Anapha Yoga Reading

Moon rules over mind in Vedic astrology. Moon is strengthened when it is well supported by planets on either side of it in the horoscope. It uplifts the strength of the horoscope greatly when there are planets in the kendra (quadrants) from Moon. A happy Moon is the indicator of a calm sub conscious as well as abundance & material prosperity.

A benefic Yoga (planet combination) is caused when there are noble planets - Jupiter, Mercury and/or Venus behind Moon. It is known as Anapha Yoga.

The happy sub conscious and a well fortified Moon has a direct positive effect on your thinking pattern and the consequent actions. Having benefic planets near Moon especially 12th from Moon means luck carried in this life time by the virtue of past life karmas. The resultant effect in this life time is an exceptional mental strength, talent and ability which you would use well to create a social and professional network that you would gain from.

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Benefits of Anapha Yoga Reading

The special Anapha Yoga of Moon reading will cover the effects of this Yoga and what it brings to you and the key times in your life when this Yoga will spin you into a new financial high. Vedic suggestions on strengthening the planets involved in this yoga by certain measures and remedies and precautions to preserve the good effects would be included. You can also ask ONE specific question with this reading.
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