Weekly Aries Horoscope November 26, 2023 till December 02, 2023 Moon Sign based

This week is better for your relationship, and you will enjoy the company of your partner. Due to aggression, there might be some problems with your partner that may lead to break-up in the relationship. This time is not favorable for your marital life and due to the influence of Venus, there may be confusion in your marital life which needs to be taken care of.

There might be ups and downs in your financial situation due to the transit of Venus in debilitated state. Unexpected expenses might lead to shortage of savings. This week, you need to be careful before making real estate or land related investment. It is wise to take advice from investment of financial expert.

There might be a delay in your income due to the transit of Saturn in the income house. This week, you need to work hard for your business success. This is a favorable period for you to start an old work and your hard work will give you success. You may take new decision regarding your job, but it is wise to think twice. There might be new opportunities for a job change.

During this period, you may not be able to concentrate on your studies. Overconfidence might disturb your focus. You need to be careful and conscious about your health. Be careful about your health if you are going to hill station. Take care of your food habits.

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