Lagnadhi Yoga Analysis

Favourable and lucky 'Yogas' in a horoscope are reflective of its strength. A strong horoscope means a good quality of life, happiness, comfort and wealth to the native. One of such yogas is Lagnadhi Yoga. It is a very powerful Vedic combination. It bestows the native with the combined effect of benefic planets. The presence of this yoga is indicative of the strength of the horoscope.

The fortunate person who is born with this combination enjoys a steady rise in position - both professionally and financially. He is blessed with an inborn ability to inspire trust & respect in others.

How Lagnadhi Yoga is formed:

Lagnadhi Yoga is caused under the combined or individual influences of the benefactor planets namely Jupiter - the giver & fountainhead of wisdom, Venus - the planet of luxury & tact and Mercury - the planet of intellect & mind. The presence of this Yoga is the beginning of luck & happiness in life. The horoscope of Bill Gates has the promise of Lagnadhi Yoga that has been blessing him with luck, intelligence, financial success, benevolence & philanthropy.

Lagnadhi Yoga has effect on the destiny at various points in life, as & when Jupiter, Venus or Mercury influence in a combined form, in mahadasa, antardasa and pratyantar dasa. The special Lagnadhi Yoga Report would cover the exact results of this yoga on you and the special parts of your life which would benefit & get enhanced. Further, it will also cover the specific times of your life when Lagnadhi Yoga would manifest. A special feature would also cover methods of maximizing the results of Lagnadhi Yoga and remedies to empower it further.

Do order this report, since people born with Lagnadhi Yoga are sometimes too nice to their detriment. The reading would include some special Vedic tips to help you find the right means to utilize your best traits for success.

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