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Achieve Professional Growth by avoiding risks: Oracle for Libra Jupiter

Jupiter's move into Libra from the 12th September brings a new mindset & method for progress, asking you to rethink the entire way you have been working professionally & living your personal life in the last 2 years. The Vedic sign of Libra signifies the scales or the balance & so your new mantra for success in life should be seeking a steadiness rather than risky decisions to find your next level of growth, that Jupiter promises you in this sign...more

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Detailed Life Reading

  • 5, 10 & 20 Year Report
  • Find out events, opportunities & challenges for that period
  • Career & finances, family & children, love, relationships & marriage
  • More...

Career astrology

  • Plan career & overcome hurdles
  • Move ahead in suitable areas of work
  • Use favourable periods for Career Progress
  • Career Predictions or ask your questions
  • More...

Love, Marriage, Relationship astrology

  • Timing of marriage
  • Finding your soul mate
  • Physical & psychological description of your partner
  • More


  • Current trends and changes that one would be undergoing in his life.
  • Breakdown of how the next dasa (major-minor period)
  • How would be the coming years for you
  • 2, 5, 10, 15 and 20 years
  • More...


  • Advance knowledge of events in the next 12 months
  • 2017 overview, followed by detailed analysis
  • Career & money in 2017
  • Love & Romance in 2017
  • Marriage prospects & marital
  • Health trends in 2017
  • More...

Gemstone Vedic Analysis

  • Favourable gemstones for push in career, money & happiness
  • List of unfavourable gemstones to overcome career, personal life, love & health issues
  • Method of use & specifications
  • More...

Money & Finance astrology

  • Your wealth potential & time/ age beyond which income flow will be better
  • Sources of money flow; gains from savings, stock markets, real estate or business
  • Areas in which work should be done for financial progress
  • Detailed year wise analysis
  • More...

Child Astrology Report

  • All major predictions of life & health of child
  • Luck & happiness of family related to birth of the child
  • Problems in conception & child birth
  • More...

Detailed Horoscope Reading for 2 Years

Astrological Remedies

  • Divine tools to overcome life miseries
  • Making good planets stronger to amplify their positive results
  • Lessening ill effects of malefic planets by methods including manta, tantra & gemstones
  • More...


  • Nutshell Report for the year - positive or negative.
  • Date wise breakup of the full year marking the positive and negative periods.
  • Find the year lord ( Muntha ) - The annual lord marking the new areas in your life this year.
  • More...


  • 2017 Horoscope

    Aries, planets demand more hard work from you. There will be new opportunities as well as life lessons to learn. You will do well in career and income also looks satisfactory. However, some issues might take place on the domestic front. From March to July, you need to be cautious in spending or...

  • Your Horoscope (22 Sep 2017)

    Till: afternoon A pleasant day where you will don a positive outlook towards life. People...

  • September Horoscope

    Aries, expect September to be a positive month! Cosmic bodies are arranged to infuse some bravery...



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