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        [name] => Team Pt. Punarvasu
        [image] => 1609400778pt-punarvasu-astrologer.png
        [detail] => Pt. Punarvasu hails from the family of scholars and mystic Seers of Northern India. He is trained in Vedantic and other systems of Philosophy. When he started practicing Vedic Astrology, he also organised Meditation Camps in Mount Abu, India, Austria and in Baja, California

    His discourses have combined authenticity with simplicity of contemporary idioms suited to the modern day people. Over the years, he has had the opportunity to delve deep into Tantrik Esotericism and various systems of Astrology. His interest in these Sciences opened new dimensions in his understanding of the human psyche and compelled him to think along the lines which ultimately brought about the synthesis of discoveries of Modern Day Science and the ancient human wisdom called Vedic Astrology. Which is when he struck the bright idea of launching www.indastro.com, an online platform to spread the Vedic wisdom beyond the realms of physical boundaries for the mankind.
    Pt. Punarvasu is a thinker and is not afraid to think the unthinkable. He was the pioneer in developing the revolutionary Astrological software, which though, often copied but was never surpassed by new Astrological software developers.

    Pt. Punarvasu, over the years has been dishing out the readings related to Love, Marriage, Career & Business, Children issues & Money related aspects. Since the foundation of Indastro.com in 2000, he would have belted out over a lac personally prepared reports himself. He has a cult following in telephonic & internet consultation for issues plaguing the human mind. He is known for the Astrological Remedies he gives out as solution to his clients. His unique perspective on your life will not just will amaze you, it will also make you believe in the superb Science called Vedic Astrology.

    The users are invited to connect with Pt. Punarvasu via a telephonic or web chat session to seek his advice. His valued astrological advice is available exclusively on http://www.indastro.com
    [link] => /astrologers/pt-punarvasu.html [experience] => Over 25 years [is_chat] => 1 [is_phone] => 1 [is_video] => 1 [language] => English [expertise] => Vedic Astrology, Love, Marriage, Career & Business, Children issues & Money related aspects [availability_from] => 1612175100 [availability_to] => 1687429500 [is_busy] => 0 [id] => 38 )
    Team Pt. Punarvasu

    Team Pt. Punarvasu

    Exp: Over 25 years English Vedic Astrology, Love, Marriage, Career & Business, Children issues & Money related aspects
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        [name] => Alka Vijh
        [image] => 1609399206alka-vijh.png
        [detail] => Alka Vijh is a Vastu expert & Vedic astrologer who has been practicing for over 23 years in this field. With a scientific background, she strongly believes & uses scientific approach in astrology. Besides earning the credentials of 'Jyotish Alankar' and 'Jyotish Acharya' she was also honoured as 'Gita Rasik' and 'Gita Marmagya'. Her predictions are based on the 'Law of Karma' and she blends it well with her intuitive abilities.

    An ex associate director of Reincarnation and Astrological Institute, she is regularly invited to speak on subjects ranging from rebirth, spirituality, astrology, vastu and healing through different methods like yantra, mantra, gems, reiki etc. She has been teaching astrology in ASRO in Salwan Public School affiliated by AIFAS, New Delhi .She is currently active as a consultant astrologer with leading websites.

    [link] => /astrologers/alka-vijh.html [experience] => Over 18 years [is_chat] => 1 [is_phone] => 1 [is_video] => 1 [language] => English [expertise] => Vedic and Western Astrology, Varshaphala (yearly horoscope), Vaastu, Numerology, Healing by gems [availability_from] => 1612464840 [availability_to] => 1653041040 [is_busy] => 0 [id] => 3 )
    Alka Vijh

    Alka Vijh

    Exp: Over 18 years English Vedic and Western Astrology, Varshaphala (yearly horoscope), Vaastu, Numerology, Healing by gems
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        [name] => Pankaj 
        [image] => 1609406801pandit-onkarnath.png
        [detail] => 

    Vedic expert, Pankaj combines the power of ancient Vedic astrology along with Numerology of Hebrews, the Chaldeans and the Chinese for most reliable results. He has been practicing for over 15 years He has authored and published some very fundamental papers on the science of Vedic Astro-Numerology.

    Pankaj is an Indian Institute of Technology(IIT) pass out and has been working in the Information Technology area. He has also authored many Vedic Astro-numerology softwares. He has a very scientific/mathematical and intuitive approach to these sciences. That is why his readings and solutions have more chances to be closer to reality.


