SAGITTARIUS July Horoscope


Overview: Sagittarius, your monthly horoscope is here & things are looking somewhat sluggish for this month. Retrograde Saturn transiting your Moon sign can lead to some stress. Effect of Sade Sati may further cause confusions & indecisiveness. Delays & hurdles are likely now, and some of the work done by you might even go waste. Thus, manage your time carefully. Professionally, you may encounter new people with promising prospects in the future. A female friend may be pivotal in helping you reach a good position or land a good project with juicy rewards & income. A foreign related work will bring you good monetary profits. Yet work related uncertainty will prevail & a rise in expenses will cause stress.

Keep your speech in check, as an aggressive or egoistic tone is likely to hurt your reputation. Despite of the work stress, you will be able to fulfill many of your wishes this month. Luck will mostly favor you & bring success in most of your ventures. Your opponents are likely to surrender & you will come out victorious. If you are involved in an ongoing lawsuit, you can expect some relief now. Remain alert about money management & don’t trust people blindly. Stay away from lethargy & avoid wasteful frequent short trips. Post mid-July, be careful towards your father’s health. A reputed officer or a govt. related matter can create difficulties. Religious & social work will catch your attention & demand some expenses.

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Career: For career, the monthly forecast depicts a hazy picture in July. Avoid stepping into a new venture or investing in a work purely out of hearsay. Follow your own instincts. Frequent work related trips are on the cards & all projects from abroad will be completed within the designated time. However, their payment may be delayed. Your workers can cause hurdles or delays in work this month. Partnerships may fall prey to misunderstandings or confusion related to accounts. Work carefully now & pay attention while dealing with cheque payments. Competition will grow weak now & you will come out superior. A female might become a source of new project or work for you, which will be accompanied by good income prospects.

Jobholders, you enjoy a better period at work now. Colleagues will be supportive & chances of a promotion are on the cards now. Relations with boss or seniors will improve. Work related travels will frequently occur & you should make sure to finish the task at hand if you wish to achieve a rise in income in the future.    
Love & Marriage: The monthly indications for love & marriage depict a rough term. Lovebirds, relation with your lover is likely to suffer due to clashes. Stressful conditions might drive your bond to the point of breakup & you need to understand the sensitivity of the issue. Minor misunderstandings can cause major conflicts. For betterment, you should maintain a strategic distance from each other for some time till things calm down. Take all the necessary steps to revive the lost harmony.

If you are married, then expenses on spouse are quite likely this month. Take care of their wellbeing. A confusion or misunderstanding might suddenly crop up & create a rift in your conjugal life. Tension on the domestic front will add to your stress levels. Till mid-July, chances are that your spouse will benefit from a govt. related work or authority.

Money & Finance: For money & finances, the monthly readings show a mixed period. Income is likely to improve, yet expenses will also remain on a rise. Mismanagement of the budget is likely to keep you confused. You should let someone trustworthy to handle your accounts for better results. Do not trust people blindly with your funds. Avoid investing in share market for now. If planning to invest in real estate, do so only after careful scrutiny & with an expert’s advice. The period is favorable if you seek a loan, as it will be easily approved this month. If you had lent money to someone, then that sum will also possibly come back to you. Home decor would require some expenses. A female friend may also become the center of your expenditures. If you are planning a foreign trip, remain extremely careful, as a monetary loss is indicated this month.

Students & Children: Students are likely to observe a period of distractions in July. Lack of concentration, can affect your studies. You will feel irritated & peace of mind remain missing, which would not allow you to retain information. You will now have second thoughts about your chosen subjects & if you wish to change your subjects, better do it quick. Otherwise, confusions will continue to bother you. Avoid a lazy approach & utilize your time wisely. Try not to be over friendly with a female this month.

There will be confusion regarding your kids’ studies this month. Their focus levels are likely to fall & lack of clarity would prevail. However, remain connected with their teachers & trust them to understand your children & guide them towards improvements. The placement of Mercury with Rahu might not allow them to think straight & thus, concentration may waiver.    

Family & Health: Family front appears to be under some stress this month. Mars is posited with Ketu in your house of family & will be a cause of stress & frequent quarrels. Minor issues might result in huge fall outs & your speech might be the root of this evil. Try to reconcile the relations on the family front. Post 16th July, your relation with your father might deter, which can negatively affect your prospects in inherited property & cause much stress.

Your health looks mostly stable now, yet remain careful towards symptoms of blood sugar & chest related issues. Keep a strict check on your eating habits. Also, be careful towards any infections.
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Moon Sign is the zodiac where Moon was transiting at the time of your birth. Similarly, Sun Sign is the zodiac where Sun was moving at the birth time. Just like morning & night together make a day, Moon Sign & Sun Sign togetherform your complete personality.

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