Career & Finance

Career Analysis Report

The career trends are forecast to know the ups and downs you may experience during your career span, along with the remedial measures to ... more

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Career Cartography

Locational Astrology works on finding out the country, city, region & direction from your birth or current location to understand how... more

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Career Forecast-Consultation / Career Questions

Put an end to your worries by reaching out to our Vedic Astrologers to have your career forecast. Get your career related issues sorted w... more

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Career Transit Report

Making most of the good times is essential to get ahead in career. Career Transit report gives trends ahead of time for us to take benefi... more

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Stock Market Analysis

The timing in making an investment in any stock is so important. This report tells you the better times or the auspicious timings to inve... more

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Business Partnership Analysis Report

Does partnership business suit both the personality types? What will be the life of the partnership and the compatibility and temperament... more

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Career Live Phone / Web Chat

Chat live with Pt. Punarvasu ji to discuss matters related with your career. He will work on your Vedic Chart to provide you with the ins... more

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Career Planner Report

Success comes at a destined time by finding your true calling. This power packed report helps you know those domains which are best suite... more

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Investment Portfolio Astrology Report – 1 and 2 years

Get your complete Investment Portfolio done to understand what kind of investments suit you, whether speculative trading is suitable to y... more

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Financial Status Report

This report reveals your financial status trends which have remained obscured all this while. Like the most suitable ways to earn money; ... more

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