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2022 Reports

2022 Horoscope Reading

The planetary environment of 2022 sees major changes and planetary shifts, all of which will bring myriad impacts on every individual. more

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2022 Career & Financial Fortune Reading

One thing is certain that in the coming year, the reward mechanism will have a direct linkage with the efforts you make. The efforts may ... more

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2022 Love & Marriage Destiny

The planetary transits of 2022 are auguring well for love life & relationships. They are redefining the dynamics of your horoscope. more

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2022 Career Status

Professional life cannot be uni- dimensional. Your career is a kaleidoscope of trends & periods which, due to changes in the planetar... more

2022 Dasa Interpretation reading

The dynamics of a birth chart undergo a major change when a new dasa commences. Dasa System is exclusive to Vedic Astrology. It is the mo... more