Leo HoroscopeLeo Horoscope

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac, the most masculine and charismatic of all, fittingly symbolized by a Lion. When we look at the sky, the constellation of stars looks very much like a lion, the King of the jungle.

Leo is a fixed sign and its element is fire. The fire that ignites a Leo sign is a distinguished fire, full of direction and self-charged energy. The determined fire in Leo indicates that ideas and morals are so deeply rooted that they make a person assertive, confident, and risky and to an extent, a dare-devil.

Being the Lord of this sign, the Sun has special affinity with Leo. The placement of Sun in this sign makes the person brave, confident, kind, helpful and magnanimous.

Your personality emanates majestic vibes and a sense of power. Just like the Lion, you are competent, self-assertive, bold and ready to accept challenges without worrying too much about the consequences.

Lions cannot be possessed or controlled. Authority comes to them so naturally that they tend to dominate without even realizing. But on the other hand, Leo moons can be wonderful protectors.

Once someone accepts your supremacy or loves you unconditionally, you will act as their saviors.  If a Leo is accepted as a Godfather, then the native can go to any length to provide every form of security to their dependant. A feeling of superiority remains intact in them and they are quite happy about it. 

Leo moons are born actors

You think that this world is a stage and you are a great performer. Invariably, you will search for a stage in life where you can dramatically present yourself to the world. You have an inborn tendency to make your presence felt without putting any extra effort. Leos understand that this world is a stage and everybody has to play their role; so they play theirs to the hilt!

Leo moons are great inspirers

Brimming with confidence, you are always ready to explore the unknown, which enables you to face the challenges of life squarely. The inner confidence of Leo is so strong that it helps them stand apart in a crowd.

A true Leo is kind, generous and helpful

The generosity of a Leo knows no boundaries. Sometimes their pride is misunderstood as ego or arrogance, but in the case of true Leos, this is just a misconception.

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Avoid arrogance. Don’t be hasty. Be patient. Proceed steadily. Guard against the subtle influences of flattery. Try to be less dominating, as others also desire freedom. Do not carry anything to an extreme.

Natural Instincts of Leo moons towards Love and Romance

High-voltage passion and inspiration are the natural knacks of Leos. They are warm-hearted, joyous, and sympathetic, devoted and make a romantic partner. They are ideal lovers with fiery passion. However, at times they suffer from a bloated ego, which needs to be curbed.

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Professional journey of Leo moon sign

Lord sun bestows Leo natives with leadership qualities and they live like a king or queen, as the case may be. They are capable of inspiring others and will have their objectivity fulfilled by willing cooperation of their colleagues and subordinates. Generally, Leos become the head of any origination and continue for a long period of time. They desire an authoritative and a commanding position. They easily get name and fame due to their ambitions, dignity, enthusiasm, loyalty, zeal and domineering energy. 

These people are meant to serve the government with their employment and could also be honored by the government for their worthy contribution. They usually live a financially comfortable life and establish their authority over others.

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Compatible signs for Leo moons

Natives belonging to the Leo moon sign are most compatible with those who do not try to control or possess them. Criticism and public disgrace makes Leos highly volatile. They love bonding with the partners who allow them the freedom to run the show.

The term partner includes business partner, life partner, lover, friend or any other person in whose contact you come.

A guide to these zodiac combinations will benefit you to check and analyze whether the relations, contracts and partnerships etc. will last for a long period of time or not.

Leo, your perfect match could be Aries or Sagittarius; fire with fire is a positive combination, provided that you both do not try to be the boss, this can prove to be a stimulating duo. Both Leo and Aries moons are outgoing, extrovert, warm and vibrant. They are externally frank and enthusiastic in love. If both the signs become a little adjustable and keep their aggression aside, they can blend really well with each other.

Leo and Sagittarius are considered to be optimistic. They look at things from a broad viewpoint. As both are frank, generous and open hearted, they can be valuable for each other. This is why they’re fit to become love, life and business partners, Chances of conflicts are almost negligible between these two signs.

Lucky color for Leo moon sign: Pink

Lucky Day for Leo moons: Sunday

Lucky Gemstone for Leo: Ruby

A piece of advice for those who are born under Leo moon sign

Leo moon sign natives know that they are the masters and expect others to take orders from them. This personality trait often creates confusion in the minds of others, making the latter cautious of their behavior. Therefore, Leos need to be more demonstrative in their approach than to be authoritative at all time.

The Leo Horoscope Reading is based on Moon sign, a very important astrological mark to know about your future. 

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