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A strong mind depicts optimism and can-do attitude. It is the Moon in your horoscope that signifies your mind & attitude more than any other planet in your horoscope. Vedic scriptures adjudge Moon to be the CPU of human brain, the originator of all thoughts, emotions and expressions. You perceive all life experiences through Moon. Being the closest to mother earth, Moon affects your mind and rules over your emotions & reactions. There is no better situation than to have a well placed Moon for mental strength to survive all odds in life. Strong Moon gives you the winning attitude, apt temperament, a positive state of mind, name & fame, facial luster and affluence. Moon is the significator of mind. It rules over your emotions, reactions and ability to turn the situation either to your advantage or lose it.

Certain specific positions of Moon are considered lucky. Like the 10th house Moon is superb in lending a flexible attitude to work and 4th house Moon gives you a great state of mind and all life comforts and happiness.   

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The Moon Fortune Reading would cover the following for you:
  • Strength of Moon in your horoscope
  • Areas which are being ruled by Moon and are positively influenced by it
  • The result of powerful Moon
  • When the results will manifest in your life
  • Some suggestions to hold on to your luck
  • Vedic remedies if required to optimize the benefits of Moon in your horoscope and to bring down the negative forces in your chart.
  • You can ask ONE specific question also.
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