Child Astrology

Child Astrology


For a parent, having a child is one of the greatest blessings in the world. Bringing them up is as much an adventure as it is a mystery. The question that goes inside every parent's head is "How will my child turn out to be?" This is where the Child Astrology report becomes relevant.

For years, Indastro has provided expert astrology readings that have benefited people from around the world. Parents have been able to identify their child's talent in a better way, thanks to this novel report. They have been able to gain knowledge about their child's general luck or their ability to bring prosperity into the family's life.


Insights about the Child Astrology Report:

It is a comprehensive and detailed look into the future of your child.

  • Decoding almost all the events that will shape their lives can be a stress buster, especially for the first-time parents.
  • The report makes sure to clue you into the little details of your child's overall personality, the areas in which they can show growth, and almost all the challenges that they might face as they grow up into adults.
  • The Child Astrology report can be a helpful guide because it can also foresee important health-related issues that your child might face.
  • Knowing about the potentials, challenges, and karmic chakras of your child can help you as a parent to lead them in their way to success and life-affirming happiness.

Since Astrology helps you know about more than just planets, the report also offers you an auspicious letter for the naming of your child. Since the phonetic or sound system of the vocal tract is closely related to the major planets, calling your child by the right name can expand the potential of success and luck in their life and yours.

How is this report prepared?

Date, time, and place of birth have always played a crucial role in Astrology. As far as the Child Astrology report is concerned these elements are essential. Our expert Vedic Astrologer takes up these elements into consideration before a birth chart for the child is prepared.

  • The Astrologer then chalks out all the possible planetary positions and combinations that existed during the child’s birth and puts them down under the favourable and unfavourable categories.
  • This forms the crux of the report that is further elaborated according to predictive methods that are applied to understand the child and the family.

Helpful Tips:

  • A detailed look into the child's future with all possible events that will shape their life.
  • Knowledge about their interests and hobbies and areas that will help them grow into better human beings.
  • Health-related attributes that will help their parents to foresee any future complications.
  • Predictions about education, marriage, and career-related concerns.
  • Includes Lucky name/letter for the name of your child

Report Size:

12 Pages