1. Amala Yoga
  2. Brings excellence & success at work
  3. Makes you well known & well respected in society

Amala Yoga
Yoga or the auspicious placement of planets is the key to leading a comfortable and successful life. Formation of a good and beneficial yoga in a chart is indicative of good deeds & past karma. The 10th house in a horoscope is very important. It is the house of profession and career. It’s the house of our karma. When a noble and beneficial planet sits in the 10th house, it results in lasting success, name and fame for the native due to the formation of Amala Yoga. This is a very auspicious yoga for the career and business progress. The few lucky ones born with Amala Yoga in their birth chart will achieve success in financial matters and will excel in almost every sphere of their life. This yoga changes the mental makeup of the person. He engages in the acts of charity and is known for his philanthropic activities apart from his success in the field of work and business. He is not just well known but is also well respected in society due to his acts of benevolence. This is over and above his good fortunes and financial strength.

Understanding Amala Yoga:

Amala Yoga is formed when a benefic planet - Venus, Mercury or Jupiter is placed in the 10th house from the ascendant or the Moon. These are the three noble planets which bestow positivity in the actions, promote good deeds and practices in all spheres of life. ‘You are defined by your actions’ - this holds true for natives born with Amala Yoga. They are the good doers. All their actions are guided by good moral practices. It brings them not just abundance in career but also earns them good reputation and a name for themselves. This in turn, harnesses good luck in profession and financial matters. The dasa and antar dasa of the planet sitting in the 10th house will be the time period when their luck would operate at the maximum level and the effects of the 10th house would come to the fore.

Amala Yoga Reading
The Amala Yoga reading prepared under the guidance of Pt. Punarvasu would have the following features:
  • The formation of Amala Yoga, participating planet/s
  • The effects & results of Amala Yoga
  • The timing of the good fortunes this yoga would bring to you.
  • The suggestions & possible actions that you should take to enhance the good effects.
  • Remedies & cautions to continue the good fortunes in life


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