SAGITTARIUS September Horoscope

(Dhanus )

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Overview: Sagittarius, your monthly horoscope is here & thr period ahead brings improvements in all sectors of life. Saturn is transiting your sign, accompanied by the effects of Sade Sati & from 9 September onwards, it will be direct. Any restlessness of mind will ease down this month & you resuscitate an old work. Delayed short trips will occur & will mostly remain fruitless. Mars will transit your house of speech with Ketu. Your speech may remain harsh, unthoughtful & could soil your relation with loved ones. Avoid starting a new work at the start of the month & stay clear of any controversial ventures. Spending too much on social media would be a waste. If working online, you are expected to witness profits now. Areas of creative, art, designs, garments, & beauty are likely to see good income & gains this month. Rewards from abroad are possible by the end of the month. If in pilitics, then the period looks highly favorable for you. Your efforts may earn you a prize & rise in reputation. Financial stability will improve now. After 16 September, aid from the govt. will help you with your work. Destiny will mostly favor you & your decisions will result fairly. A property related tussle caused by a relative would be sorted now. Any heavy purchases should be made only after mid September.Frequent traveling may be possible this month. Social work will interest you & help you expand your network.

Career: The month seems to bring sparkling results for yoru career now. From 9 September onwards, professional matters should proceed smoothly; however, avoid stepping into a new work now. Your juniors or workers would support you & you too, should understand their problems & proceed accordingly. Your partner is likely to prove useful & bring in new projects 7 financial success this month.
If in a job, a change in job or relocation is possible now. If seeking your first job, you will get the desired salary. If working in a govt. job, then promotion is likely for you. Work atmosphere looks pleasing & you may go on outings with them. Boss will appreciate your work & seniors can be pivotal in helping you with a salary hike now.
Love & Marriage: The monthly forecast indicates a rough picture for love & marriage. After mid-September, ego clashes may spoil the harmony in relations. Your harsh speech can cause severe damage to your bond. Spending more time with your partner would help sort matters faster & peacefully. Keep your speech in check. Your family might help you in restoring the lost balance in your relation.
Lovers, you should support each other in work.

If single, chances are your marriage may be finalized now as per your choice. A proposal may come your way from your work area.

If married, your domestic life will mostly remain comfortable. Your partner may benefit from the govt. in the form of a reward or a job. New work is also possible for them that will bring success & good gains.   

Money & Finance: Financially, you may face some restrictions this month. Most of your expenses will focus on yourself. An old expenditure might demand wasteful expenses. Short trips will require financial involvement & will mostly be worthless. Profits at work will continue to come in, though wasteful spending will keep your financial stability in doubt. You may spend on house or vehicle. Land related profits might come your way. Investing in share market is not favored now. Earlier investments can bring good gains this month. Real estate looks favorable for making investments. Spending on a female is indicated. You may purchase luxury items. Your spouse will support you. Parental property will cause some confusion. Lending or borrowing of money will take place smoothly.

Students & Children: Students may face uncertainties this month. You will be confident in your approach, yet results will be lower than expected. Your friends will be supportive & you should assure not to hurt them with your speech or egotistical approach. Chances of going abroad for further studies are there. Admission in a course of your choice is there. Avoid wastin time on social media.

Your children might spend too much time playing games online & you need to make them understand with care & affection. Scolding them can distance them from you. Rewards & achievements are possible at school.Lethargy may have the best of them.       

Family & Health: Your family front may face some disturbing elements this month. Clashes may lead to confusion, yet your parents will handle things efficiently. Elder siblings will be supportive & helpful. Your uncle is likely to receive a good news this month & parties are on the cards.

Your health looks mostly good, though you may feel lazy & out of energy, which may result in delays. Father may receive a promotion now. Participating in sports will deem fruitful.                        

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