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Rahu & Ketu are very crucial in the cosmic scheme of things. The two shadow planets make a move into Gemini & Sagittarius respectively on 7th March 2019. This is a destiny defining movement without you even knowing it. If you have been feeling some unseen forces at work behind your back with you having little control over them, this is Rahu and Ketu making their presence felt through others in your life! Rahu in Gemini & Ketu in Sagittarius are particularly strong, as they are exalted in these signs. As a result, whatever their results accrue to you from March 2019 to September 2020 are more intense.

Understanding the effects of this significant transit:

Rahu & Ketu are the two mystical planets which have a special significance in Vedic Astrology. Their transit assumes special meaning since their effects are highly pronounced & sudden. They are also one of the most feared planets. However, both are capable of doing much good when favorably placed in a horoscope.

Rahu & Ketu do not cast their effect directly. Just like Sun light needs a medium to travel to earth, Rahu-Ketu manifest their results upon your life through people, events, situation changing around you taking you completely off guard. Rahu is accorded the status of most powerful planet as it changes your destiny without you being able to control it.

When Rahu & Ketu had last transited the sign of Gemini & Sagittarius in 2000 & 2001, the world had witnessed September 11 Twin Tower attack, severe earthquake in India and Israel - Palestine issue had surfaced. These events are typical of Rahu-Ketu effects, which are felt unannounced and there's no learning of what’s happening behind your back. However, determining them would help you use changes to your advantage. Else you might end up being surprised and not ready for the karmic changes Rahu & Ketu transit throws at you.

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Contents of Rahu & Ketu transit reading:

  • Your Rahu-Ketu Transit reading would cover all effects of this significant transit period till 2020. The result of Rahu & Ketu transit would be analysed from your ascendant, Moon and from all the other natal planets.
  • Your learnings from this transit
  • Suggestions & how to use this transit to your advantage
  • Special remedies are available for Rahu & Ketu to come out unscathed from their effects. They also help to optimize results when opportunities are clearly in sight due to this transit. Getting special dates would be beneficial in such cases.

It may serve us well to understand what these planets have to bring in our life than repent later.

Rahu Ketu transit report

Effects of Rahu & Ketu on your life

Rahu Ketu with dates

Effects of Rahu Ketu on your life with dates

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