Astrology Consultation

Live Chat with Astrologer

During a web chat session with astrologer, you can describe your issue well. You can discuss more than one issue with the astrologer. more

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Call Astrologer

You can request for the consultation session with the astrologer. Generally, the session is arranged within the next 24 to 48 hours durin... more

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Urgent Questions

Whenever you find yourself too much embroiled in matters of life pertaining to love, marriage, health, career, job, business or just abou... more

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Specific Matters-Consultation

Specific Matters Consultation can give you an experience similar to meeting a Personal astrologer to ask a a combination of questions. more

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Love / Marriage/Compatibility-Consultation

An exciting love-life and compatible relationship are vital to life’s joy and peace of mind. more

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Medical Astrology-Consultation

Medical Astrology is a very advanced field of Vedic astrology practiced since the time of seers and saints. more

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