(Dhanus )

This month is going to be challenging as there would be many things on your mind and life would probably be changing around you. Health and personal issues from 2018 could crop up and you would need to take up the challenges sportingly and handle the stuff like you did it in the last year. A sense of being cut off and disconnected with people around you will be present and at times you might find yourself short on confidence or comfort. Make sure you keep your communication alive with people around you and not get side out by the issues happening around you. Your attention would be on children.

There would be many new things which would happen in the life of your children and broadly there could also be some nice positive developments which could have you take your mind off the problems. Major decisions at this time should be avoided as you might be guided by the reasons of worry or fear. Most of these things might not be true but some amount of negativity in thoughts could be a reason for a wrong decision so you should seek good council.

Career: Career would be average this month. There would be good developments but mostly there could be worry also at times between the 4th and the 19th May 2019. Beyond the 19th May 2019 there would be a happy and positive phase where work would progress positively and successfully for you. Team and colleagues will not be very helpful so try to avoid delegation and handle as much as work on your own.

Love and Marriage: Love life is going to be very positive. This could be one of the nicer segments of life. New relationship is possible and you will find that people around you will find you very attractive during this time. Existing relationships also will go through a very positive time. There could be happy and positive trends although some amount of aggression towards partner will be present. Marriage matters similarly would be positive but aggression towards spouse could be counter protective. Avoid getting into situations where you end up doubting your spouse as that will surely create some lasting troubles for you.

Money and Finances: Money and finances will be challenging. There would be higher than normal expenses and you might find yourself cut off financially at times. Broadly speaking avoid major investments during this period. Income will be good but not as much as your expectations.

Health and Family: Family life would be a focus for you but not entirely happy. Lot of new developments would keep you occupied and there would be many things which could keep you worried also at times. Children related matters are positive and there would be happy and creative things happening in the life of your children so broadly it is a good time. Health could be challenging, it could see some issues also around you. Anger and chronic diseases should be given a lot of care as there could be a revisiting of those areas during this time.

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Sagittarius is the 9th sign of the zodiac, known as the ‘wild child’ of the cosmic cycle, often called the wanderer. Sagittarius tend to be optimistic, cheerful, and honest, to the point of being candid at times. Words like pretention and agendas do not exist in their dictionaries. These carefree people are on a lifelong quest to explore the world, expand the knowledge base and pursue freedom. This Sagittarius Horoscope Reading is based on Moon Sign, a very important Astrological Mark to know your future. Are you a Sagittarius Moon Sign? Find it out instantly.

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