The Leo Man

Leo man is an ardent pursuer of luxury, refinement and lavishness. He believes in celebrating everything in life, including love relationships and marriage, in the most grand and magnificent way he can think of.

Leos are strongly romantic by nature. They are masters of the cheesy romantic style. From writing long sentimental poetry to giving thoughtful and memorable gifts, they know how to impress their lady.
Leo man is very particular about his outfits. He likes to carry the most expensive outfits, accessories and perfumes. He likes to flaunt a stylish and polished look always.

After marriage, your Leo husband would love to attend social gatherings with you and have fun. Leo is concerned a lot about his public appearance as a couple.

Positive traits of Leo Man in Marriage / Relationship:

Leo man in love can charm you with dreamy, sensual romance and passionate, wild love making. Unlike other men, he will remember anniversaries and spoil you with wonderful gifts. He likes to celebrate small things in grand ways.
Negative traits of Leo Man in Marriage / Relationship:

Leo lovers tend to control and dominate their partners. Leo man’s pride and snobbishness can be hard to digest at times. Leo males are unusually popular with female friends, which can provoke your jealousy.

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