    [link] => /astrologers/pankaj.html [experience] => over 14 years [is_chat] => 1 [is_phone] => 1 [is_video] => 1 [language] => English [expertise] => Vedic Astrology, Numerology [availability_from] => 1612175160 [availability_to] => 1682504760 [is_busy] => 1 [id] => 20 )


    Exp: over 14 years English Vedic Astrology, Numerology
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        [name] => Neeta Bakhru
        [image] => 1622726016neeta-bakhru-astrologer.png
        [detail] => 

    Ms. Neeta Bakhru is a qualified Vedic Astrologer. She obtained two year post-graduate diploma in Astrology "Jyotish Acharya" from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi. She spent several years in astrology research and has authored a number of research articles under the guidance of senior most faculty member Shri K.N. Rao (Advisor and Founder Member of one of the World's largest School of Astrology, Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, New-Delhi).

    She has over ten years of experience advising clients based on their horoscope and essentially helping them achieve the best in life with the help of astrology. She is known for her accuracy in predictions and practical advice to create effective solutions.

    She believes that Astrology is a science that is not meant to scare people by predicting their future but to help them to plan their life better by being aware of the strengths and weaknesses of their horoscope. Whereas some people could be blessed with good fortune, others can work towards creating a good fortune with the help of astrology.

    She has expertise in predicting through Maharishi Parashar's Vimshottari and Gemini's Char Dasha system. As far as the remedial measures are concerned she follows the Maharishi Parashar's guidelines. He has prescribed worship of God and some charity to a really needy person as a remedial measure. However, the native doesn't become free from his/hers Karmaphal (consequences of one's actions). He has to suffer from it, no matter how much money he spends for costly remedies. The true remedy is: Pray honestly and lead an honest life. One needs to pray to God with heart & soul. This only matters in the remedial aspect of Astrology.

    [link] => /astrologers/neeta-bakhru.html [experience] => 15 years [is_chat] => 1 [is_phone] => 1 [is_video] => 1 [language] => English [expertise] => Career & Professional Rise, Love & Relationships, Forecast Writing, Match Making, Muhurt, Baby Names [availability_from] => 1612170780 [availability_to] => 1709802780 [is_busy] => 1 [id] => 32 )
    Neeta Bakhru

    Neeta Bakhru

    Exp: 15 years English Career & Professional Rise, Love & Relationships, Forecast Writing, Match Making, Muhurt, Baby Names
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        [name] => Manisha Koushik
        [image] => 1609406523manisha-koushik-astrologer.png
        [detail] => 

    Manisha Koushik is the talented daughter and an associate of the world renowned celebrity astrologer Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma. She is blessed with the gift of clairvoyance and strong intuitions right from the childhood. Her knowledge and interest in the field of occult sciences kept growing while looking at her father guiding the right path to many people on a daily basis.

    Following the footsteps of her father, she acquired a degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering and went on to pursue a Management degree in Integrated Marketing & Communications from The University of Sheffield, UK before jumping into the occult sciences full time in the year 2008. Tarot Cards always fascinated me and as I started reading them, the clarity and substance this science carries in it drew me close to the accuracy in predictions. A by birth gift of clairvoyance, understanding of the tarot cards and blessings of Maa Kalka helps me connect with people and help them achieve answers of what they have been longing for.

    "Astrology has been in the blood. My great grandfather and grandfather had been the leading astrologers of their time and my father is already an internationally acclaimed astrologer; so getting an understanding of this subject wasn't much of a tough task. My love for Numerology grew when I would see people seeking his advice for specific dates or timings for special occasions. It was even more fascinating how my father would predict the complete date of births of people only while speaking to them."

    "Name Therapy is something I have been practicing for over ten years now. My own name was set by my father as per the fundamentals of astro-numero-nameology before my class 10th board exams and the results since then prove the magic this science carries in itself", says Manisha. Since I started seeing the results this change brought about in me; my curiosity to learn this subject grew even stronger. I would read and read the books lying in our library and jot down each and every point I encountered to be interesting; to my good luck I had a mentor at home who would then answer all my queries arising the right time", adds Manisha

    She has also been assisting Dr. Sharma in various residential and commercial Vastu projects much before her full time venture in this science. Recently she has been guiding people online reading their blue maps and several discussions over the phone. "I bring a blend of Fengshui & Vastu in my consultations . During my practice, I have analyzed that at times solutions with Vastu become rigid for some properties; that is the time where I prefer incorporating some fenshui tips to enhance the prosperity & well being for the person seeking consultation" - Manisha.

    She has been appearing on National News Channels like News 24 and IBN7.

