Health Lifestyle Report

Health Lifestyle Report

The famous quote by David Tredinnick "Astrology is a useful diagnostic tool which enables us to see the strengths & weaknesses in a birth chart" truly sums up the significance of Medical astrology in helping mankind stay forewarned of the imminent diseases. David Tredinnick, the MP from the ruling Conservative Party of UK asserts that astrology offers self understanding to people and that he has studied astrology and healthcare for 20 years and wants astrology to be incorporated into medicine. He sees Astrology as a cure for UK's health crisis, as quoted in all mainline dailies In India and across the world.

Vedic wisdom teaches us that two things once lost are not regained again. One is 'life' & the other is 'health'. Human body is subject to two challenges when it comes to health - Genetics & DNA that we are born with & how we maintain & treat our body.

While genetics can't be controlled, we can surely control lifestyle & diet so that our body depreciates as little as possible. During our life we influence health with our lifestyle in various manners such as:

  • Our tendency to get stressed: Some of us create situations that magnify stress while others might be subject to stress as a matter of luck. However in both cases, the ability to ignore issues can help control stress better, leading to a better lifestyle.
  • Bad & untimely diet: We are what we eat. We all know that.
  • Exercise & how much we use our body: Too little or too much exercise has an adverse impact on health.

Despite these golden rules, we find that people are not able to live a healthy life. Also we see contradictions among people. We find people with comparatively simple diet & lifestyle suffer problems such as heart attacks, hypertension & diabetes while some compulsive abusers of body, eating rich food, heavy drinkers & smokers seem to flourish & have good health. The answer lies in a combination of genetics and planets that makes one prone to or immune to certain lifestyle illnesses.

To help you unravel your own body & the planetary mystery & chemistry, you can request for your Lifestyle Health Report.

This report would be prepared & analyzed by one of our expert Vedic astrologers & would cover:

  •     Your general state & strength of Health
  •     List of Lifestyle diseases that you should be cautious about.
  •     Steps to guard against such diseases
  •     Astrological Remedies for better Health

You can request this very useful report to help understand your health & its connection with your Horoscope & Lifestyle

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