Composite Astrology Report


Composite Astrology is by far the most exhaustive personal life reading that you could request for. It is one of the bestsellers on the site. It can be requested for a complete astrological analysis of your birth chart. It covers predictions of your life over the next 20 years in terms of:

  • Career, health, finances, advice on investments, marriage, children
  • Suggestions for Vedic remedies & gemstone
  • Opportunity to ask 5 specific questions
  • Detailed casting of your horoscope
  • Detailed interpretation of your horoscope

You can request this report that runs over 40 pages covering the analysis, predictions and charts for a composite picture of your future.

What you can expect from your Composite Astrology reading?

  • It offers a customized reading with a description of your personality, aptitude and attitude; your health trends over the coming 20 years and a listing of important years of your life.
  • Detailed Reading & effects of 9 Planets.
  • Special emphasis on your finances & investments, including –
  • Suitable areas of earning
  • Suitable forms of investments – Real Estate / Debt Instruments / Equity / Mutual Funds / Own Business
  • Any combination holding back monetary success
  • Remedies & method to pursue them
  • ‘Overview of your next 20 Years with ‘detailed events’ to expect for marriage, children, gains & losses, professional life events.
  • Breakdown of next 20 years into 11 effective periods (dasa) & how they will go for you in terms of career, finance, love life, marital life, children, & health.


Helpful Tips:

  • This is one of our highly recommended reports that is suitable for people who are on a continuous quest for understanding the true essence of their life and karma.
  • You will get a better perspective of the whys and hows of your life experiences, encouraging you to work on your actions in a systematic and wise manner.

Report Size:

35 Pages