    Her very recent predictions include a successful married life for the Indian Cricket Team Captain, M S Dhoni. She also predicted that this marriage will bring in good fortune with respect to career and financial status for him.

    [link] => /astrologers/manisha-koushik.html [experience] => 6 years [is_chat] => 0 [is_phone] => 0 [is_video] => 0 [language] => English, Hindi [expertise] => Fengshui, Tarot Card Reading [availability_from] => -62170003270 [availability_to] => -62170003270 [is_busy] => 0 [id] => 33 )
    Manisha Koushik

    Manisha Koushik

    Exp: 6 years English, Hindi Fengshui, Tarot Card Reading
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        [name] => Dr. Surendra Kapoor
        [image] => 1609400141dr-surendra-kapoor-astrologer.png
        [detail] => Surendra Kapoor aged 62 years is a leading light in the field of Vedic Jyotish, Vastu Shastra, Aura Reading, Naming Names and Dream Interpretation.  He is a voracious reader, multi linguistic and multitalented counsellor. Being a student of Sanskrit he learned Vedic Knowledge from the than scholars like Padmashree Dr. K.D. Dvivedi, and Acharya Avadh Behari Tripathy. Even after being well versed in traditional knowledge of Astrology and Vastu Shastra his thirst for latest technical knowhow of various aspects of Vastu Corrections through Building Biology techniques and Aura Analysis took him to contemporary great masters of Aura and Building Biology like Dr. Jhon Rogerson and Dr. Christoper 
    J Bell of International Institute for Building Biology & Ecology.

    He is trained in Lecher Antenna and ACMOS Method from Dr. Suzy London of the USA. He learned the technique of Balancing Environmental and Human Energy by Colours from Prof. Dame Dr. Meher Master Moose.

    He has competed the PIP Biofield Imaging, ES Complex Scanning training course conducted by the Centre for Biofield Sciences. He has been awarded the Certificate of Proficiency from Dr. Thronton Streeter, Founder and CEO of Centre for Biofield Sciences.

    He has also attended a workshop by Dr. Jhon Rogerson during the 4th International Conference and learned EFI Technique—Environment and Human Energy Analysis.

    Lately, he has attended a work shop by Dr. Christopher J Bell of the International Institute of Building Biology and Ecology and learned Building Biology—EMF, Air Quality and Material Radiation.

    Presently, he is the Vice Chairman of The Institution of Vastu Science India, a National council of Vastu Consultans.

    He was declared Vastu Shastry of the Millnnium in the International Vastu conference in Mumbai in the year 2000.

    He has been included in International Astrological Directory brought out in 2003 as one of the “100 living legends”   in the field of the Astrology and Vastu. Once more is name is included in the said International Directory of 2013.

    Recently, he got top branding by Just Dial for high grade quality performance by star of the Millennium Amitabh Bachchan.

    Education Awards and Titles:

    • Vastu Matanda – From Jyotish Viswavidaylaya, Jodhpur (1989).
    • Vastu Ratna – Collage of Joytividya and Astrological Society, Calcutta (1994).
    • Vastu Shiromani – Asian Collage of Astrology, Calcutta (1995).
    • Jyotish Shiromani – Astrological Research Project Calcutta (1996).
    • Jyotish Samrat  - Astrological Research Project Calcutta (1997).
    • Jyotish Mahamahopadhyaya - Astrological Research Project Calcutta (1998).
    • Felicitated with “Best Award for Treditional Indian Architecture” by Michel Madhusudhan Academy Calcutta (1999).
    • Vastu Samrat – International Institute of Astrological Research and Indian Culture, Calcutta (1999).

    Post Qualification Training at:

    • Institute of Vedic Vastu and Research Foundation, Indore:-
    • Trained in Lecher Antenna and ACMOS Method.
    • Trained in Building Biology Measurement of EMF, Air Quality and building Material Radiations.
    • Trained in Balancing Environment and Human Energy by Colours.
    • Trained in Gas Discharge Visualisation (GDV) Technology.
    • Measurement of EMF, Air Quality and Building Materials Radiations.
    • EFi BEISS & Photon Pro system.


    • The institution of Vastu Science (India).
    • Institute of Vedic Vastu and Research Foundation.
    • he Center for Bio- field Science.
    • International Institute for Building Biology & Ecology.
    • All India Federation of Astrologer’s Societies – New Delhi.
    • International Vastu Association - Jodhpur.
    • Astrological Research Project – Kolkata.

