is the negative


The Indian Birthday chart known as Varshphal, is an excellent report on the events to unfold in the birth year, from the time the Sun enters the position at the

Live Web Chat

Getting your problems sorted on matters related to life, health, finance, job, love, marriage is not difficult any more. Just book a live web chat for ‘Vedic Consultation’ with the astrologer and you have a personal astrologer with a click of a button!


Muhurtha is the best time or the most auspicious time to conduct an event for its success. Since muhurtha is dynamic and keeps changing as per the planetary transits, there is a need to arrive at or 'fix' the Muhurtha for an important life event. So that one can know the best timings for its success and control to conduct the event at a particular time when the chances of its success are greatly enhanced and hence change the entire course of life

Sade Sati Report

Sade - Sati means 'seven & a half'. It signifies the legendary seven & a half year of Malefic Saturn's transit over your Moon sign. Saturn gives poor results

Birth Time Rectification

There exist specific tools to work out an unknown birth time by way of going backwards based on your life events. We need 5 major events of your life to work back your unknown birth time

Ask Specific Question

What should be the right line of career for me? | Should I have a partnership deal in business? | When will I find love of my life/ Soul Mate? | Which person

Yoga & Raj Yoga - Yoga means a combination of planets. The combination of planets, when arranged in a peculiar way, their effect magnifies. If the effect is beneficial, it's Raj Yoga. Your birth chart is analyzed to know all raj yogas and the time of their occurrence & their results on your life

Vedic Mantra

Mantra is an integral part of Vedic wisdom, which recognizes the sound as a medium of connecting with the cosmos & the supreme power. In today's world, when we feel deprived of personal peace and a lack of decision in life, meditation & related techniques help us find inner peace.

Prasana Marg

Prasna Marg is a deeper and the divine part of Astrology bound by God’s willingness to have your mind quizzical about a problem, whose time has come to be solved. So depending on how earnestly you ask your question, our Vedic Astrologer is capable of coming out with the precise answer. Ask now!

Health Profile/Medical Astrology Report

Now you can know the ailments you are likely to suffer in the lifetime, hence take necessary precautions ahead of time. You may also make a choice between options available related to health decisions, like whether medicine or surgery is the right option to go for,

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  • Interpretation & analysis of all 9 planets upon you.
  • Crucial clues to your Career, Relationship & Money
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  • "Thank you Pt. Punarvasu. Your forecast on my Career Analysis is bang on. I wish I had this earlier! Thanks for suggesting that I should continue at my current workplace for next six months before taking up any new job. It worked and I am promoted."
    Ajay (India)


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