June Sagittarius Horoscope Moon Sign based

sagittarius Aries
In the month of June 2024, the cosmic energies bestow you with luck and abundance! Things will start falling in place and you will experience an increase in your skills & intellect. You will be blessed with your family’s support, especially from your father. Furthermore, you may even attain a senior position or an award.

This is a good month for making property deals but avoid indulging with disputed property due to Rahu’s position. Luck is on your side, garnering prestige in politics, if interested, and fame in society.
This month, you may develop an interest in social work, research, and occult sciences. This is a brilliant period to attain new high paying jobs, loans, court cases and competitions. It is advised to be polite and gentle in communication and maintain respect for better relations.

The position of Saturn will make you realize the essence of your capacity to improve and concentrate on your profession. It is advised not to trust your friends as they might take undue advantage of your position. Your relationship on the professional front might be clouded by misunderstandings and unnecessary arguments. Saturn’s placement will impact your social network and social circle. It is better not to reveal any secrets which may put you in trouble. It is not advised to invest in share markets and in long-term business as it will not be beneficial.

Rahu and Ketu placement will bestow you with leadership quality to delegate work and encourage your team members to achieve desired goals. However, at your workplace, people might misunderstand your way of working and create hurdles in achieving targets. This month, you will be meditating on how best to pursue your long-term career goals and push to achieve recognition for your hard work.
Lucky Dates- 3, 12, 18, 21, 24, 30     
Money & Finance
This month, you will spend money on yourself. You may also renovate your house, purchase luxury items, and buy a new vehicle. Luck is on your side, bringing in monetary favors. However, it is advised to avoid taking a loan and making big investments in your career.

This is a suitable time to make investments in property and the stock market for a long period. You may also receive income from secondary sources, such as past investments and heritage property. You will receive ample support from your spouse and father.
Lucky Dates- 1, 6, 9, 21, 25, 27, 30   
Love & Marriage
Expect increased intimacy and passion in your love life due to the position of Venus in your seventh house this month. You will be given a chance to work on your past mistakes and to heal the situation with love. You will explore new places together and embark on romantic getaways. You will receive surprises from your partner, further amplifying your love.

15th June onwards, the planetary position will make you resilient and help you rectify past mistakes and use them as a steppingstone towards a brighter future. Both of your expectations towards each other will be fulfilled in a harmonious way. You will redirect your anger into love which will allow you to lead a better life.
The position of Mars will make you an aggressive and a passionate lover. You might feel overwhelmed with your emotions and share your deepest desires with your partner or someone you are interested in. This month your romantic life may oscillate between ups and downs.

Lucky Dates- 4, 12, 15, 18, 27
Students & Children
Students will receive satisfactory results in exams, owing to your hard work. You can secure admission in a college of your choice, likely in a professional course. Expect elevated confidence and will power.

However, it is advised to keep a check on your tone while conversing with elders. It is likely that you may get a chance to study in a foreign university. A few students may face irritation and anxiety due to the burden of studies. It is advised to avoid indulging in excessive games and social media.
Family & Health    
There may be challenges within your family and friend circle, but the health of your parents will improve. Expenses on family trips are possible. It is likely that you may host gatherings and parties at home occasionally.

It is advised to maintain good relations with your relatives using your sharp intellect. Unfortunately, your siblings may not provide much support within the family. Avoid being lazy at the start of the month. Health concerns such as headaches and migraines, along with pain in legs and back may trouble you. Indulging in physical activities is recommended. Also, you must seek medical advice, if necessary.

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