Sunapha / Anapha Yoga - By Pt. Punarvasu

Some special placement of planets in a horoscope has the ability to magnify the results of individual planets into something out rightly phenomenal causing special Vedic Yogas. Formation of yoga in a horoscope is wondrous for the quality of life one leads. The horoscope of financially stable and well off people shows the promise of Sunapha / Anapha Yoga (a grand wealth combination). Like the horoscope of Indian business tycoon Mukesh Ambani explains his financial success in business due to presence of Sunapha / Anapha Yoga among other major yogas he has in his horoscope. Moon plays a key role in the accumulation of wealth in your life time. But Moon alone is not enough for it. The company of other good planets that Moon keeps also matters. These include Jupiter, Mercury and Venus from Moon in 2nd or 12th house that leads to a strong wealth generating combination, the Sunapha/ Anapha Yoga bestowing one with great fortunes. 

For if your horoscope reveals this combination, it will have an exceptional influence on your thinking and attitude to help you with exceptional talent, mental strength, ability to deal with people and the vision to create fortunes for yourself and even for the people blessed to be associated with you, like your family, employees, employers etc. Accumulating wealth & riches is impossible without this Yoga in a horoscope. Despite the simplicity of this yoga, it is a very rare & extremely effective planetary configuration for success in life.

Sunapha / Anapha Yoga Reading

Your Sunapha / Anapha Yoga Reading will cover the following:
  • The strength of this combination in your chart
  • The mutual connection between the houses along with the position of favorable planets – Jupiter that signifies wealth and Venus that denotes opulence and luxury to know how the wealth will accrue to you - through inheritance, business, past karma, real estate investment, etc.
  • The results of this exclusive wealth combination are tremendous. When this planetary combination would manifest in your life. That is the period of manifestation of effects would be covered.
  • What will be the intensity of its effects will be calculated from the strength of the Jupiter and Venus from Moon in your horoscope.
  • Further, the running of the appropriate dasa (the Vedic measure of timing of events) would decide when the effects of this  Yoga would manifest in your life & which period would be the most advantageous for you when you will experience the full effects of this wealth generating combination.
  • Special tips on how this combination would help you achieve your goals on wealth and happiness.
  • Suggestions on pitfalls to avoid & some remedies to maximize the good effects.


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