Yoga Analysis

Guru-Chandaal Yoga

The coming together of the guru planet Jupiter with the dragon's head Rahu would offer some real opportunities before Jupiter again start... more

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Maha-Yoga analysis

The Maha Yoga formed due to the combination of Saturn and Rahu, harnesses the deep & dark powers of the universe creating excellent &... more

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Sukh-Sampatti yoga

Material comforts & possessions like expensive watches, vehicles, landed and ancestral property, self prosperity and enjoyments are g... more

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Lagnadhi Yoga

The presence of this Yoga is the beginning of luck & happiness in life of the native. The horoscope of Bill Gates has the promise of ... more

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Raj Yoga

Presence of Raj Yoga in your horoscope is a mark of quality of life, you would be leading. Auspicious Raj Yogas are the harbinger of good... more

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Budh-Aditya Yoga

A rare Yoga formed in a minor segment of the population, only bestowing huge benefits to the natives. This yoga will operate to give that... more

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Chandra Mangal Yoga

Chandra Mangal Yoga is one such rare combination that instills a person with special power and ability to make money. more

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The presence of this special Yoga signifies a happy and lucky phase in your life, the time when you would observe a steady rise in your l... more

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Sunapha/Anapha Yoga

It will have an exceptional influence on your thinking and attitude to help you with exceptional talent, mental strength, ability to dea more

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Dharam-Karma Yoga

A Dharam - Karma Yoga is responsible for a person to enjoy luck unexpectedly, extensive travels, gains from overseas sources, power &... more

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Amala Yoga

This is a very auspicious yoga for the career and business progress. The few lucky ones born with Amala Yoga in their birth chart will ac... more

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Maha Purush Yoga

Maha Purusha Yoga confers greatness, character, exceptional financial & professional progress & recognition to a person blessed w... more

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Dhan Yoga

This yoga is known to confer assured financial progress and an enviable status and prosperity more

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