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Sagittarius October Horoscope

Moon Sign based
Month Overview:
Planets of Influence: Jupiter
Predominant emotions: Positive and Optimistic in Approach
Sagittarius may see steady rise in career, with your influential expression you would grow professionally. Business will also prosper with your contacts and analytical skills. Finances may face some ups and downs with lack of clarity in thoughts in early phase and later part of month will see improvement with property and speculative gains. Love birds would face some setbacks, but married life will be on better notes, though you need to subdue your arrogance. Health may face some dental issues in the initial part of the month, but later part will improve. Students may face some challenges and hurdles and would need to work hard, period will be favorable for higher studies. Family life will face some misunderstandings and miscommunications with family members and later, the family life will be on better notes.
Planets of Influence: Sun, Venus & Mercury
Major Trend: Rise in Career
Sagittarius career would be on rising trends. Sun, Venus and Mercury would reside in the place of career till 18th October and this will bless you with expressive speech which leads to make influential to develop new professional contacts. There will be growth and rise in your job and chances of promotion may be bright due to your good work and dedicated efforts. If you are employed in government or doing some work related to government sector, then the period will be favorable for you. Mercury is the lord of business and being in the house of career, will support you with new successful project, give new connections and analytical approach.

Love, Marriage & Relationship
Planets of Influence: Jupiter, Rahu, Mercury, Venus, & Mars
Major Trend: Stressed Love and Happy Marriage

Sagittarius Love and Relationship would largely be on better notes. Presence of Rahu in the house of Love would lead to your approach and thought process being different towards love and relationship. You may face some setbacks in your love life during this phase and the sailing may not be that smooth. Married people will enjoy quality time with their spouse and need to subdue their arrogance to maintain peace and harmony in the relationship and enjoy the essence of love.  

Money & Finance
Planets of Influence: Saturn, Jupiter and Venus
Major Trend: Attraction towards unfruitful dealings

Sagittarius Money and Finance may see some ups and downs as Retrograde Saturn will be in the house of wealth which leads to lure you towards unfruitful dealings and may prompt you to indulge in complications related to finance. Till 23rd Oct, you need to be careful and avoid any financial dealings to avoid any financial difficulty. After 23rd Oct, Saturn would be progressive and give you clarity in your thoughts that will help you in taking right decisions related to finances. Gains from property and speculative activities are on the cards.   

Planets of Influence: Saturn, Moon & Venus
Major Trend: Minor health issues

Sagittarius health may remain moderate. Your health would be facing some challenges in the initial part of the month till 23rd Oct, due to retrograde Saturn, there may be chances of severe dental issues or throat infections. However, after this you may feel slight relief from health problems in the later part of the month. You need to take care of your health and avoid foods that would aggravate your dental problems.

Students & Education
Planets of Influence: Mars, Rahu and Sun
Major Trend: Need More Hard Work

Sagittarius Students may face some challenges during this month. Rahu in place of education may bring hurdles and difficulties in studies. Your efforts towards the studies and preparation for your exams may be lacking or not give you needed results and the required level of hard work needs to be put in to get the desired results. You need to focus on studies and avoid any distractions that would waste your time and keep you distant from expected outcomes. Those who are willing to pursue higher studies would get favorable results.

Planets of Influence: Saturn and Jupiter
Major Trend: Happiness with challenges

Sagittarius Family may be harmonious and happy. Retrograde Saturn in place of family gives you unnecessary problems like miscommunication or misunderstanding with family members. After 23rd Oct, things will be in better position when Saturn becomes progressive. Your relationships with the other members of the family, especially your father and your siblings may remain on better notes, and you would take their views under consideration before taking any crucial decisions. There may be some property related issues that would be resolved and would benefit you.