SAGITTARIUS January Horoscope

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Overview: Sagittarius, as January begins, you might remain irate. Your January horoscope indicates Sun conjunct with Ketu in your income house from 15th January. Keep your expenses in control during this period, or else you could face financial problems. Speak very carefully from 20th January onwards. Don’t make promises out of overconfidence or excitement, as this could damage your reputation. Foreign trips are on the horizon. Work related travels are likely & look profitable. Avoid starting a new work this month, if possible. Relief is likely in an ongoing legal issue or court case. You may enter a new research this month. Parental property might cause confusions. January seems favorable for income prospects & fulfilling of your wishes. Avoid laziness. To kick stress away, indulge in your hobbies. For peace of mind, plan a religious trip. A pending govt. work would clear smoothly.          

Career: Sagittarius, remain calm and patient while working on a new work. Don’t start working on a new project under anyone’s influence. Stay away from working in a new partnership this month. New projects from abroad are likely. Successful completion on time would earn you good profits and appreciation. Don’t take advice from others, yet remain calm and composed. If in a business, good profits would come your way. If in the fields of teaching, astrology, law or accounts, you would earn good profits in January.
If working in a job, a promotion and pay hike is on the cards. Your hard work would earn you new projects that might require traveling. Such sincere efforts would improve your work prospects in the future. If searching for a new job, this month looks favorable. Odds of getting a govt. job favor you throughout January.         

Love & Marriage: Sagittarius, you need to work on yourself to help your love life grow. If in a relationship, try to spend more time with him/ her. Otherwise, your bond could suffer. Keep low expectations and speak politely. Your lover or their family might need your support this month and you should readily be available. Stay away from entering a love triangle.
If you are single, wait patiently. This month might not favor your chances of finding a suitable partner. Even if you develop feelings for someone, avoid expressing it.

Marriage life looks rough. After mid-January, speak very carefully, or else your relation may take a severe hit. Keep a clear communication and share everything with your partner. Your spouse might face a financial loss this month. Support your soulmate financially as well as mentally.        

Money & Finance: Financially, January horoscope denotes a rosy picture. Sagittarius, flow of income seems good, though rising expenses might cause problems. Avoid spending lavishly on your hobbies and luxuries. Foreign trips would add to your expenses. A close female friend could become the cause of a loss. You may have to spend again on a recently purchased item. Long-term investments in a land related project would bring good profits. Avoid investing in share market in January 2019. Matters related to work related loans would proceed smoothly. Personal loans should be avoided this month.        

Students & Children: Sagittarius students, focus on your career this month. January horoscope depicts a crucial time and you should be very careful. In case of mental unrest, spend some time with your friends, yet avoid spending too much time or money on them. You might study on new research where your teachers would readily help and support you. If trying to go abroad for further studies, January looks favorable. Avoid changing your subjects this month. Participation in competitions would bring you success.

Sagittarius, if your kids seem to be angry too often, make them understand patiently without getting angry yourself. Plan a pilgrimage with them to help them feel fresh. This would help them perform better in studies. Prizes in school or college are likely. They might feel inclined to spend most of their time with friends, yet make sure they don’t waste too much of their time.        

Family & Health: Family life might face some confusions, Sagittarius. Your January horoscope depicts lack of coordination with family members. A family trip would be expensive and could add to your stress. Parents would support you. Relations with elder siblings seem good and cordial. Accomplishments for your mother would bring her a salary raise and could lead to celebrations at home.
Your health appears mostly stable in January. Rising expenses might be stressful. Workload would add to your tension. Be careful against an old or prevailing ailment that could trouble you this month.     

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