Sun Fortune Reading

Sun Fortune Reading


Sun is your ‘lucky’ planet ! A forceful Sun in the horoscope is a matter of great fortune. Your dignity, status and honour in this life time stem from Sun & its strength in your chart. A strong Sun in your horoscope makes others see you as a natural leader and a person in the thick of things and mostly ahead of others.

Sun is your self confidence giving you the position of authority in most aspects of life, be it the personal matters or the professional world. On one hand, Sun is shaping up your personality and at the same time, you would be able to push ahead of others with much solidity as & when the Vedic periods of influence of Sun (dasha periods) operate in your life.

Sun in your Horoscope

During the Sun’s period in your life, you will reap the positive results of Sun - the power & favour from people in authority & power circuit, the support from your father or father figure, buoyancy in health, wealth and great name for yourself. Having Sun in 10th house would give you a strong sense of purpose & duty. Managing power & position would come naturally to you at work as well as in public life. You are likely to get the backing of people with political power or king makers. While Sun in 3rd house or other benefic positions for Sun - in 9th house or 12th house grant varied benefits in consideration with the overall strength of the chart and help you rise to great heights in your profession.

Helpful Tips:

  • Analyze the results & process that energizes Sun in your horoscope.
  • It will cover your special traits that need to be honed and polished to help you further realize the potential.
  • Timing of events and periods of effectiveness of Sun over the next 2,5,10 or 15 years would be covered too.
  • Remedies to further empower Sun.

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