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Sagittarius December Horoscope

Moon Sign based
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Month Overview:
Planets of Influence: Jupiter
Predominant emotions: Positive and optimistic attitude

As per Sagittarius horoscope, the month of December will come with ups and down. Career in this month will see challenges and you may even face loss of job or a break in your job.
There may be benefits from abroad in your job or business during the month. Finance part may face some setbacks but through your hard work you will be able to accumulate good wealth.
Love birds may pass through some testing phase and married person again face challenges in the form of misunderstanding or spouse’s ill-health.
Weak digestive system may disturb you throughout the month. Strain relation with family members may bother you and give mental stress in this month.

Planets of Influence: Mercury, Venus, Ketu & Sun
Major Trend: Benefits from overseas

Sagittarius career will bring challenges in professional life in the month of December. Mercury, the lord of house of career will nest in the house of losses and may bring break or loss in your job.

If you are working in foreign or in MNC, then this placement will bring favorable outcomes. You may have strained relationship with seniors and colleagues due to this combination.
First week of December will bring to you opportunities from foreign land. You will get a chance to expand your wings abroad.
Similarly, gains will also be there in your business. Anything related to foreign will bring prosperity in your business. Those who have business of export and import may rise during this period.

Love, Marriage & Relationship
Planets of Influence: Mars, Mercury & Ketu
Major Trend: Arguments with partner

Love life will be full of challenges as Mars is the lord of house of love and aspect this house from 5th December till end of the month.
This may bring argumentative situations many times with your love partner which may spoil the sweetness of relationship and may even lead to breakups.

Married person may see some health issues of your spouse or disturbed relationships during this month. This is because Mercury, the lord of marriage or spouse house will sit in the house of hospitalization.
You may even plan to visit overseas in some good destination where will get opportunity to spend quality time with your spouse. There may be some misunderstandings, but you will handle any situation in an efficient manner.

Money & Finance
Planets of Influence: Saturn
Major Trend: Delay in getting returns

Sagittarius horoscope may have some setbacks in the month of December. Your planetary positions do not reflect immediate gains. However, benefits will come with some delays.
Monetary gains will be an outcome of your hard work and you will not get benefits just like that. Therefore, keep up your hard work and efforts towards earning money and this will see you through.
Saturn is the lord of house of wealth and posited therein, may give delay in receiving benefits. Avoid investments in speculative instruments during this period. Old investment will start to bring growth in financial status.

Planets of Influence: Moon, Rahu & Venus
Major Trend: Chest infection and fever

Sagittarius health will be fine during the month of December. You will enjoy good to average health during the month. Moon is the lord of chronic disease which may make you prone to chest infection, cold and cough, etc.
Rahu is in the house of disease and will give protection from many health issues.
Saturn will be in the house of digestion/ food habit which may give you weak digestive system during the month. Therefore, you need to take precautionary measures like avoiding rich and oily food.
Avoid intake of outside food, eat healthy and fresh food for sound health during the month.  

Students & Education
Planets of Influence: Sun & Mars
Major Trend: Strong determination and passion

Students will be focused and determined to gain in studies and will strive hard for success during this month of December. Mars is the lord of education house and is posited in the house of gains.
This will surely benefit you and give you desired results through your strong determination and confidence.
Students desirous of higher education from abroad will get success till 15th December and hence can plan accordingly.  

Planets of Influence: Saturn
Major Trend: Mixed results

Family life during this month of December will be good. However, you will be very dedicated towards family.
But due to your blunt and harsh speech, your relationships may not be very smooth. Therefore, you need to control your speech and use soft words while conversing with your family members.