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Presence of Raj Yoga in your horoscope is a mark of quality of life, you would be leading. Auspicious Raj Yogas are the harbinger of good fortune, finances, special skills, great career and public stature. The influence & power that’s wielded by Raj Yoga in your life is determined by carefully analyzing which houses/ sectors of your chart are involved with your ‘Karma Bhava’- the 10th house of career, profession and deeds one performs to make a living. Your efforts could yield you connection with people with power & give you an ability to influence government, land & property, exceptional intellect that can make you capable to rule others and even marriage into a great family or with influential spouse.

When will Raj Yoga manifest in my life?
Raj means - King Like and Yoga connotes union. It’s the union of planets that creates special window of luck & prosperity, taking the promise of an ordinary horoscope to another level. The effects of Raj Yoga will be felt and apparent to you whenever the main period and the sub period of the planets causing yoga operates in your life span. At any given time, your life could shine through showing the sparkles caused by great combinations and effects of planets, acting in capacity different from their individual roles. This causes the Magnifying Effect of planets!

That’s the reason behind the rise of people whenever the planets causing Raj Yoga have manifested their results. Take for instance the case of Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India and Donald Trump who rose to the pinnacle of their career when the yogas in their horoscope granted them with strength, good luck & some special skills during dasa periods of planets.

Raj Yoga Reading
It’s a matter of great luck to be born with Raj Yoga in your chart. Raj Yoga Analysis will reveal the true power & potential of your horoscope. The reading would cover the exact description & area of influence this yoga generates in your horoscope. We will, through this report also cover the time periods of influence, special effects that the Raj Yoga has over you & how to best leverage this over the next 2 to 20 years. You could request this report to help understand your strengths as well as activate the highest level of success that hasn’t fructified till now.


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