SAGITTARIUS November Horoscope

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Overview: Sagittarius, your November horoscope depicts a period of confusions. Saturn transits your sign, with the influence of Sade Sati in effect. Lack of concentration and indecisiveness is possible. You might feel irate. Avoid taking any major decisions now. Some delays are possible, thus avoid feeling stressed. Music and creative work would interest you and bring you peace of mind along with a good income. Family relations seem somewhat disturbed. Rising expenses would cause difficulties. Avoid overconfidence and plan your steps carefully. If in doubt, push that work for later.

As November begins, a female might profit you. After 15th November, any ongoing issues with your father would be resolved and he might assist you financially. You may plan a pilgrimage with him in November. A political or social work would earn you respect and honor. Take care of your health while on a long journey. Occult sciences would interest you and you may plan to enter a new research. You would easily overcome any competition. If part of an ongoing lawsuit, result is likely to be in your favor. Near the end of November, prize in sports is possible.
Career: November horoscope speaks of a delightful period for business. However, delays are quite likely. You may get an offer to restart an old work, though avoid making large investments in this project. When in doubt, consult your seniors. Beware of your competitors plotting against you and avoid sharing your work secrets. If seeking a work related support from the govt., you would get it after 16th November. A female partner would help your business. Relations with work partners seem peaceful. New work proposals from abroad are likely that would greatly improve your future prospects. Work related travels would be beneficial.

If in a job, this month looks quite favorable. A job change is possible. Appreciation from your boss as well as raise in salary is likely. A senior female would help you with a salary hike. A promotion is also on the cards. Coworkers seem supportive.
Love & Marriage: Sagittarius, your love life appears rough in November. Anger and misunderstandings might spoil your relation with your lover. Stress would prevail. Proceed diplomatically. For betterment, try to spend some time away from each other. Focus on your career for now, yet readily help each other if needed.

If single, you may fall in love with someone at work around mid-November.
Marriage life looks peaceful after mid-November. In case of an argument, talk to each other patiently and sort things as soon as possible. Otherwise, atmosphere at home would be disturbed.
If looking to get married, delays and difficulties are possible.      
Money & Finance: November seems a financially profitable time, Sagittarius. Good gains and income are likely. An old blocked payment might finally come to you. Old investments might profit you suitably. Avoid clashes with your father. You may invest in speculation and land related matters. If seeking a loan, you may apply for it this month. If working in the areas of design, arts, clothes or beauty, you would enjoy a profitable time. Business related gains would increase, yet expenses seem to rise steadily. Try to spend economically. New work opportunities would come your way, yet invest carefully in them. Hefty and wasteful spending on kids might keep you stressed.
Students & Children: Sagittarius students, November horoscope suggests you to take careful actions this month. Prepare to work hard to get the desired results. Time is by your side, and you should make the most of it by overcoming laziness. If appearing for competitions, keep top-notch preparations to get admission in a college of your choice. If seeking a govt. loan for studies, you would get it. A female friend would help you out of a stressful situation.

Your bonding with children seems cordial. You may plan a trip with your children. Your plans to send them abroad for studies would require sincere efforts, a hefty amount of money and support from the right people. Speak carefully with them. Take care of their health.

Family & Health:                     
Your family front seems disturbed this month, Sagittarius. The November horoscope indicates lack of harmony would cause stress. Keep your words and anger in check. A party on the domestic front might be spoiled due to misunderstandings. Your relation with your father looks troubled till mid-November. Elder brother and friends would support you.

Take care of your eyes. If suffering from blood pressure related issues, keep a regular check on your BP levels. Relief from a prolonged illness is likely. You would remain physically active, yet avoid overthinking to get rid of stress. Drive carefully. Eat healthy.

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