What will my Life Partner be Like

What Will My Life Partner Be Like?


This report is one of the best sellers on our site as the predictions about your life partner given in this report are highly accurate and prepared using ancient Vedic principles.

This is a special love/marriage report that tells you all about your future love partner/spouse, including their physical attributes, overall personality, psychological outlook, intellectual level, and many more exciting things.

How is this Report Prepared?

  • Vedic astrology claims that the ‘one’ meant for you is predestined, including when and how you will meet each other.
  • To look into marriage and relationship prospects, Vedic Astrology analyses the 7th house in your horoscope along with the strength of the planet of love and romance - Venus - and the planet of luck and abundance - Jupiter.
  • The sub divisional chart, Navamsa, is also studied to reveal the description of your life partner.

Benefits of this Report

  • If you are single, you will discover about the kind of person destiny will bring to your life.
  • If you are already attached, it will reveal whether the person you are with is a part of your destiny or not.
  • This report will also feature other interesting things like the description of your love nature, the kind of people you get attracted to, the kind of relationship you are going to have, etc.
  • It also covers the chances of multiple relationships, if any.
  • In case there are disturbances in your love life, this report will give you practical astrological remedies. This would help address the ill-effects of planetary combinations that cause relationship failures on a cyclical basis.

Note: To get to know how your future partner/spouse will be like, Vedic Astrology will use your birth details, i.e., date, time and place of birth – for accuracy in predictions. Just in case, you do not know your accurate time of birth, you can opt for ‘Birthtime Rectification,’ an exclusive Indastro service through which we reverse engineer your accurate Birth time. You can also share with us a brief background about any past relationship in your life or any trouble you are facing in your current relationship, etc. This will help us customize your report with more precision.

Helpful Tips:

  • The report works best for people seeking love/life partner or going through a difficult phase in their current relationship.
  • You will get a handful of vital information about your prospective life partner.
  • Remedies if there are disturbances in your love or marital life.

Report Size:

12 Pages