SAGITTARIUS April Horoscope


The monthly horoscope speaks of an eventful period in April for you, Sagittarius & you can expect variable results on different fronts of life. Financially, the month of April looks to be a successful term. Health of children will mostly remain stable. Career front appears to be weak, however. Business holders may face professional difficulties. Health of spouse can remain unstable, thus causing hindrances in marital relation. Singles can indulge in new love affairs, as Venus & Jupiter grace them with their presence & bring fruitful results for new connections. Suitable financial gains are expected to be there upto 20th April 2018. You are bold, fearless & courageous in this period. You possess good energy, strength, & aggression. You are likely seeking new options for quenching your thirst for adventure.

Career: The monthly readings for career brings forth a hazy picture for you, Sagittarius. Career stability is largely missing. The celestial positioning of Saturn can result in financial disappointments for business holders. Thus, caution is advised along these lines. Relocating yourself or a change in job can bring some relief. Relations with boss & superiors are likely to suffer. Ego clashes may crop up. Your boss can add to your stress by his/her actions. Your relation with colleagues will improve in the 2nd half of the month.

They are likely to be supportive & their advice can prove beneficial for you. Salary hike is not broadly visible. New projects should be avoided for now, as they will only increase your work pressure. Businesspersons can face hindrances, as gains in business will be not so wonderful. Your business partner won’t be able to help you much in increasing or expansion of business. The relation with partners can also suffer, leading to clash of opinions.

Career Advice -The term appears unfavorable for professional front. Take all career related decisions carefully. Implement a patient and diplomatic approach for better prospects. Avoid use of harsh language.

Love & Marriage: The month of April marks a tough time for love and marriage. Your relation with spouse may not be too harmonious. Health of spouse is likely to suffer to some extent, which can further hamper your bonding. A sense of aggression & detachment can take over & lack of patience between married couples is being denoted. Romance will mostly remain missing.

Singles can indulge in new love affairs this month but they should do it only before 20th April 2018. Despite some ego clashes, a mature connection is likely to develop between partners. Progeny is denoted on healthy terms. Matters should proceed smoothly.

Money & Finance:
Financially, the monthly indications depict a favorable term. The period till 20th April 2018 is expected to bring sufficient monetary gains. Investments can be made but only before 20th April 2018 for surety of profitable returns. Trading in stock market after 14th April 2018 can also be beneficial. Expenses are likely to be directed towards self-satisfaction. Cash flow looks satisfactory. Economic spending can further bring monetary stability.

Students & Children: The monthly forecast for students & children marks a period of steady growth. Health of children is likely to remain in a stable state almost throughout the month. Period after 14th April 2018 can see signs of ego in their speech, though this should be short lived & they shall soon return to their pleasing natures.

Students seeking higher education are likely to perform wonderfully especially after 14th April 2018. They will possess a positive outlook and success can be expected in most of their academic ventures in this period.

Family & Health: The monthly prediction marks a stable term for health of your family. Your own health tends to remain under favorable conditions. Some minor health issues may crop in but you will easily recover without any serious damage. Your aggressive attitude should be kept in check as it can harm your reputation as well as peace of mind. Health of a family member can demand your attention. Thus, caution is advised.

Family front appears under stressed atmosphere. Quarrels & clashes are likely. Deal with family members in a patient and diplomatic manner. Avoid use of harsh language.

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