Your Finance Outlook for next 12 months

Your Finance Outlook for next 12 months

The current status of life indicates a sense of uncertainty to be ruling in the coming some time. The importance of finances in such situations truly becomes paramount. In order to be secure, finances need to be stable. But is that going to be the case like in the next few months? The answer to this lies in the financial trigger rooted in deep retrogression of 4 key planets, namely Saturn, Venus, Jupiter and Pluto.

While Saturn is the karka (indicator) of profession, Venus denotes the overall luxury, comforts and all that money can . While Jupiter governs overall growth & progress in life. Pluto is known to bring in sudden transformations.

The retrogression of such key players from 11th May lasting till 28th September indicates clear changes in life that would not be entirely expected. 

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The Finance Reading for 1 year

  • The reading would put the spotlight on to these planetary phenomena to dig out the effects on your financial status over the next 12 months.
  • This reading would decode the suggested areas that would need help to grow.
  •  How your efforts on the short term goals would help you steer clear of problem areas and give you a smooth sailing.
  • You can also ask ONE specific question with this reading.

Finance Reading for 1 Year

Your financial outlook for next 12 months

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