Child Astrology

Child Astrology

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What is Child Astrology Report?
Child Astrology Report is a comprehensive report that makes you look into the future of your child. It decodes landmark events, areas of growth and challenges in future, and most importantly health of your newborn child. It also predicts the general luck and happiness the child will bring to the parents and family. Since the effect of major planets closely correlates with the phonetic or sound system of the vocal tract, this report will also feature the right and auspicious letter with which you should begin the name of your child for maximum luck and happiness in life.

How is this report prepared?
Using the date, time and place of birth of the child, our expert Vedic Astrologer will prepare a birth chart of your child. After that, he will look into all the favorable as well as unfavorable planetary positions and combinations that existed during the birth. Based on these, future predictions for your child as well as for the family will be made.

How will this report benefit you?
Child Astrology report will review the strength of the horoscope of your child and on that basis the overall luck.  It will also read the favorable and unfavorable planetary aspects in the birth chart of your child. You can use the strong points of his birth chart to make the best use of opportunities, and brace yourself and protect your child during difficult times.

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Basic Child Astrology Report

Covers characteristics, career, health, money, luck for family and other considerations.

Detailed Child Horoscope Report

Covers detailed analysis of all planets and houses. Predictions for the entire life. Good areas for career/ education.

Progeny Prospect Reading

There are areas in which Medical Science may not provide you the much needed answers. Vedic Astrology can fill out this deficit! Progeny Astrology is one such area. Indastro’s Progeny Prospects report can be your answer to the questions & problems related with child birth.

Birth Time Selection Service

You can choose an auspicious time for birth of a child. This will be possible in case of Ceaserean / C-section delivery and induced births.

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