There are areas in which Medical Science may not provide you the much needed answers. Vedic Astrology can fill out this deficit! Progeny Astrology is one such area. Indastro’s Progeny Prospects report can be your answer to the questions & problems related with child birth.

You may be desirous of raising family and have kids but could be facing problem related to child birth We have a solution at hand. Vedic Astrology is potent to forecast the child birth and any problems related with it, the couple may be facing. This is given out as the Progeny Prospects Report. The skilled Vedic Astrologer can analyze the birth chart of the couple to understand the prospects of having their own children. The strength of the male & female horoscopes is used to predict if the couple will be blessed with their own children, when and how many. Please note, we do not predict the gender of the child.

The analysis is done with respect to problems in conception due to malefic effects of some planets or some dosha in natal chart. Practical Astrology remedies are suggested in certain cases in order to minimize the ill effects of planets if any and the remedies to maximize the prospects of having own children is given out. This report will feature the predictions based on the -
  •     Strength of the natal chart of the couple
  •     Effects of houses which govern childbirth - 2nd, 5th and 9th house.
  •     Divisional Chart analysis – Saptamsa Chart for progeny.
  •     Placement of Jupiter and Venus in the birth chart and their relative strength.
  •     Transit results of major planets - Jupiter, Satun, Venus, Mars, Rahu & Ketu.
  •     Dasha analysis

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