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Vedic Astrology is an ancient Indian science which is based on planetary positions and their motions. Our astrology consultants' combined knowledge and experience of planetary movements can successfully identify the cause of turmoil in an individual's life. They will establish a correlation to your problems and suggest remedies.

Our astrologers are experienced with significant contribution in their field. They are exceptionally clear, and profoundly satisfying in their approach.

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  • Prem Kumar Sharma
    Prem Kumar Sharma
    Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma is an acclaimed celebrity astrologer, looked upon by many fo...
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  • Ajai Bhambi
    Ajai Bhambi
    Pandit Ajai Bhambi is a celebrity astrologer whose fame has spread far and wide. B...
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  • Neeta Bakhru
    Neeta Bakhru
    Ms. Neeta Bakhru is a qualified Vedic Astrologer. She obtained two year post-gradu...
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  • Dr. Surendra Kapoor
    Dr. Surendra Kapoor
    Surendra Kapoor aged 62 years is a leading light in the field of Vedic Jyotish, Va...
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  • Pankaj Dhar
    Pankaj Dhar
    Vedic expert, Pankaj combines the power of ancient Vedic astrology along with Nume...
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  • Pt. Punarvasu
    Pt. Punarvasu
    Pt. Punarvasu hails from the family of scholars and mystic Seers of Northern India...
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  • Swetta Jumaani
    Swetta Jumaani
    Swetta Jumaani comes from the famous Jumaani family. An ardent fan of her father, ...
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  • Alka Vijh
    Alka Vijh
    Alka Vijh is a Vastu expert & Vedic astrologer who has been practicing for ove...
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  • Manisha Koushik
    Manisha Koushik
    Manisha Koushik is the talented daughter and an associate of the world renowned ce...
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