    Books Authored:

    His books “Vastu”, “Namkaran – Namchayan” in Bengali are bestseller and have under gone many editions.
    • "VASTU" - published in 1997
    • "VASTU SAR" - published in 2003
    • "NAMKARAN - NAMCHAYAN" - published in 2003

    Press and E-media:

    • Regular contributor in the India Times, Astro Speaks, NBT Online and Ganesha Speaks websites.
    • Mr. Kapoor has been interviewed for his views on Astrology, Vastu and Psychotherapy by leading newspapers and TV channels.

    [link] => /astrologers/dr-surendra-kapoor.html [experience] => 35 years [is_chat] => 0 [is_phone] => 0 [is_video] => 0 [language] => English, Hindi [expertise] => Astrology, Numerology [availability_from] => -62170003270 [availability_to] => -62170003270 [is_busy] => 0 [id] => 37 )
    Dr. Surendra Kapoor

    Dr. Surendra Kapoor

    Exp: 35 years English, Hindi Astrology, Numerology
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        [name] => Prem Kumar Sharma
        [image] => 1609406832prem-kumar-sharma.png
        [detail] => Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma is an acclaimed celebrity astrologer, looked upon by many for Astrological guidance across the world.

    He reveals in his own words about how astrology took over him, while he wanted to pursue a different career ."The events which led to my exploring the varied dimensions of astrology make up a long journey. As a child I would often watch my father and elder paternal uncle offering advice to clients. They both were renowned for their prophecies, not only in Rampura Phul, Bhatinda, India, our ancestral home, but also gave predictions regarding the entire state and its erstwhile rulers."

    "Though I had great admiration for their power and the respect they had amongst the people, I always wanted to follow a different profession and became a mechanical engineer. But no one can change destiny. It was destined for me to become an astrologer. It was only after my predictions for friends and near ones and death predictions for a few note worthies came true that I reverted to following my family profession. After which, I made numerous predictions which came true & were published in the national and regional dailies."

    "Given  my scientific background, the first few years I spent in detailed research and study of Astronomy, Astrology, Numerology,Gemology, and Tantras. The Lal Kitab and various other ancient Indian treatises served as a fascinating cornucopia, which I explored along with an increasing clientele whom I value as friends and followers till date. After being awarded a degree of Ph.D. for research in astrological positions and their effect on marriages, providing astro-consultation to solve people's problems has become the sole purpose of my life."

    "Can my Astrological guidance change your destiny? It is a question I have been often asked. My reply is that at the right time, the right code of conduct and the right method to perform a task always aids success whether in career, business, marriage or life. I firmly believe in the Indian tenets, which say that the actions of our past life determine the present and on the whole the events in our life are predetermined by the combination  of stellar positions at the time of our conception, birth and then at the time of the happening."

    "Can my astrological guidance change the course of events? No, but the right remedy, which can be as simple as wearing a particular gemstone or feeding green fodder to cows can diminish the impact of a miss-happening or bring in pleasure back into your life after a span of discord."

    [link] => /astrologers/prem-kumar-sharma.html [experience] => Over 20 years [is_chat] => 0 [is_phone] => 0 [is_video] => 0 [language] => English, Hindi [expertise] => Astrologer, Vaastu Shastra [availability_from] => -62170003270 [availability_to] => -62170003270 [is_busy] => 0 [id] => 17 )
    Prem Kumar Sharma

    Prem Kumar Sharma

    Exp: Over 20 years English, Hindi Astrologer, Vaastu Shastra
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        [name] => Ajai Bhambi
        [image] => 1609400266ajai-bhambi-astrologer.png
        [detail] => Pandit Ajai Bhambi is a celebrity astrologer whose fame has spread far and wide. Both national and international clients hail his expertise. He has been practicing astrology for over thirty five years. He is a post graduate in Economics as well as a law graduate; he practiced as a lawyer for some years in addition to his commitment to astrology. He has held workshops, lectures, consultations in countries across the globe. His mastery of the subject coupled with a deep perception and understanding of the practical aspects of life helps him connect with his global audience. 
    Pandit ji is also a great healer of Himalayan Yogic parampara (tradition) and his focus is on spiritual astrology.

    He started the use of computerization for astrology which is common usage now. His in-depth knowledge is coupled with his unique and dynamic thoughts and ideas and his astounding intuitive abilities. Pandit Ajai Bhambi is a well-known face on Indian television; he is seen in many shows in India and overseas and also for his audio and video forecasts for mobile phone users.

    Some notable predictions

    Pandit Bhambi’s amazing predictions have astonished people. Many eminent personalities have come to respect and believe in the predictions of Pandit ji.

