Jupiter & Saturn, Rahu and Ketu Report

Jupiter & Saturn, Rahu and Ketu Report

    What is the Jupiter-Saturn and Rahu-Ketu Report?

    The Jupiter-Saturn and Rahu-Ketu Report will predict your future based on the transit strength of Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu in your birth chart. In Vedic Astrology, it is possible to predict life events by calculating position and transits (or movement) of planets in zodiac system. All planets complete their revolutions around the Sun in different time periods, depending upon their size and distance from the Sun. For instance, Saturn makes one complete revolution in 29 to 30 years, while Jupiter takes 12 years to complete one cycle.
    Transits of the key planets namely – Saturn & Jupiter and Rahu & Ketu have special significance in Vedic Astrology as their results are quite pronounced. Jupiter is known to be bring abundance, luck, fulfillment of hopes and wishes in life. Saturn, on the other hand, teaches us the value of discipline and planning & structuring in whichever area of our life it touches upon, often accompanied by themes of loss and suffering, but that’s not always the case like. Along with these, Vedic Astrology considers the 2 shadowy planets - Rahu and Ketu. These are the nodal points where the orbits of Earth and Moon cross each other. They are known to be harbingers of important changes in life.

    How this report is prepared?

    Our expert Vedic Astrologer will use ancient Vedic principles and modern predictive tools to analyze the current placement of Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu in your birth chart in relation to your Moon sign, Rising sign, Zodiac sign and other natal planets. All major life predictions related to love, career, business, health, travel, education, etc. will be made on both the physical and mental levels of experience, so you would know what changes will happen outside and how will you experience them inside.

    How to go about it?

    To get this report, you will just have to give us your birth details, i.e. date, time and place of birth. After that, our expert Vedic astrologer will prepare your birth chart and calculate transits of major planets – Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu in your birth chart, basis which accurate and reliable future predictions will be made for your life.

    Jupiter & Saturn are 2 key planets with very profound results & changes which last long in life. Rahu & Ketu are too known to bring about sudden changes in life. Get your horoscope analyzed to understand how your life stands affected by the deep routed changes of these 4 products. 

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