Health Profile/ Medical Astrology Report

Health Profile/ Medical Astrology Report


Your Health Profiling with medical astrology techniques

Keeping a good health is what everyone desires. The effect of planets on health is a well known fact. Medical astrology can be effective in decoding the status of your health. How robust is your system and are there some specific areas of concern which you must know.

How is Your Horoscope the Key to Your Health?

  • Your rising sign, ascendant as well as ascendant lord are the most important aspects which decide how healthy you are born and how you would maintain your health throughout your life. Besides this the dasa pattern also ensures the timeline when you are likely to encounter some diseases and how you would cope up through those periods.
  • The disease as well as recovery points are embedded in your horoscope itself. The transit of planets also play their key role. A malefic planet transiting over your ascendant or an already afflicted area of your chart would denote the time period of distress. Similarly, the psychological ill health can be indicated by the nearness of transiting Saturn on your Moon and Sun.

Helpful Tips:

  • Your general constitution & basic health
  • Combinations that cause ailments and hold back good health
  • Ways to keep the ailments away or under check
  • Detailed reading during next one year
  • Health outlook in the coming 10 years.

Report Size:

12 Pages