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What is Co Destiny?

Ever wondered if the good fortune and luck you are enjoying is due to your own karma or you are getting the benefits of somebody else's destiny! Also, whether any hurdles you had experienced in past were because of you or the karma of a person close to you, that is rubbing off on you. The fortunes do seem to change for good or worse as you seem to share your life with others. Our birth charts can clearly explain such destiny triggers in our lives - the rub off effect of birth chart of the persons we share our lives with on us. The destinies or fortunes of people related to each other are known to be interlinked and have either a positive or negative effect on their fortunes depending on which direction the luck is flowing. This is what we call as the Co destiny effect. Co destiny is defined as the combined effects of sharing our lives with the people we live with.

How is Co Destiny Reading prepared?
The experienced Vedic Astrologer will study your birth chart in detail. Your birth chart shows the past karma as well as the happiness / sorrow & gains / losses you have due to your various relationships that you have or are going to have in your life i.e. spouse, children, parents, foster parents, siblings, cousins, uncles- aunts, grandparents etc. Your birth chart explains in clear terms if your ‘status’ & position’ would go up or down after marriage.

Further, we see some people experiencing a meteoric rise in life after marriage or birth of a child (whether 1st, 2nd or 3rd child). Similarly there have been some setbacks too after marriages or child births.

Some relationships like a spouse, uncle or a sibling can bring in fantastic progress when working together while the reverse is the effect in the other cases. Inheritance & sudden windfall from parents, grandparents & even distant relations or friends come in for people due to co-destiny. If we are aware, we can use the destiny triggers to find gains as well as progress by emphasizing on the relationships that enhance our life & downplay those that would bring in challenges. These effects are decoded thru your natal chart.

What you should expect from your Co Destiny Reading?
An exclusive Co-Destiny Reading is prepared to help you get answers -

  • On who do you share your destiny with, or which out of those relationships enhances your destiny & where you are a giver.
  •  It will be a very useful & clear report covering the following categories: Spouse, children, Parents, sibling, cousin, uncle, aunt & friends.
  • This report will give your destiny quotient, where the luck is flowing & what are the useful time periods when the luck would rise due to the others.
  • Advices on how to enhance your fortune & remedies to fix these aspects are covered in this report.

This report is not available anywhere else in the world except May your co destiny bestow you with great fortune!

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