Career Web Chat Consultation with Pt. Punarvasu

Career Web Chat Consultation with Pt. Punarvasu

What is live Chat/ Telephonic Consultation?

There’s no match to interacting directly with a Vedic expert on career related issues. Our Vedic experts are highly experienced in solving issues related to Career. Here, the expert reads your horoscope and analyzes the reasons behind your specific Career issues and gives you the time by when they seem to ease out in your life. He even suggests Astrological Remedies as & when needed.

Why Career Consultation with an Astrologer?
We prepare some of the most powerful Career & Finance reports for our patrons. They are the most ordered reports as well with us. However, we would like to humbly submit that a reading represents an astrologer’s view point. For high priority matters one may find great benefit in direct interaction with the Vedic expert. It is just like meeting a doctor personally to explain your specific concerns and get the remedies accordingly.

Patrons have consulted directly with our Astrologers on Career Issues including  –
  • A troubling boss or colleague
  • Stuck in a bad job
  • Hurdles in promotion & increment
  • Not a well paying job
  • Having little luck in finding a new job
  • Issues with Career growth
  • Feeling stuck & stagnated in present job
  • Change of Career stream

How to go about it?
Our Live Astrology services of Phone/ Web/Video Chats allow you to consult the expert & experienced Astrologers on a real time basis from the comfort of your home. This also gives you the feeling of meeting the Astrologer live with your matters maintaining their confidentiality as well. You can just go ahead and book an appointment with Pt. Punarvasu for a telephone consultation or Web Chat session. You may book an appointment with Pt. Onkar Nath also for an Internet Chat or Phone Consultation. While booking the appointment, please suggest or confirm the time suitable to you as to when you want the session to be scheduled with the Astrologer.

Web Chat Consultation

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