Adhi Yoga & its significance
‘Adhi’ means ‘first’ or ‘the beginning of good’. No wonder that the natives born with Adhi Yoga have the beginning of a great phase in their life where they prosper financially and socially both. It also indicates that they are pioneer or a leader in their own field. The results of Adhi Yoga generally manifest during the dasa period of any of the three benefic planets namely - Jupiter, Venus and Mercury.

Adhi Yoga, or a very lucky Vedic Combination is formed in a birth chart when the 3 benefic planets – Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are in the 6th, 7th or 8th house from the Moon. The presence of this special Yoga signifies a happy and lucky phase in your life, the time when you would observe a steady rise in your leadership position in all spheres including financial, social and at your work place. This Yoga uplifts your life majorly by bringing in untold riches, rise in position, better ability to inspire trust & respect in others. It also leads to a substantial increase in benign and philanthropic nature.  

Bill Gates of Microsoft is the most fitting example of Adhi Yoga in a horoscope. He has perfect Adhi Yoga in his natal chart & has been enjoying the complete results of Adhi Yoga in his lifetime starting with his meteoric rise in profession to the lasting success of his business empire. This, along with his phenomenal goodwill and philanthropic activities has made him into a highly respected person across the globe. Such is the power of a Adhi Yoga! When it manifests, your quality of life, your social rise and financial prosperity are at their peak.    

Benefits of Adhi Yoga Reading:
The effects of Adhi Yoga on your destiny will manifest at various points in your life, depending upon the strength of the planets involved, the running of dasa and antardasa (major-minor period). Thus you should know when your good period begins and how you tap the excellent opportunities coming up during those phases fully to achieve optimum financial and career progress. Adhi Yoga Report would do the following for you:
  • Full results of Adhi Yoga and how it forms in your horoscope.
  • Map out the high opportunity time periods
  • Description of opportunities that would come along  
  • Best methods & approach to gain from this combination.
  • Some high intensity special dates & suggestions for your benefit.


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