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You might encounter unexpected obstacles and hurdles that delay your work and upset you. You need to continue making efforts in the right direction and everything will get better very soon. Try to be patient while dealing with work load at home or at office. more

You would be tackling minor hurdles and problems today. You must keep putting in sincere efforts although things go haywire at the start of it. Just give your best shot and do not think much about the outcome. Money and family related issues might become a source of tension. Postpone important activities as of now. more

Till: afternoon You might encounter unexpected obstacles and hurdles that delay your work and upset you. You need to continue making efforts in the right direction and everything will get better very soon. Try to be patient while dealing with work load at home or at office.
Thereafter till tomorrow: A day low on activity as you find yourself plunged in deep thoughts to keep you preoccupied most of the day. Do not let your thoughts take control of your mind as it may make you miss out on your work and become a "all thoughts and no work" day. Do not indulge in money matters today as things may not go as you expected. Try and fix your money deals some time later. However, your family life could experience some developments. more

Overview: Leo, your monthly horoscope speaks of a splendid period ahead. A govt. related work or someone at a high post might bring you an opportunity with hefty monetary profit. Remain watchful towards your expenses now, as a loss or deceit is possible. Keep up with your hard work, as it may fetch you a juicy salary and appreciation till mid-month. Your social image is expected to improve. Avoid consulting others & trust your own instincts before starting a work. Sharing your work details with others is not a wise decision. Spend wisely and try to minimize wasteful expenses. If working in the field of luxury items or services, then profits are likely for you. Avoid getting into worthless arguments with anyone. At the start of... more

Leo 2018 Horoscope is indicating a year when reality & perception could get mixed up causing certain challenges that you might not have felt in the recent times. A gradual increase in pessimism and negative thinking could take away the buoyancy and progress of the recent years. Leo, you might act in an unconventional manner that could lead to depletion in your status or public image. The forecast also indicates that your complexes and worries could grow on a sub conscious level leading to a self-created glass ceiling that could curb you unnecessarily in 2018. This is the year when you need to spring clean your mind & revisit your drawing board that would help you plan for times to come. Old ideas might not work for you Leo, and so... more

Leo - An Overview, Read all about Leo Horoscope

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac, the most masculine and charismatic of all, fittingly symbolized by a lion. Your personality emanates majestic vibes and a sense of power. Like the lion, you are ambitious, determined, and seek to be the king of the jungle as there is an inherent need to lead. You want to be appreciated, followed, and even worshiped. Criticism and public disgrace make you volatile. Lion cannot be possessed or controlled, thus you are most compatible with signs that allow you the freedom to run the show. Your perfect match could be Sagittarius or Aries, as both love freedom too. Ruled by Sun, Leo tend to be bright, spreading light wherever they go and uplifting the atmosphere. Sun lords over realm of nine planets, which is why your leadership qualities are exceptional. You are a strong-willed person, energetic and influential. Warmth and generosity adds fuel to your appeal.  More than anything, the fire element gives you a ‘sparkling’ charisma and a ‘warm’ heart.  You are a radiator of energy.  Your vigor engulfs others too, as when you feel energetic; it sparks the atmosphere around you as well. Just as the fire, you want to shine bright, take the center stage and be in spotlight. Aries is also a fire sign, but it is cardinal, like fireworks, radiates light yet explosive. This Leo  Horoscope Reading is based on Moon Sign, a very important Astrological Mark to know your future. Are you a Leo Moon Sign? Find it out instantly.

You Leos are more like ‘bonfire’, those who gather around you are showered with warmth and a roaring light yet getting too close to you could lead to burns. Personal power is essential and being a fixed sign, you love to stick to your throne. Anyone who tries to come close and challenge you is met with a lion-like fierceness. When it comes to Leo Strengths, confidence is what helps you be the hero of the drama of life. You presence is comforting and cheering to others as well. You are a determined and empathetic soul. You have a way with words and a leadership quality, thus your dialogue delivery is exceptional and influential. Leo’s biggest negative trait is the craving for compliments. This makes you prone to having lickspittles than true friends. Also, you tend take criticism personally, even if it is meant for your own good. In relationships, you can be domineering, may make your partner feel as a doormat.

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