How is luck generated in a chart?
Some of us are just plain lucky, while others never seem to have it easy. They face struggle in all aspects of life. The roots of luck lie deep inside in your horoscope, as the 3 selective spots referred as Luck Tripod of a birth chart. These can provide an excellent Vedic explanation on why some of us are luckier than the others and the logic behind how luck is generated. 

Your luck & fortune actually rests on a very divine & mystical ‘tripod’ of three factors which are:

  • The first tripod - your action & efforts in this lifetime determines the quality of your karmas which in turn enhance your abilities & luck.
  • The second tripod - your past deeds & karmas from all previous lives plus the actions you have been taking till date in this lifetime.
  • The above two together is your chunk of good karmas, it grants you the quantum of luck in this lifetime. The third foot of this luck tripod rests on your spirituality, god's grace on you and the result of your good deeds.

Is luck "always by chance" or is it due to your own efforts & perseverance?
This mystical luck tripod could answer why people like Bill Clinton, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela bounced back from positions where everybody thought they are doomed. Why Indian legends like Amitabh Bachchan, once bankrupt, recaptured their glory & scale yet another pinnacle of their career? The Luck Tripod also can also reason out a rags-to-riches story!

Role of Luck Karma Reading

Luck Karma reading is a highly insightful & intuitive analysis that explains these 3 factors that generate luck in your horoscope. It describes your past actions & previous life effects leading to generation of luck in this life. The time periods when luck would get activated in your life and the factors that are holding back your luck. Vedic astrology's actual utility lies in understanding the ways & means to you can optimize the lucky periods and gains maximum during your favourvable time.  


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