Sagittarius (Dhanus)

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  • Much relief ahead as Jupiter, Venus, Mercury start moving direct! Your Detailed June Horoscope would give you a heads up on how June would fare in areas of career, love, finances, family & health.

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You are a powerhouse of energy as the month begins, bright and commanding as the Sun, which is aspecting your ascendant. The same energy may not be felt in the way you communicate. While you will speak less, what you day will be relevant. Luck will support well during the first half of the month. However, after 16th July, you should exercise care in all sorts of activities. Energy level may also be somewhat low in the latter half of July. Ketu is likely to keep you on the go frequently throughout so be prepared.

Your desires will mushroom and manifest. What you want will come easy to you. And not out of luck, but your sheer ability to focus on the goals and push past your comfort zone. You will command a lot of respect in society at this time. It seems a lot of your time will go into expanding business and career endeavors. At the same time, domestic environment would be as conducive. Creative spark will also fire up, giving you an innovative approach and ideas. All this will help you take charge in life but certain issues could flare up that you need to be careful about.

Despite confusion, your career related dreams would come true, whether it’s a job change, pay hike or promotion. Colleagues will work in harmony with you and chances of a trip with them are there as well. You will outshine opponents and gain a lot of profit in business too. After 11th July, a foreign deal might manifest but you need to be self-reliant. Trusting someone else could backfire as well. The period after 16th July demands caution.

Love and Marriage: Singles! This is the time to mingle and pour your heart out. A great month for love partnerships but you need to be a bit more receptive and a good listener to your partner. The period after 11th July is a time to be careful or there could be distance or break in your relationship. To keep your love life stable, you should keep ego out of the equation. Married folks would observe more love and understanding. In fact, spouse’s achievements at work would further spread happiness. At times, spouse could behave egoistic while you might garner interest out of wedlock. These possibilities should be curbed by spending more time together and sorting things out.

Money and Finance: Financial progress is indicated this month. While income and gains would be sufficient, you may still feel a bit pressured in terms of fulfilling monetary requirements. This is not a good time to lend money. If you have to deposit money to your bank, it would be better to do it yourself and not trust anyone else. Considering investments, it would be a good idea to consult seniors. Real estate sale and purchase would be profitable at this time, but you may also spend extensively on new home, vehicle and material comforts.

Children and Students:
Circle 11 July, as starting from this date, you would have to focus more on children’s academic progress. Planets demand more efforts in studies but at the same time, you should pay attention to their health as well. Children would like spending on lifestyle enhancement too. If you are a student, it might be a good idea to follow a strict routine in studies. After a holiday, you might not garner immediate interest in studying as some tensions could keep you troubled. In higher studies, you need to work harder to achieve desired results.

Health and Family: While expenses on health are indicated, there is no bad news in store. It would be in your best interest to take any precautionary measures and be careful when on the road. Workload could take a toll on your mental peace and shoot up stress. Take it easy, only take up work that you can handle. Family happiness is expected and you might get happy news from maternal relatives. Elder siblings would be very supportive. Father’s health could be low so be watchful. At home, a spiritual occasion may take place or you may visit a religious place with your mother.


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