SAGITTARIUS July Horoscope

(Dhanus )

July 2019 is a positive & robust month again. You will find support in all you do, help & happiness from friends and very good gains this month.

Joint areas of work & life such as partners and spouse will see a special focus. You will find new developments, aggression as well as verbal conflicts now. This is a month when you will have to understand how to handle new opportunities without giving into a need to be aggressive or get even.
You will find better luck & success will come easily to you. You have to ensure this does not make you complacent.

Career – will be in an aggressive phase. There would be opposition to your ideas by partners. You should avoid conflict at work. New creative ideas would do well. Try to be different rather than being steady and do the ordinary.

Work environment will be positive. While some hurdles would be felt till the 16th July 2019, still the outlook would be bright. There would be success & positive trends at work after the 17th July 2019. Possibility of an overseas visitor exists in the second half of the month.
Colleagues will be very helpful. You will find the work done by team would bring in excellent growth & very good financial gains. Some unsteady behavior of the team in the last few months would improve after the 8th July 2019.

Love & Marriage – Love life would be average. You will see a jump in luck relating to love after the 17th July 2019. Happy period mostly.
Existing relationships will see aggression & differences of opinion. Fights & anger with partner could rise after the 5th. You need to keep a steady control over your emotions now.
Marriage matters would be very busy but tough. There could be issues related to something controversial you might say, till the 20th July 2019. Spouse would be unsteady & angry. Avoid controversy now.

Money & Finances – Money matters will be positive. You will be comfortable. In case there are any unsteady trends at the beginning of the month, these trends would get sorted out by the 8th.
Income will be very good & rise as the month gets into the second half.
Investments should be avoided. Aggressive investment or any unplanned investments should be avoided.

Students & Children – Students would have a positive month, but there could be problems working in groups & projects. Avoid conflict with your peers. A better study schedule would become possible after the 8th July 2019.
Children might have a difficult period this month. There could be conflict at times. You should avoid controversy at all times with children.

Family & Health – Family life will be much better this month. The conflict situation in family matters would improve from the 8th, after a conflict period of nearly 4 months.
Health would be average. Stamina & energy could dip after the 15th July 2019. You need to remain cautious.

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