    Pandit Ajai Bhambi has made remarkable predictions about people, countries and events. Recently he had predicted about people’s uprisings and how citizens would take to the streets, which the country has witnessed as people took to the streets against corruption and also recently the demand for justice and bringing into focus the lack of law and order for women.

    Political careers of many have been accurately traced by Pandit Bhambi which include high profile political personalities like Sonia Gandhi, Atal Behari Vajpayee, Sharad Pawar, Mayawati, Pranab Mukherjee, L K Advani, Prafful Patel, Nitish Kumar, Jayalalita, Chidambram, Rahul Gandhi, Murli Manohar Joshi, Nitin Gadkari to mention a few.

    Pandit Bhambi has predicted some recent political developments – e.g. that the Samajwadi Party will come to power in Uttar Pradesh and Akhilesh Yadav will be the Chief Minister and not Mulayam Singh Yadav. He also predicted the win of Bhartiya Janta Party in the Delhi municipal elections.

    He has also predicted several events like the death of India’s Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, fall of Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif the premiers of Pakistan. In the recent past he predicted in an interview on national television in India and he had anticipated the 26/11 situation - terrorist attack. Panditji correctly predicted about terrorist activities in Pakistan, India, Afghanistan in north east India and the train hijacking which took place. He also predicted about the drought in India, about Indo-China relations and the border activities. He had in particular predicted on Barack Obama being the Democratic Presidential candidate and that he would be President of the United States of America nearly a year ahead of the US election.

    A writer

    A prolific writer, Pandit Ajai Bhambi has written several books and writes for many magazines and newspapers both in India as well as overseas.

    Pandit Ajai Bhambi has authored many books some of which are ‘Be Your Own Astrologer’, ‘Vaastu for You and Your Family’, ‘Neech Bhang Raj Yog’, ‘Manavta Ka Ekmatra Mitra Shani’, ‘Swayam Bane Jyotshi’, “Vedic Sun Signs” to name a few.

    His latest book entitled “Planetary Meditation” is creating waves. The subject of meditation techniques based on astrology is a groundbreaking aspect of spiritual astrology, discussed at length in this book. In this book, Pandit Bhambi has once again introduced a novel concept with practical value and usage to help individuals unlock their potential and move towards their goals.

    This new book deals with ‘nakshatra-based’ meditation techniques which are unique and have not been explored before. Panditji defines meditation techniques for the twenty seven ‘nakshatras’. Each nakshatra is unique and every one of them requires a different treatment. The ‘nakshatra’ of an individual defines a person’s characteristics and potential.  In this book the reader can understand the meaning of meditation and also be aware of the technique best suited for their nakshatra.  If one can devote 40 minutes a day for their self then the techniques as defined by Pandit Bhambi will evoke awareness and help in a person’s spiritual journey. This book will be instrumental in understanding one’s nakshatra and in using the given meditation technique as a key to unlock their potential.

    He has been a regular writer in the Hindustan Times through a column entitled ‘Star Trek’ and in the Deccan Chronicle (Hyderabad). Pandit Ajai Bhambi had a column in a New York paper called ‘India in New York’. Articles and predictions are also in other magazines like Sun, Free ads, Saptahik Hindustan, North-East Sun and Kadambini, Delhi Midday, The Shillong Times, Samna (Mumbai) and Tribune (Chandigarh), National Duniya, The Political and Business Daily. His monthly column in Outlook Lounge, Models & Trends International Trade Management Network etc. are widely read. He also has a column in Gulf-News Dubai.

    Awards and recognition

    Internationally acclaimed, Pandit Ajai Bhambi has been conferred with many recognitions and awards. “Udhbhav Shikar Samman” (top recognition) by Udhbhav (Indian Council for Cultural Relations) ; “Bhaskar Award” for highest appreciation by Bharat Nirman; “Excellence Award” by Sobhagyadeep, “Sammannit Lekhak” (honoured Writer), several awards by Indian Astrology Associations like Aryavrat Jyotish Vigyan Sansthan, Akhil Bhartiya Jyotish Sammelan, honoured by Vaastu Panorama, Jyotish and Yoga Sammelan (Astrology and Yoga conference) and others.  

    [link] => /astrologers/ajai-bhambi.html [experience] => 40 years [is_chat] => 0 [is_phone] => 0 [is_video] => 0 [language] => Hindi, English [expertise] => Vedic Astrology, healer [availability_from] => -62170003270 [availability_to] => -62170003270 [is_busy] => 0 [id] => 36 )
    Ajai Bhambi

    Ajai Bhambi

    Exp: 40 years Hindi, English Vedic Astrology, healer