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SAGITTARIUS February Horoscope

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Overview: Sagittarius, you’re meant to be in your final phase of Sade Sati phase as Saturn has entered in your second house in the month of January 2020. The effects will be much prominent in this month as well. You’ll earn decent name in the society and will be supported by your colleagues as well as seniors. Your career will take a smooth turn in this month as Lord Jupiter will enter your moon sign. Each and every effort of yours will be taken into consideration and you’ll be blessed with professional growth and advancement.

Saturn and Sun are going to form a conjunction and enter into your second house of speech. You ought to be considerate about your speech and aggression otherwise you may fall in a verbal combat with your valuable connections. Abstain from pointless expenditure so that you continue to lead a hassle-free life. Try saving a part of your income on regular basis so that you have a good amount stored for the Rainy Days!
This month will prove to be extremely beneficial for the Politicians who come under Sagittarius moon sign. Your fortune will favor you whole heartedly and you’re going to earn good name and position in this month. You might begin renovating your home and this factor will require noteworthy expenditure. You’re likely to build unimaginable fascination for spiritualism and your religious beliefs will get enhanced in this month.

Career: During the month of February 2020 Sagittarius moon sign native will get a lot many opportunities to enhance their career prospects. Your business is likely to prosper with the support of a female partner/colleague. Your work schedule will be very hectic as you’ll try to put your feet in many areas at the same time.  You’re going to finalize a business deal with foreign delegates and this will prove to be a win-win situation for you. You’re going to receive healthy support of your colleagues and seniors throughout this month and this will enable you to climb stairs of success and accomplishment.
You’re going to receive rewards in the form of incentives, appraisals and promotion. If you’re planning to change your place of employment, this is the right time to start searching for other resourceful options. Fresher candidates will most probably get good chances to kick start off their career in this month.

Money and Finance: February 2020 looks favorable from financial point of view. You’ll be wise enough to accumulate decent amount for the Rainy Days. You’ll wind up being disciplined in monetary matters and will spend accordingly. You’ll have the option of earning something apart from your regular income. This factor will enhance your financial stability and you’ll wind up being satisfied and content. You may plan to go on a long getaway to some foreign country.

This is an excellent month to put resources in real estate and share markets. Any kind of investment done in these areas will turn out to be fruitful in the coming years. Avoid lending money in the flow of emotions. It could bring personal and monetary losses.

Love and Marriage: Love matters seem favorable as your love life is likely to take a smooth turn in the month of February 2020. Try to control your speech and aggression otherwise you may fall in a verbal combat with your partner. If there were any kind of issues in the past, they’ll get resolved during this month and you will enter a new phase of sunshine. Your little gestures will hold a lot of value for your partner.
If you’re yearning to unveil your emotions before someone, Valentine’s is the perfect opportunity to plan a romantic love proposal for your beloved. He/she will accept your proposal and this will mark the beginning of a new love relationship.

Married life will be in a perplexed state and you’re going to confront certain ups and downs in your relationship. However, you should try to stabilize your relation otherwise these things will start hampering your peace of mind. It is prudent to work towards betterment of your relationship so that you’re able to maintain peace and harmony in your domestic life.

Students and Children: You’ll turn out to be a power package this month as your confidence level and will power is likely to get enhanced. You’ll put your feet new areas such as a professional course or extracurricular activities. Make a point not to burn your valuable time on pointless activities such as social media or friends.
Your efforts will be taken into consideration and your hard work will not at all go in vain. Those who are preparing for higher education will most probably verify a seat in their desired college.
Your child may need extra guidance and you’ll be responsible for arranging the best tutors for them. Take care of your kid’s health and make sure that they continue moving on an honest path.

Family and Health: Domestic life of Sagittarius moon sign natives looks a bit disturbed during the initial phase of February 2020. You’ll be held responsible for lot many things. Relations will be somewhat strained due to lack of understanding and communication. There will be an improvement in this situation from the mid February onwards. Your family members will wind up being extremely supportive. There could be an auspicious event in the family and this will carry you’ll considerably closer to each other.
Health should be taken care of in all possible ways. You’ll have to adopt a healthy lifestyle pattern. Avoid over consumption of fast food as it can bring in stomach related issues.

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