Indu Lagna & Dhan Yoga

Indu Lagna & Dhan Yoga

What is Indu Lagna?

In astrology, a great importance has been attached to the rising sign - the lagna or the ascendant. As your ascendant reveals a great deal of information about you, similarly Indu Lagna is a special Lagna that is an ascendant for wealth and helps us assess the wealth potential of a person. It is the zodiac sign calculated in your horoscope which in association of other planets can make you a billionaire in the dasa/ antar dasa of those planets and the Indu Lagna Lord.

It is rightly said that the wealth creation is subservient to taking logical steps at the time supported by your stars. In Vedic parlance, it is the ‘dasa’ period & the transit of the planets connecting with your ‘Indu Lagna’. - the sensitive point in your horoscope that is specific to your wealth and prosperity. It is an exclusive Vedic tool devised by ancient sages for scrutinizing the levels and periods of prosperity in your horoscope.

Indu Lagna - the source & time of generation of wealth

The source of your wealth is coded in your horoscope and is indicated by Indu Lagna. It could be investments, business, job, real estate, creative power or plain ability to communicate and impress others. An unblemished planet in the Indu Lagna, the sign where your Indu Lagna is located, can make one a multi-millionaire and when several planets associate with Indu Lagna, high financial status is granted during the dasa & antar dasa ( main & sub period) of those planets. Further, the Dhan Yogas (wealth generating combination) reckoned from Indu Lagna grant prosperity in their periods. Not assessing wealth from Indu Lagna can be highly misleading. There are horoscopes which do not look promising enough unless analysis is not combined with Indu Lagna

Indu Lagna & Dhan Yoga reading
This report will help unlock the ways as well as the timing when you would reach your true potential of wealth & prosperity

  • The report would cover your potential of garnering wealth and the timing/age beyond or upto which your income flow would be positive.
  • Sources of money flow and areas in which work should be done to accumulate wealth are also arrived at.
  • Your success in investments and the periods of highs & lows will also be made known.
  • Along with this, financial overview and forecast for upto 15 years will be covered.

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