Experiencing sudden lows and highs in your career? Want to know how your career graph & wealth profile will change in the times to come. Ever wondered if you are in the correct profession or is there some other mode of earning or a change of Industry you are seeking. But do not know who to confirm it with, before taking the plunge. Vedic Astrology, with its strong foundation in the Vedic principles and the planetary position influences will guide you through the turbulent times in your career and business. Get your readings like Career Analysis or get your Business Partnership deal analyzed by our expert Vedic Astrologers. We have many reports to choose from to suit your specific needs. When in doubt, ask specific question to our astrologer right away!

Career Analysis Report

The career trends are forecast to know the ups and downs you may experience during your career span, along with the remedial measures to avert them. This helps safeguard you against the imminent lows in the career. Recommendations are made for the most suitable areas of work and the mode of working.

Career Planner Report

Success comes at a destined time by finding your true calling. This power packed report helps you know those domains which are best suited for you. You even know the kind of people you would be working with and the tips to handle them to get ahead. In a nutshell, you can plan your career by getting this report done for you.

Career Transit Report

Making most of the good times is essential to get ahead in career. Career Transit report gives trends ahead of time for us to take benefit from when things are better and to avoid and sail thru such periods when the goings get tough. Take benefit of planetary transit effect in your chart now with this report.

Career Forecast-Consultation / Career Questions

Put an end to your worries by reaching out to our Vedic Astrologers to have your career forecast. Get your career related issues sorted with the remedial suggestions for you

Career Cartography

Locational Astrology works on finding out the country, city, region & direction from your birth or current location to understand how & where professional success would come about. So you would know whether you will find success at your birth location or at another place. Which country, city or direction would be suitable. The timing of such location & success is also derived for you

Business Partnership Analysis Report

Does partnership business suit both the personality types? What will be the life of the partnership and the compatibility and temperament for doing business. When working on a project together, the role of common fortune becomes essential to understand the success of project. This report gives you just that & more.

2016 Career Report

Get your yearly forecast on career with our power packed Career Report 2016. This will give you a month wise analysis of how your career would move during 2016. Predictions for good times, promotions with timings would be known to you. You will know the good and not so good times during this New Year and hence will be able to exercise caution accordingly

Career Live Phone / Web Chat

Chat live with Pt. Punarvasu ji to discuss matters related with your career. He will work on your Vedic Chart to provide you with the instant remedial measures. Be assured that he will, with his years of experience on Vedic Astrology behind him, will give you a patient hearing and then will work out solution / remedies, to help your issues sorted

Stock Market Analysis

The timing in making an investment in any stock is so important. This report tells you the better times or the auspicious timings to invest in stock market, as well the periods to avoid doing it. The industries suited as per your planetary positions are also derived for a better luck and for success in equity investment

Investment Portfolio Astrology Report – 1 and 2 years

Get your complete Investment Portfolio done to understand what kind of investments suit you, whether speculative trading is suitable to you and the areas and industries good for you. Your investment potential in the coming years is also derived

Financial Status Report 1, 2, 3, 5 and 10 years

This report reveals your financial status trends which have remained obscured all this while. Like the most suitable ways to earn money; areas of success; favourable investment and any bad combinations of planets which may be holding back your financial inflows

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  • "Thank you Pt. Punarvasu. Your forecast on my Career Analysis is bang on. I wish I had this earlier! Thanks for suggesting that I should continue at my current workplace for next six months before taking up any new job. It worked and I am promoted."
    Ajay (India)


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