SAGITTARIUS March Horoscope

(Dhanus )

This is a challenging month for you as pressures could build up from various sources. There could be many issues among which feeling left out, low or experience a complex of being not connected could be one with distortion of thought process and many new thoughts causing confusion all around being another one. This month will also see you short tempered and angry on many occasions. All these events could negatively influence your health as well as relations with people around you.
Despite various pressures you will find happiness in factors like love, art, movies and general written & visual material. Make the most of these opportunities to improve your level of happiness.

There would be improvement & control in your temperament after the 22nd March 2019 . Focus & energy will rise as you will gain ground thereafter.

Your mental make up would start changing from the 23rd March 2019 . There would be confusion & lack of consistency. You also might wish to change your plans & long term strategy. Since this is going to be a long phase of about 18 months, you need to find ways of controlling your actions and you should not reverse decisions or make changes on areas that were decided prior to March 2019. Good counsel of people you trust should be valued.

Career – work will be good mostly as you will be able to connect well with people and improve your base. After the 15th March 2019 , you might experience set backs due to something controversial you will speak or write, that could upset matters at work. Try & remain as non-controversial as possible. Work environment would turn dynamic & positive after the 22nd March 2019 . You will charge up your entire team and bring progress. Please try & avoid raising a fight with your boss as that could backfire majorly.

Love / marriage –
Love life will be happy & contended and there would be good opportunity of socializing and finding some good outings together. Beyond 22nd March 2019 , things would turn exciting and there would be a jump in your perceived sex appeal. If looking for love, this would be a great time. Marriage matters will be good till the 15th March 2019 but there would be setbacks after that. Avoid conflict & bad blood with spouse towards end of the month.

Money – finances would be challenging and there could be some liquidity hassles. Avoid speculation of any kind. Investments in real estate would remain good however. Gains from existing investments would be good too.

Family / Children – Family life will be good. There could be some difference of opinion towards end of the month. Avoid conflict. Children related matters will see worry till the 22nd March 2019 & improvement thereafter. Health of children could be poor.

Health – Overall health could be poor and worry / stress could add to the challenge. Be careful about infections & blood related disorders.

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Brought into the world with the Sagittarius Moon Sign, you are probably going to be naturally positive in life, extensive optimistic in your perspective. Sagittarius is a Fire sign, thus, complements the enthusiastic, hopeful and imaginative elements of life. Sagittarius is likewise inconsistent in real life, which implies you are probably going to have an inborn need for options and change. Whenever enthusiasm and need for option consolidate, there is a deep call for independence in general. Since the Moon portrays your natural reaction to things, or where you feel comfortable, you are probably going to feel most great roaming without any constraint which means investigating your reality and stretching you skylines wherever possible.

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