Bhadra Yoga Analysis

Bhadra Yoga Analysis


Great Strategic Skills & Analytical Power; Excellent Orator

Bhadra Yoga is formed by the exceptional strength of Mercury. It is formed when Mercury is either in your 1st (ascendant), 4th, 7th or 10th house and is in great strength, i.e., it is in its own house of Gemini or Virgo or in its exaltation sign of Virgo.

A yoga is Vedic Astrology’s unique method of calculating some outstanding planetary positions and combinations where the Sum of the effect of those planets is more than the Parts that add up to form the yoga. Whether they are beneficial or maleficent, depending on the natal chart of the person where they reside, a yoga confers some unique and powerful results.

Bhadra yoga is also known as a Maha Purush (Exceptional Human Being) Yoga and is found in the birth chart of only a few fortunate people. It is one of the 5 powerful planetary combinations acknowledged in Vedic Scriptures which create Maha Purush Yoga, that makes one stand apart from the crowd and very distinguished.

How does Bhadra Yoga shape your life?

  • Bhadra Yoga in your horoscope blesses you with success, excellent strategic skills and analytical power.
  • Bhadra Yoga confers good wealth, makes you affectionate, social and popular.
  • It also makes you an excellent orator.
  • It makes you extremely strong, blesses you with an impressive face and a unique physique.
  • It also makes you gentle and humble.
  • It can bless you with positive results in different avenues like business, creative field, mass media, law, politics, etc.

Some famous personalities with Bhadra Yoga in their horoscope

  • Manmohan Singh (Economist & 13th Prime Minister of India)
  • Elon Musk (South African-born American Industrial Engineer & Entrepreneur)
  • Mother Teresa (Also known as Saint Teresa of Calcutta, Albanian-Indian Roman Catholic Nun)
  • Kareena Kapoor (Indian Actor)


How can you amplify the benefits of this Yoga?

This is a positive yoga and gives you the ability to overcome challenges and difficulties in life. To amplify the positive effects of this yoga, you can take the following steps:

  • Believe in yourself and in your outstanding mental ability.
  • You need to use your analytical power and focus on your desired goal.

Benefits of Bhadra Yoga Report

  • Analyse the exact location and strength of Bhadra Yoga in your horoscope to understand those aspects of your life that have been strengthened by this yoga, so you can use that strength to your advantage.
  • Understand the strength & timing of effects over the next 5 years.
  • Excess power brings some flaws also; the report will help you identify the flaws and work around those.
  • In case negative planets hold back the effects of this yoga, the report will help you find a way around such blocks.
  • Remedies to mitigate challenges.

Helpful Tips:

  • Analyze the strength of Bhadra Yoga in your horoscope.
  • Get strength & timing of effects over the next 5 years.
  • Guidance on actions you should take & avoid, to enhance good effects.
  • In case any negative planets have held back the results, method to overcome that.

Report Size:

12 Pages