Relationship Analysis Report

Relationship Analysis Report


Compatibility is the key to the success of a love partnership

It is amazing when a couple makes it to their Golden Anniversary with a bond that has been fortified with love and respect over the years. Looking at such couples, we might wonder, what makes relationships work and for so long?

The fact is, if two people are mentally, emotionally, intellectually, physically, or sexually compatible, the relationship is likely to last even if things don’t seem perfect to start with.

Vedic astrology can assess the compatibility of a couple by analyzing their birth charts. It also sheds light on other facets because the equation between the couple or the love partnership also affects in different ways other aspects of life like luck, family, status, happiness, health, longevity, prosperity, and parenthood, to name a few.

How does the Relationship Analysis Report work?

Our Vedic astrologer will prepare this report with the help of the twin features – ‘Asht Koot Milan’ - a traditional analysis that involves Kundli Matching, by comparing eight ‘Gunas’ (an attribute of nature) - and a unique Planet-based Matching.

The Planet-based Matching involves analyzing the planets in each individual’s charts:

  • Sun and Moon to assess soul-matching & mental-matching of the couple.
  • Venus to assess the degree of love & affection for each other.
  • Mercury to assess intellectual compatibility.
  • Jupiter to assess the degree of wisdom & spirituality in each partner & the compatibility between them in these respects.
  • Saturn is studied to assess the exchange of vitality & support to each other.

The report will also study:

  • The Rasi in each partner’s chart to particularly assess emotional & mental compatibility.
  • The possibility of children, measured through Beeja Sphuta (the seed) from the male chart and Kshetra Sphuta (the field) from the female chart.
  • Values and instincts similarity through the Lagna (the rising sign) in each individual’s chart.

Benefits of the Report

  • Provides an insight into the wisdom the partners bring to the relationship; mental compatibility & sensitivity towards the partner.
  • Reveals if the partners are physically & sexually compatible; if they can meet each other’s desires.
  • Analyzes their social compatibility, i.e., how they come across as a couple to others in society.
  • Studies if the partners’ instincts & value systems match.
  • Reveals whether the partners are bonded by true love and affection, or whether their relationship is a matter of functional convenience.
  • Reveals whether the partners are friends, lovers or spouses.
  • Analyzes whether there is mutual respect in the relationship.
  • Analyzes the longevity of the partners and the length of the relationship.
  • Analyzes how the relationship affects the luck of the couple, together & individually.
  • Reveals if the couple will have children.
  • Studies how the relationship affects the health of the individuals in the relationship.
  • Reveals whether the relationship brings material benefits & financial luck to either one or both the partners.
  • Assesses how the relationship affects the professional journeys and growth of the partners.
  • Assesses the effects of relationship on family, status, happiness, & prosperity for each individual.
  • Highlights chances of major ego clashes, competition & conflicts within the relationship so you can be prepared.


Helpful Tips:

  • Wisdom, mental compatibility & sensitivity towards each other.
  • Physical & sexual compatibility: if you can meet each other’s desires.
  • Nature of your relationship - friends, lovers or spouses?
  • Social compatibility, i.e., how you come across as a couple to others in society.
  • A match of instincts & value systems.
  • Mutual respect.
  • Children.
  • Material benefits & luck (general, professional, wealth, & financial) because of the partnership.
  • True love & affection OR functional convenience.
  • Potential of the relationship to last.
  • Longevity of the partners.
  • Affect on health of the partners because of being together.
  • Affect on family, status & happiness.

Report Size:

8 Pages