Peace and harmony at home & family are the key to a happy and blissful life. Vedic Astrology guards us against any bad times and at the same time helps us tide over the tougher times in life by astrological remedies. Vedic Astrology comes to aid right from selecting the child birth time to deciphering the detailed life events of a new born. You can even discuss your more specific and confidential matters with our expert Vedic astrologer.

Basic Child Astrology Report

Know your new born’s life span events before they unfold. The report gives the physical and mental attributes of the child, along with the health, education and career and the luck the child brings to its parents

Birth Time Selection

Many parents want to take advantage of increasing trend of C –section deliveries by planning the birth of their baby at the most auspicious time and date among the time band provided by the doctor. This ensures the baby and family's good luck and well being.

Live Phone / Web Chat

Chat live with Pt. Punarvasu ji to discuss matters related with family and children. He will work on your Birth Chart to provide you with the instant remedial measures. Be assured that he, with his years of experience on Vedic Astrology behind him, will give you a patient hearing

Specific Matters Consultation

What should be the right line of career for me? | Should I have a partnership deal in business? | When will I find love of my life/ Soul Mate? | Which person to choose for marriage


  • "Thank you Pt. Punarvasu. Your forecast on my Career Analysis is bang on. I wish I had this earlier! Thanks for suggesting that I should continue at my current workplace for next six months before taking up any new job. It worked and I am promoted."
    Ajay (India)


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