Leo Temperament

Leo Temperament

Those born in Leo have the star quality to them – it is not easy to resist their charm and charisma. Just like the lion, the king of the jungle, Leo Moons emanate rays of royalty. They are the crowned heads among the zodiacs.

Leos are driven by heart, are warm, generous, and confident on an emotional level. Just as the lion or a king, they have the temperament to sense a threat quickly and react with a full-blown plan in mind.

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To sense their importance, they always try to be in the limelight. However, not all Leos are showy. They have a certain degree of dignity that they seek to preserve, and expect others to respect them.

Royal radiance of Leo

Leo is ruled by the planet Sun, which has long been associated with royalty. Leos have a royal approach in life. You are likely to have a taste for higher things in life. You like to taste the finest wine life has to offer and wear the finest fabric available.

Just as a monarch should be, you are generous and a born leader. You have the temperament to build warm relationships with others; however, if someone threatens your sense of security or pride, you confront the situation directly and do not run away. You plan a line of action thoughtfully and then take action. You cannot bear defeat, especially public disgrace.

The creative outlet of Leo

Leo is a creative sign; you always seek opportunities to express your imagination and exuberance. If your creativity remains unobserved or fruitless, you feel shattered and feel down in the dumps.

You have an artistic flair that needs an outlet. The art forms that involve self-expression are best for those born in Leo Moon Sign including but not limited to - dance, music, drama, and design. You need to see your ideas and imagination taking form, thus even business and entrepreneurship can become your creative outlet.

Leo: a kid at heart

You are more of a cub at heart than a lion, very childlike. When you get what you want, you are happy-go-lucky, a great company to be around, and often funny and fabulous.

You have a great sense of humor, an urge to live life to the fullest, and a radiant charisma that is enough to fill any boring room with energy and excitement. In fact, you have the temperament to get along with kids quite well. Spending time with kids helps you to relieve yourself of the excess energy and put across the child in you.

Leo needs to have control

Leo is a Fire Sign, having an abundance of energy. You are strong, courageous, and proud of your ways. You have the temperament to keep things in your control, you feel that you have come to the world to lead others and serve a bigger purpose.

You seek leadership and in fact, you are a very good organizer. Those who follow listen to you. Your natural sense of authority and leadership makes you great at inspiring others. This need to lead is not superficial; you have a strong sense of justice and fair play, which drives your actions.

Hurdles faced by Leo

Pride is the biggest friend as well as the enemy of a Leo. It helps you aim high but at the same time, makes you authoritative and dominating. If you let your inner self subside to pride, the result is not always in your favor. Your pride often turns into selfishness, and authority into domination.

You have the temperament to get hurt and behave overdramatic when your sense of pride gets shattered or if you are insulted.  You are too self-conscious at times, brag too much about yourself, and look down upon others. This may ultimately lead you to a lonely life, which you being a social animal would dread.

Your craving for compliments makes you prone to having the company of superficial liars who butter up to take advantage of you. Detailed Horoscope Reading is a great tool to understand your temperament, how others perceive you, and how your relationships, your income levels would move in the future.