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At Indastro, we want you to see for yourself how Vedic principles reveal the most amazing insights into your destiny, diving deep into the genesis of your personality and uses the Vimsottari Dasa system to accurately predict your future.

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  • Nearly 30 pages of analysis – About You! And some amazing predictions about your destiny & fortune.
  • Your Astrology Portrait as a:
    • Child
    • Parent
    • Boss
    • Employee
    • Spouse/Partner
    • Lover
  • Vedic Yogas & unique Conjunctions that define you.
  • Timing important events in your life.


What do others say about our FREE ASTROLOGY REPORT?

This feels like a lot of me

Gajuri Bajar, Nepal

good analysis and I’m blessed that i have some good yogas

Asif Khan
Cempakaputih, Indonesia

I think the report is very good . I dont think it is necessary to change anything.

Shailendra Vyas
Pune, India

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