Shadows & Mirrors Game of Rahu Ketu: Unexpected changes in life ahead

Shadows & Mirrors Game of Rahu Ketu: Unexpected changes in life ahead

In your horoscope, Rahu is transiting in Gemini and Ketu in Sagittarius. This address of Rahu & Ketu - the dragons’ head and tail is going to last till 23rd September 2020 in your chart. And what a period it has been since March 2019 with so many unexpected events & new equations all over the world. To help you understand, lets take you back to 2000-2002 when Rahu - Ketu were last in Gemini & Sagittarius. That transit saw the 9/11 tragedy, one of the most critical post world war events that changed the world and our lives forever. Once again, the onerous changes were visible on the world platform with the crisis brewing in the middle-east with Iran, the general election result in India that swung midway in favor of the BJP leader Narendra Modi changing India, US positioned trade war with China & the rest of the world changing the world trade equations and in sports the Cricket World Cup & Wimbledon giving sudden unexpected results. The common thread in all that’s happening around us is a sudden unexpected change.

How this affects You? Rahu & Ketu are now in their exaltation position, which means the changes on the world stage will mirror in your life; & life as we know will definitely transform over the next 14 months. Due to the strength of Rahu-Ketu this time, the changes would also be strong & unexpected, yet so gradual that we will realize a change has come much after your life has already transformed. Relationships, career, family, money or health, depending on what Rahu-Ketu influences in your horoscope.

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Rahu-Ketu Transit Reading

The changes described above, if understood in time, can be used to your advantage. We prepare a unique Rahu - Ketu Transit reading that helps evaluate your personal universe and identify the segment of your life that could change & clues on what to expect & plan for. This reading would cover the forecast, dates, timing of events, evaluation of opportunity in these new times all calculated totally customized to your birth chart. We also try & offer some suggestions & remedies to handle these changes too, in this report. You can also ask ONE specific question you may have.

Contents of Rahu & Ketu transit reading:

  • Your Rahu-Ketu Transit reading would cover all effects of this significant transit period till September 2020. The result of Rahu & Ketu transit would be analysed from your ascendant, Moon and from all the other natal planets.
  • Your learnings from this transit
  • Suggestions & how to use this transit to your advantage
  • Special remedies are available for Rahu & Ketu to come out unscathed from their effect. They also help to optimize results when opportunities are clearly in sight due to this transit. Getting special dates would be beneficial in such cases.

It may serve us well to understand what these planets have to bring in our life than repent later.

Rahu Ketu Transit Reading

Effects of Rahu Ketu on your life

Rahu Ketu Transit with dates

Effects of Rahu Ketu on your life with dates

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