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Freewill Astrology & Karma Correction


Three Simple Freewill Steps to Success & Happiness


Absence of Light is Darkness and Absence of Heat is Cold. Similarly, poor luck is just the absence of divine grace of planets for you and this is where the theory of Karma Correction comes in.

How does Karma & Fortune get triggered?

  • Many a time a lucky/positive event OR an unlucky/negative event gets triggered off with a life event. Example: Marriage, birth of a child/sibling, buying a house, moving cities or jobs triggers your luck, for the better or worse. The knowledge and control of such events form the crux of Karma Correction & Freewill you can exercise to regulate your destiny.
  • Your actions trigger your destiny which are the Freewill part of Astrology that you can exercise to influence your life.
  • Your horoscope carries clues to Freewill and what you can do to create fortune or avoid misfortune. The triggers are provided by means of relationships formed between planets of your own horoscope, combined with past life and current life Karma.

What are the Three Steps to Karma Correction?

  1. Analysis of Your Birth Chart: Holds the key to locating good & bad luck triggers that bring major progress at work, finding fame, higher income, luxuries in life, bad health, fall from grace, failures at work, & even shortened life span, etc.
  2. Karma Correction action trigger recommendations: Suggest Freewill actions to be carried out OR to avoid certain actions in life. For example: In some cases marriage is the key to luck while in some other cases marriage could be the reason for bad luck. Our advice could range from suggesting relocation from your home country, getting married, shifting from your current line of work to changing your home, getting out of a relationship, finding a mentor, etc.
  3. Remedies & Spiritual changes: Some Vedic traditions & actions that will bring you in harmony with the universe and take away friction & discord that hinder your fortune.

Benefits of the Karma Correction & Remedy Report

  • Detailed review of your birth chart to find Karmic Triggers.
  • Advise use of Freewill in areas that will enhance your luck or reduce the likely bad luck.
  • Cover Vedic remedies to fix planets that are not favourable in your horoscope & add power to planets where possible.
  • Some spiritual suggestions to align your Karma better.


Helpful Tips:

  • Detailed review of birth chart to find Karmic Triggers.
  • Advise use of Freewill in areas that will enhance your luck or reduce ill-effects.
  • Vedic remedies to fix or empower planets in your chart.
  • Spiritual suggestions to align your Karma better.

Report Size:

12 Pages