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What is Business Partnership Analysis Report?
A business partnership analysis report, as the name suggests studies the potential of a partnership in carrying out a successful business venture. It sometime so happens that a very well running business may start floundering as it enters into partnership. On the other hand, a week enterprise may show sign of tremendous growth as others join in the business as partners. This so depends on the joint luck & fortune of the business partners and that’s what a Business Partnership Analysis Report studies.
How is it prepared?
The Vedic Astrologer will prepare a compatibility card based on the birth chart information of the involved partners in a business. It will tell us if the partnership module will suit the venture in long term or not.

How does a Business Partnership Analysis report help you?
It will deliver the following for you:

  • The overall compatibility of the two partners working together on a project
  • Would the similar luck pattern would operate in future to ensure that you would be working together on a long term basis.
  •  Does the partnership business suit both or all partners at the same time.
  • Temperament compatibility with each other.
  •  Instincts and reactions to various situations to ensure comfort level in the business.
  • An analysis of personalities to decide which person should hold the stable parts and which person is good for promotional & interactive part of the business.
You can order your Business Partnership Analysis Report to draw out conclusive information on your Business project's health now.

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