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The Leo Woman

Leo woman, like a powerful tigress, quick to put out her claws if she senses any danger around her loved ones.

Leo woman is warm-hearted and has an unending and undying desire to be loved and admired. She always wants to have the spotlight on her and loves to live life to the fullest. Admiration, respect, and attention are the words that define a Leo moon sign woman, in the crux.

It is easy for her to fall in love due to her free-spirited nature. But when she gets romantically connected, on a serious note, she wants to be treated well. She would need all the luxury and comforts of life and love to be pampered by her family and friends. She appreciates romantic partners, who will see her as the center of their world.

She is very attentive and caring for her loved ones and require the same sort of love affection back.At times, Leo woman  can be a little dominating and likes to be in control of the situation, as her inner lioness won’t allow her to surrender herself completely to the one she loves or she marries. However, she is loyal and protective of her partner.

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Physical attributes of a Leo woman

Typically a Leo moon sign born woman will have medium to tall stature. Her eyes are big and bright with a broad face and relatively small nose and ears.

Behavioral constitution of a Leo woman

A Leo woman is quite affectionate, sincere, and kind-hearted. She is also ambitious, intelligent, and sincere, and desires recognition and appreciation, all the time. She loves to be the dominant one in the relationship and desire to be the center of attention, in general.

They are vivacious and full of life and a little less dramatic than their male counterparts. However, she could be as temperamental as the Leo man, and once angered, it will take a while to calm her down.

Style sense of a Leo woman

True to her personality, a Leo woman likes bold and unconventional styles. She is way ahead of others in trying out new colors, designs, and cuts. She likes bright hues and will have a penchant for branded and luxurious clothing and accessories.


A Leo woman makes for a fiercely loyal and passionate mother, daughter, lover, and wife. She is very loving and caring towards the people she loves and can sometimes be overprotective. She likes to be the in-charge at home and be in control of things. She loves to be cared for and craves the attention of her family and friends.

As a Daughter

A Leo moon sign born woman makes for a happy and active daughter. When young, she is warm and loving and needs the attention of her parents. She is vocal in her demand and desires.

She is fearless, strong, and adventurous and will always be ready to try out new things with her parents. It will not be much difficult for you to introduce her to the world and its challenges, as she is up for everything!

  • She is a proud and confidant child and will not give up easily on challenges.
  • She is closely attached to her parents and she is very generous.
  • Take care of her bossy attitude and temper to be able to strike a balance in her personality.

As a Sister

As a sister, a Leo woman is fun to be with. She is extremely adoring of her siblings and takes them as their friends. She is the extrovert one among you and would be very protective, especially towards her younger siblings.

She is quite generous and will be more than happy to share her wardrobe, her style, her social circle, and her honest opinions with you.

  • If older, she will be your guiding angel and will always be there to help you and guard you.
  • If younger, she will be loving and affectionate, but will not always be compliant.

As a Friend

While a Leo moon sign born woman makes for a loyal, adoring, and generous friend, you can sometimes be vexed with her constant need to grab attention, anywhere and everywhere. Being patient and a little less dominating can make her much better as a friend to have.

  • Leo woman will always be there to help you out in times of trouble. She has this aura of comfort which makes her friends feel safe in her company.
  • For her life is a party, and she will take you along on the road to fun. She is one of the most loyal and loving friends of the zodiac.

As a Lover

A Leo woman is an ardent lover and quite possessive in love. She likes to be desired and admired in a relationship. Her extravagant personality is well reflected in her sense of showing love. She wants her love partner to be as committed, as sincere, and as unique in love as her.

  • A Leo moon sign woman attracts quite several lovers, in her life. She can fall in love quickly but it won’t be that easy for her to fall out of it.
  • In a committed relationship, she is very loyal and affectionate but cannot compromise her self-respect and self-worth.

As a Wife

As a wife, a Leo woman is trustworthy and reliable. She is opinionated and the dominating one in the marital relationship. She is extremely romantic and fantasizes about dreamy love life. She wants to be the center of the universe for her husband and loves to be showered with compliments, gifts, and praises.

  • Happiness is the most important thing for a Leo woman in a successful marriage. She also rates independence quire highly in her marital desires.
  • She is loyal but can be seduced with a little flattery. She is unconventional and prefers a certain social status and way of living.

As a Mother

A Leo moon sign woman makes for a vivacious and intensely protective mother. She is very loving and extremely caring for her children. She is one tigress who is quick to put out her claws if she senses any danger around her kids.

She is a self-made, independent, and tough mother. Her demeanor is cool and fun. She is soft at heart but wants her children to be disciplined and well-behaved.

  • Leo woman is open and honest as a mother and will help foster her child’s imagination and creativity.
  • She will never hesitate to show her love and affection towards you, in words or otherwise, and would demand the same level of respect and love from her children.


Being born leaders, a Leo moon sign born woman makes for effective managers and leaders. They are highly ambitious and energetic and will do anything to carve a niche for themselves in professional life.

They are attracted to job opportunities that offer them a handsome pay package, a good job title, and some perks on the way. Professionals like journalism, advertisement, law, and legal are good choices for Leo women.

As a Student

Both Leo man and woman are extroverts and fun-loving students. They are very confident and have a lot of energy, which if channelize well can help them soar high in the sky of academics. They are athletic and dramatic and can do well in extra-curricular activities.

  • A Leo moon sign born woman is good at studies and makes for a rather popular student.
  • She is helpful towards her friends and classmates and craves attention from teachers in an evident way.

As an Employee

Leo woman makes for an extremely responsible, loyal, and devoted employee. However, her need for a fancy job title and hefty salary cannot be ignored. To lead is part of her innate nature and she will do it even in the smallest possible opportunity.

  • She is creative, ambitious, and imaginative. Can perform very well in stressful situations and with limited guidance and directives.
  • She is not the one to mince words and that may cause trouble at the workplace, at times.

As a Boss

Leo moon sign born women make for top-notch bosses. She is strong, gregarious, and generous. She would appreciate an obedient and enthusiastic employee. Some public flattery will not harm you and will do a lot of good to her and your growth potential.

  • Leo woman is authoritative, self-confident, and visionary. Her sense of humor and practical outlook can go a long way in guiding the employees in the right direction.
  • She is composed and loves to collaborate with her employees. You can never have a dull moment in the leadership of a Leo moon sign lady boss.

As a Business professional

Outgoing and intellectual, a Leo moon sign born woman make for effective entrepreneurs. She may get arrogant and proud, at times, which may hinder her business prospects. She is confident and expects people to act as per her wishes.

  • She has the right acumen but needs to keep a check on her temper to succeed.
  • She has an amiable personality which can help her get good business . However, she would need to be a little cautious when dealing with money matters.