Gemstone Reading

Gemstone is one of the most known methods used as an Astrological remedy. A very few people know that gemstones are not a Vedic form of remedy but it is a system that came from the middle east to India. The system has been in use so long that the Vedic astrology has added gemstones too in its melting pot.

A good astrologer would always share a word of caution about Gemstones. Since gemstones can both be  beneficial as well as catastrophic depending upon the placement of planets & ownership of houses in your birth chart. The same gemstone with the right quality & size can bring amazing luck to a person while it could be destructive to another with a different horoscope.

You can get Pt. Punarvasu to scan your chart for the beneficial gemstones as per the natal position of planets in your horoscope. This unique report covers not only the beneficial gemstones but also the areas that they will enhance. Further a never explained feature is the negative list of gemstones, i.e., the stones which should not be worn due to the possible ill effects.

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You could request the report to get:
  •     All favorable gemstones
  •     Recommended gemstones to overcome career, personal life, love or health problems.
  •     All gemstones which should not be worn due to likely chances of ill effect or backfire of  fortunes.
  • USD 30 / Rs.1800
USD 30 / Rs.1800

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