Jupiter's amazing journey over the next 365 days & your life ahead

Jupiter's amazing journey over the next 365 days & your life ahead

Jupiter is the greatest benefactor in your horoscope. Even when weak in the chart, it is the 'giver' planet of the highest order. The givings of Jupiter however, vary as per the various stages of its transit in its orbit and how that influences your chart. The upcoming period of Jupiter is laced with great surprises and marks a Jupiter cycle that is strangely different and complex. Such a level of Jupiter cycle is seen only once in 25-30 years.

Jupiter will start its direct movement - a progressive run from August 11, when it will start showering its results in quick succession and life would appear moving strongly for you. In the forward motion, it will step into Sagittarius on November 4, the sign ruled by Jupiter itself and a placement of strength for it, where it is very comfortable sitting and blessing you.

But this is not all ! The very Jupiter will move swiftly from March end , 2020 and venture into next sign of Capricorn, where it is inherently weak to give its benefits. And then unceremoniously, it will fall back into Sagittarius again on June 30, 2020 while moving backwards in retrogression.

This back & forth movement of Jupiter will call for a careful analysis of scrutiny of results, which we plan doing in our exclusive 365 days Jupiter Transit Reading. This reading will aim to pick out the periods of opportunities when matters seem to be going rather slow or negative and the other way round.  

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Benefits of Jupiter 365 days Transit Reading
  • Jupiter will not just be transiting many signs but also traversing various different nakshatras (constellations) in the coming 365 days from August 11 onwards. The results of the same will be very uniquely captured in this special reading for you.
  • Jupiter will move with varying speed during this one year cycle, bringing many ups and downs in the results also. It will be undergoing yet another cycle of retrogression in the summer of 2020. The result of all of these stages of Jupiter transit will be covered in the reading.
  • Time periods of expecting positive results and opportunities will be earmarked
  • You can take the part with lucky dates too
  • This is an opportunity to ask your ONE specific question as well with the reading.

Jupiter 365 Days Transit Reading

Jupiter Transit Results for you over the next 365 days

Jupiter 365 Days Transit Reading + lucky dates

Jupiter transit reading with lucky dates

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