Leo Finance Horoscope

How Leo deals with money

Leo individuals seek abundance and magnificence from life. Needless to say that it all comes with and from money. When they have made enough money, they enjoy it to the fullest in their own grand ways. But money is valuable for them only if it comes with fame and prestige. If they have to compromise their pride and self esteem while making money, they would rather suffer and not do it at all.

How Leo Saves Money

When Leos save money, it is usually for a grand cause or lofty ambition of their life. Every Leo on the planet has a store house of grand plans and dreams for his or her life, many a time unrealistic and idealistic, which they do not disclose before the right time comes. However, in general, Leos do not like to save money just for a secure and stable future.

How Leo Spends Money

Leos have an extravagant nature. They would not mind spending their entire paycheck on lavishness, style and entertainment. After all, Leo wants everything grand and majestic in life, which includes things like going to fine dining restaurants, top rated clubs and discos, buying exotic flowers, most expensive wines and champagnes, gold class movie tickets, flashy outfits, classiest furniture and home décor, etc.

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